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People Open Up About The Worst Neighbors They’ve Had

Everyone knows what it’s like to live next to “those” neighbors. The ones that keep you up at night with noise in the early hours of the morning. Or those that park your car in when they have a house party.

A lot of Redditors have experienced these kinds of neighbors, and luckily they’ve decided to share their stories. Here are some of the worst neighbors that people have lived next to.

The dogs, the fires, the constant construction, the screaming children, the diesel trucks idling for hours, when do they stop? Honestly, why do they need to do so much darn construction? And it goes on all day, starting early in the morning.

Noise pollution is one thing, but they’ve been constructing something for months, and it never ends. Whatever they’re building better be worth it for my torture.

I have a neighbor that loves to light fires. Can’t go a week without smelling smoke. On top of everything else, they have unfixed outdoor cats. One has essentially been living in my shed since they moved in.

A female comes to yowl under my porch every time she’s in heat. I’ve been trying to catch them to at least get them fixed. Does yours also like to play with explosives and/or guns at night?

I live rurally. This family moved in about three months ago and has been in utter pain. Complained about snakes in the bush, about the kookaburras, about the lack of reception, and why they think I want to listen to their complaints when they literally come over to complain about things we can’t control.

They recently complained to the council that we were pumping water onto their land from our dam as they couldn’t figure out why their yard was flooding. The contractors laughed about the complaints when they came to fix the problem.

One neighbor has a very loud truck with a remote start. The guy starts it at least 25 minutes before leaving for work every day and lets it idle in his driveway with its “deep rumble.”

This means that no one can get any sleep once he gets it going. Neighbors out for an early walk go out of their way to distance themselves from the fumes it gives off.

I had a new neighbor move in next door, and when they finished moving in, they and their helpers had a cookout on their deck. They made homemade ice cream as part of the celebration.

After they were finished, they dumped all the rock salt slush over the fence into my backyard, which eventually killed a big section of grass. I hadn’t even had a chance to meet them yet, so they couldn’t have even had a reason to be feuding with me.

One neighbor, not exaggerating here. He comes out every single time we step foot outside. Just glares. If we buy an Umbrella, he does. If we get a smoker, he does. If we grill outside, he does. If we get into our pool, he will get on his mower and come right up to the fence and pretend it is malfunctioning.

Will hover and rev, and then proceed to mow the same area about 10xs. Hey, I lived in the city all my life and only moved out here (40m away) as I got older, and I never saw anyone like this. I have been here like seven years, and I swear to you, if I step 1 foot outside, he is right there. Every single time.

Mine constantly try to get us in trouble with HOA. I live with my Fiancé and two sisters. There’s not enough room in the driveway to have all of our vehicles on there. So, one of us parks on the side of the street. For months, at least once per week, I would catch one of them slow-rolling past our house, taking pictures out the window.

One day, I was going dove hunting. I had my shotgun in one hand and my Glock on my hip ( I was gonna go shoot some cans or something with that). I was walking out to my truck, and by pure chance, these guys were driving past my house. I started yelling at them to fuck off, not clicking in my head that I had two firearms in my possession. In a rather anti-second amendment area. Their eyes turned went wide, and they sped off. Haven’t caught them doing it since. I felt kind of bad bc I knew how it looked, but I’m not upset at the result.

Music choice. My neighbor’s kid got an electric guitar when he was ten or so. He played it loud and terribly. He’s 13 now and has a metal band. You wanna guess where they practice? His garage is right across the street, so I hear it all. We tolerate it because we have four kids, and I get it. I just hate heavy metal. Oh, and he’s still terrible.

When I come home, and they’re all jamming, I stand, listen, when they stop, yell something like “sounding good, Justin,” and go inside because even when you suck at something, if you’re trying, encouragement is important, but they’re so bad.

They let their son throw raves at their house. He’s a DJ and throws loud parties that only 6-10 people show up to. I recall ONCE when he even broke the ten people barrier. We had to cancel my 13th birthday party because he was throwing a rave.

His music can be heard down the street, and our houses are spaced out pretty far, and his house is behind ours. When he’s not throwing parties, he still plays loud music, to the point where his parents started taking jobs that require them to leave the house (they’re pretty wealthy and don’t need jobs anymore).

My neighbor has a classic car. I’ve never seen it, so I can’t tell you the model, but I sure as hell can hear it when he’s working on it. He’s lived next to me for about four years, and the engine still isn’t fixed, from what I can tell. Four springs and summers in a row with the nonstop engines revving all week, every afternoon.

Not to mention he often takes it out for a test drive early in the morning, which means he has to start the engine and drive it out onto the street. And once that car gets out of the alley and onto the main strip, he puts the pedal to the metal, so to speak.

I work 12-hour night shifts. The neighbors on either side have kids around the same age, like 3-5 years old. But it’s the noise that I cannot stand. It starts when I get home from my shift.

They play in the street a lot, which is fine – but because my house is in the middle, they also play in my driveway. This means I’ve got screaming children in my driveway while I’m trying to sleep.

Parking on the street. Not just one or two cars, literally 15 cars at ONE HOUSE every day, all day. Lining both sides of the streets with cars belonging to just a few houses.

We all have 40-foot-long driveways and garages to park in. We’ve tried talking to the neighbors that are responsible, but they have a poor attitude and are not friendly. This means that we’ve given up.

The Dogs. A few of my neighbors feel it is okay to use their front yard (no fence) to let their dogs use the restroom. This would be okay if the dogs were nice, but they bark, snap, and bite. I have been bitten twice, and my daughter was bitten twice.

All four times the dog that bit was taken away, the family gets MAD AT ME? and gets another dog, trains them exactly the same, and harasses me about it?

Using the street, driveway, and back yard as a junkyard or auto repair shop. I am not talking about a simple fix like a flat tire but jacking up a car on the street to replace an entire hub with new Barings.

This would not be a problem if it was a quick fix, but it was jacked up with no tire for 11 days waiting for parts, I guess. This is just an example, but it happens at least once a week on my street.


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