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Veteran Homeless Man Gets a Powerful Makeover That Changes His Life Around

Fighting in the war is terrifying and many people who come back to live a normal life have a difficult time adjusting to it. The biggest problem is that a large number of veterans end up living on the streets because they can’t get used to the “normal” world. This is why Rob Bliss made it his top priority to help homeless veterans get back into society and he does this by giving them complete makeovers. One of his videos is so amazing that it got 30 million views!

There are lots of “Before and After” makeup videos for homeless people, but the one that you are going to see today is something special. The man who received the makeover is a war veteran who fought for the freedom of the American people and he deserves all the help that he can get.

The man in this picture is Jim Wolf. He dedicated a good part of life fighting in the war and unfortunately, things didn’t turn out that well for him once he came back home. He had a difficult time getting used to the “normal” life and a series of bad decisions had him end up homeless.

Jim Wolf has been homeless for a couple of years now, but luckily for him, the folks who volunteer at the Degage Ministries organization saw him and decided to help out. However, they didn’t simply give him some money and food, they changed his life forever!

Even though getting a haircut and some makeup might not mean that much to most of us, it means the world to Jim! It’s been years since the man was dressed well and liked the way he looked. Not just that, but getting a full makeover would help him land a job.

The hairdresser asked Jim what kind of haircut he would like and without any hesitation, Jim said “whatever you think looks best”. The man was open for change and he had no idea what to expect.

The hairdresser knew that she had a tough job, but she was willing to do it if it meant helping Jim live a better life. Not just that, but Veteran’s Day was just around the corner and she wanted to show her gratitude.

It’s been years since Jim had a clean shave and he almost forgot how good it felt. There is something that we didn’t told you…the hairdresser made sure not to place a mirror in front of Tim so that he couldn’t tell how he was going to look like.

Jim agreed to getting a full makeover without having a mirror in front of him because he knew that whatever the hairdresser might do to him, it will still look better than his current state. Nonetheless, he was in for a life changing surprise!

Just as you would expect, Jim was feeling quite weird sitting there with the tinfoil on his head. He never visited a professional hairdresser, but he didn’t say anything about it. He simply stood still and waited to see the results.

Only one hour passed and Jim was already looking better. Everyone who was around had a big smile on their faces, especially since Jim couldn’t see how sharp he looked.

Jim’s hair and beard are looking great and there is no doubt about that. However, there is one more thing that the makeover needs in order to be complete, a professional looking suit!

Jim was doing his best to keep a straight face but you could almost see him smiling. It’s been years since he wore a suit and tie and he almost forgot how good it felt. 

After the suit was on, the hairdresser came to add some last touches. Jim is already looking like a successful businessman that is worth millions of dollars and not like a homeless man anymore.

Even though he had no idea how he looked, Jim was smiling at the camera. The reason behind this is that the haircut and suit made him feel better. This is a powerful smile and there is no doubt about that. However, Jim’s reaction to seeing himself nearly brought everyone to tears.

The hairdresser told Jim that had come for him to see himself in the mirror. The man was anxiously waiting for the mirror to arrive and his reaction brought everyone to tears!

The man’s jaw dropped when he looked at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t believe how good he looked and he almost forgot for one second that he was homeless. 

Jim said that seeing himself in the mirror gave him the inspiration and determination that he desperately needed in order to get his life back on track. Let’s hope that he manages to do that.

As you can probably imagine, Jim was really grateful to the people who gave him this amazing makeover. Jim got out of the chair and he hugged everyone starting with the camera crew and ending with the stylist.

Rob Bliss and friends who helped with Jim’s makeover gave the homeless man a taste of what his life could be like if he didn’t end up on the streets. This is the best gift that someone in Jim’s position could ever ask for.

The video of Jim went viral and it got 30 million views. Let’s hope that someone who knows Jim saw this video decided to offer him a job and turn his life around.


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