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Awkward Walmart Moments Caught On Cameras

The massive department store chain is known for its crazy customers that wander the aisles in even crazier fashion, pulling weird pets, or showing off questionable parenting. 

With smartphones and security footage, anyone can now take part in the gawking. Here are some very weird ones…

Every parent is probably thinking the same thing – that this is a harmless old man that just REALLY loves Easter in his own, eccentric way. 

Rumor has it that the security guards and cashiers have running bets during the holidays on what’s going to be the weirdest outfit.

Okay, okay … we get it. Some people are busy. They have to multitask countless who knows what. 

This lady was juggling her facial routine with some fruit shopping. 

One lady found that some strange or creepy customers aren’t always dressed in discount bin costumes. 

She noticed the man behind her was following her around the store as she picked up some food essentials. It got extra uncomfortable when he started snapping pics of her.

Is it fat Slenderman? Faceless Penguin from Batman? 

Whatever this guy was thinking, it ended up being equal parts classy, funny, and the stuff of nightmares. More questions arise when you see he’s in the stationary section. What is he going to do with those pens and staplers?

Past the automatic sliding doors, Wally World becomes a lawless place with extra-tight tights, crop tops, and things that could only be loosely called “dresses” on the best of days. 

One girl was caught on camera with her bright pink garment snapping off and riding up – and the customer not really doing anything about it.

One cool thing about the big W, is that people can find some interesting international products here and there. 

Yakult is an Asian yogurt-based drink for gut health. This lady seems to be a big fan of the brand. It’s not as weird as the others, but sometimes we need a wholesome break that just makes us smile.

Get along ‘lil … doggies? 

What most might not realize is these are called “trival boots” or “Mexican pointy boots” they’re meant to be worn by men who play Trival music, which is a blend of electronic beats with regional Mexican genres. They’re also supposed to be worn in an ironic way. Guess this guy just likes them?

Imagine if a mad scientist mixed Dr. Seuss with a crazy cat lady. 

It’s not just clothes, but out-of-this-world hairstyles that pop up in the discount sections. You have to admit it though … that’s some impressive height she’s got going on there. She might be shopping for more hairspray.

Remember the fashion trend where guys wore their pants really low? 

This guy didn’t seem to get the memo that the trend is over. The see-through tank top just completes the whole “look”. Let’s hope the DVD he’s digging around for isn’t for a date.

Protect the produce! Fight for the glory of the Gatoraid! 

The employees might not care that two dudes are walking around in full armor, but the customers were sure loving it. But one has to ask … what do medieval men need? Perchance they require hotdogs for their medieval fire?

There are couples’ t-shirts … then there are entire outfits! In this case, it’s jumpsuits. 

Was it buy one get one free? It looks like something Little Richard would wear. Maybe they’re super comfortable? Whatever is going on … that kid in the background is so confused.


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