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Videogames That Made Players Quit Forever

Videogames are a pastime activity for many people, no matter the age. In later years, they became increasingly popular and competed with many other entertainment options for our time and attention.

But what happens when you encounter a videogame so frustrating that it makes you quit and never play it again? The following list is filled with gamers who gave up on their favorite games, and for good reasons. 

The Stanley Parable offers an achievement if you don’t play it for five years. I’m about 3.5 years into it, and I was set not to quit anytime soon.

So you could say I’ve given up on it, and five years is a very long time in gaming years. The industry changes, my computer might break, and so on.

I had enjoyed the first Bioshock on steam and decided to play the second. It told me I needed to make a Microsoft account or something. I said no. The game said ok and let me play anyway. Awesome, score one for me!

Then about 2 hours later, I went to quit, and it said, “Yeah…you can’t save unless you make an account.” “FINE, I’ll make an account.” “You can’t make an account unless you quit the game.” “But I can’t save unless I have an account.” “Tough.” So yeah, I stopped playing it. 

I have been playing the game EVE for a long time. EVE is real, and internet pixels matter, but I realized I had no real life. 

So I quit cold turkey four years ago. Though I’m just playing other games now, they don’t consume my every waking moment like EVE did. I now have time for other things as well. Games can be addictive, guys. 

I lost my job because of World of Warcraft. And then, I was out of work at the time, and I started a new character on Saturday. The following Friday, someone in my guild told me about the command “/played,” which showed how many hours I played. 

The result was 50 hours a week—more than a full-time job. I said goodbye to my guild, uninstalled it, and haven’t been back since.

In Skyrim, I got a level 60 archer/wizard going. I had him super min-maxed and stuff. I played the college of winter’s hold questline one day and got almost done with it. I got up to grab a drink and somehow accidentally bumped the Xbox just enough to shut the system off (I had autosaves turned off and hadn’t saved anything yet). 

I calmly got a drink and then packed up the Xbox and the controllers and all my games for two years because it was my way of quieting my raging self deep inside me.

I was playing Star Wars Galaxies. I quit the game forever when they made that giant change to make it more WoW-like. 

I don’t think there has ever been a game in history that had so much potential but veered so far in the wrong direction. It’s tough to explain to anyone who didn’t play it. It was fun and pioneered so many concepts, some of which have not been done by anyone else.

When I realized I would be perfectly content living in Stardew Valley forever instead of living my real life, I decided to quit playing the game forever.

Don’t get me wrong. It has a beautiful world. But one should not get stuck in there, wasting all their time instead of living an actual life outside the game world. 

I was really into Starfox Adventures. I liked the storyline and thought it had solid gameplay and puzzles until the mini-game that required pushing against a constantly rotating log to knock a particularly strong dino of the Lightfoot tribe into a pit.

It was a button-mash-style mini-game. You had to press the “A” button as fast as possible. I could never mash fast enough and even had friends try and fail. After a solid couple of days of failing, I finally gave up and never touched the game again. 

When I was ten years old, I used to be obsessed with Final Fantasy 11 to the point of addiction. I shared an account with my 16-year-old brother and far surpassed him because of the time I spent playing. One day the game glitches and all of my expensive weapons and armor are gone. I had worked so hard that I actually cried.

Alas, I worked just as hard again and got everything back in a couple of months. Then the same thing happened again, so I rage quit forever. I recently talked to my fiancé about how I loved this game and what happened, and he said, “there’s no way that’s what happened. Your brother totally stole all your stuff”. I was like, “no way he would have done that,” so I texted him and asked. He replied, “yes, I’m sorry, I was awful.”

I used to play the game Xcom 2 quite a lot. I had gotten really attached to a soldier I had named after me, and I used him a lot in the game. 

But then he was destroyed, and I was so devastated that I quit the game for good. I also realized that maybe I was a bit too invested in a video game. 

My male character was abducted – and returned – by aliens in Sims 4. After a couple of in-game days later, that character started showing signs of pregnancy.

I quit forever to emotionally come to terms with the fact that my favorite character had been impregnated by aliens. It was just a video game, but I was still really freaked about the whole situation. 

I used to play Battlefield Heroes a lot until they decided to increase the in-game prices of weapons, so playing for free wasn’t fun anymore unless you played hours per day.

It’s a shame. The game slowly got less and less popular after that, and eventually, they closed down the servers. Nowhere can you play it anymore. Makes me really sad because this was legitimately my favorite Battlefield game.

I played Sid Meier’s Pirates on the Wii as a kid and loved it. I used to spend hours of my time immersed in the beautiful world of that game. 

And then I found out the hard way that you can’t play it forever. Apparently, your character ages. Everything about the character aging went way over my head and made me quit it forever. 

I used to play League of Legends a lot. I loved the game and everything about it, except for one thing. 

I finally decided that spending 4 to 6 hours a day to improve my rank in a game of horrible people, which my friends had already quit… wasn’t worth it anymore. So here I am playing other games. 


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