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We Bet You Can’t Pass This Farm Quiz

We Bet You Can’t Pass This Farm Quiz

Farming is not as old as you may like to think, despite it seeming like it has been done since the beginning of human history. In reality, there have been quite a few agricultural revolutions in our time, with the very first one taking place around 10,000 years ago when we went from being hunters and gatherers to settling down and creating farms that had crops as well as animals. It was during this time that those who were living in Mesopotamia – today’s Middle East – began forming communities that were settled in one location versus being nomadic in nature and constantly moving around.

It was when humans were all in one spot that they started inventing things that would make farming easier, such as the wheel. The plants that we eat today were originally planted and domesticated at this early time too. We also started farming animals such as pigs, goats, and sheep. There was so much that was done throughout time to get us to the place we are today in terms of modern day farming, so how much (or little) do you know about farming? This quiz will challenge your farming knowledge both in terms of animals and in terms of plants, let’s see how much you know!

1. What is the proper name for an adult female horse?

“,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” A broodmare is a female horse that is used for breeding.

What is the proper name for a baby sheep?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Lamb”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Sharlet”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Many sheep birth either a single lamp or a pair of twins.  “,”answerImage”:””}

What is added to milk during the cheesemaking process to have it coagulate?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Olive Oil”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Rennet”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Rennet is an enzyme found in and produced by animals that aids the milk in becoming solid and turn into cheese. “,”answerImage”:””}

What breed of cow is this one?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Holstein”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Highland”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Holstein cows produce the most amount of dairy in the world.  “,”answerImage”:””}

What kind of chicken is this?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Silkie”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Leghorn”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” The rooster found in cartoons, Foghorn Leghorn, was actually named after this one! “,”answerImage”:””}

How many digestive compartments do cows have?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Four”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Two”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” While cows do not really have four stomachs, they do have one with four separate compartments. “,”answerImage”:””}

What would you call an adult male horse who has not been castrated?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Buck”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Stallion”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Stallions are found to be more muscular than their counterparts. “,”answerImage”:””}

What are baby rabbits called?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Kits”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Bunlets”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Doesn’t matter the name, they’re the sweetest. “,”answerImage”:””}

What are horses heights measured with?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Hands”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Legs”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Specifically, there are four inches in one hand. “,”answerImage”:””}

What do you call a horse between the ages of one and two?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Yearling”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Superfoal”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Yearlings are too hyper to be ridden during this time. “,”answerImage”:””}

What do you call the process of removing a sheep’s wool in order to wear it?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Razing”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Shearing”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Sheep are typically sheared in the springtime so that they don’t have the extra layer of hair in the summer. “,”answerImage”:””}

Can chickens taste sweet flavors?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Yes”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”No”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Chickens cannot taste sweetness at all. “,”answerImage”:””}

What breed of cow is this one?


“,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Guernsey cows were named after the British Channel Island by the same name, this is where they were first bred. “,”answerImage”:””}

What would you call a castrated male horse of any age?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Gelding”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Castrati”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Gelding a male horse, much like other animals, helps it get along with other horses. “,”answerImage”:””}

What goes under a saddle when you place it on a horse?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Saddle pad or blanket”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Nothing”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Western saddles usually have a blanket underneath them, while English saddles have a pad. “,”answerImage”:””}

What is the name for a horse under the age of one for either gender?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Foal”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Pony”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” A foal is able to run alongside its mother a mere few hours after birth. “,”answerImage”:””}

Do chicken see in color?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Yes”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”No”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Unlike many other animals, chickens can see in color very similarly to humans. “,”answerImage”:””}

How long do horses typically live for?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”20-30 years”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”5-10 years ”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” The oldest horse lived to be 62 years old! “,”answerImage”:””}

Approximately how much milk does a Holstein cow produce in one year?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”22,000 pounds”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”

5,000 pounds 

“,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Their milk has around 3.7% butterfat when it comes out. “,”answerImage”:””}

Chicken are:

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Herbivores”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Omnivores”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Chicken eat small worms and insects, as well as their grains.  “,”answerImage”:””}

Do cows have front teeth?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Yes”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”No”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Cows only have bottom teeth! “,”answerImage”:””}

What is the fastest a horse has ever gone?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”55 mph”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”

110 mph
“,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” American Quarter Horses, seen here, have been clocked at 55 mph on their shorter sprints of one quarter of a mile “,”answerImage”:””}

Where are a horse’s withers located?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”By its rump”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”By its shoulders”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Withers are very important to horses as they are measured from it to the ground. “,”answerImage”:””}

What kind of chicken is this?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Rhode Island Red”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Vermont Vermillion”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” This chicken was bred in Rhode Island and is a cross between a Maaly chicken from Asia, and a brown Leghorn from Italy “,”answerImage”:””}

Approximately how much feed does a cow go through every day?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”25 pounds”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”

1,000 pounds
“,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” They sure do need a lot of food to make that milk! “,”answerImage”:””}

True or false: Goat meat is the most eaten meat on earth?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”True”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”No”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” In fact, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, pork is the most-consumed meat in the world. “,”answerImage”:””}

The person who puts a horseshoe on a horse and cares for it is called a:

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Farrier”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Hoofer”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Years and years ago a town farrier would also be the town’s blacksmith. “,”answerImage”:””}

A filly is a ___ horse who is younger than three years. 

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Male”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Female”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” The male horse of the same age is called a colt. “,”answerImage”:””}

The mark on this horses face is called a:

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Star”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Moon”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” It is called a star when it is between the horse’s eyes. “,”answerImage”:””}

When a horse has his ears back, he is feeling:

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Friendly and relaxed”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Angry or agitated ”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” You should keep your distance if a horse has his ears back. “,”answerImage”:””}

How long are horse’s pregnancies? 

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”11-12 months”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”2-3 months”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” The gestation period varies depending on the horse but they are mostly 11-12 months. “,”answerImage”:””}

How long is a goat pregnant for?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”1 month”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”5 months”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Goats usually have one offspring at a time. “,”answerImage”:””}

True or false: Horses sleep standing up

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”True”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”False”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” When horses wander together, one horse usually stays upright protecting the others.  “,”answerImage”:””}

Horses do not like sweet flavors?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”True”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”False”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” They actually adore sweet flavors, which is why apples and other fruit are some of their favorites. “,”answerImage”:””}

How much water does a horse consume in a day?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”25 gallons”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”5-10 gallons”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” When it is hot out, a horse will easily drink more than that! “,”answerImage”:””}

Around how many eggs does a chicken lay every year?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”75″,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”300″,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” They do not lay eggs every day but when they do, they lay more than one and approximately 5-6 a week. “,”answerImage”:””}

What do you call a female chicken who is not old enough to lay her own eggs yet?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”A pullet”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”A henlet”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” The adult pullet is called a hen. “,”answerImage”:””}

What is the difference between a goat and human pupil? 

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”A goat’s pupil is white”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”A goat’s pupil is rectangular ”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” There are other hooved animals who have rectangular pupils too.  “,”answerImage”:””}

Merino is a type of:

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Sheep”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Rabbit”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Merino wool is one of the finest and softest wool on the market. “,”answerImage”:””}

How much does a fully grown adult cow typically weigh?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”300-500 pounds”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”1,200-1,700 pounds”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Cows and the various breeds mean that they vary in size, but their weight still remains around 1,200 pounds! “,”answerImage”:””}

How much does a baby chick weigh in at?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”2-4 ounces”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”16-18 ounces”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” When baby chicks hatch they weigh in at a mere few ounces.  “,”answerImage”:””}

This horse is a:

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Pinto”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Patchback”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Pinto horses were named that way due to the fact that their coats looked painted. “,”answerImage”:””}

True or false: goat will eat anything in front of them, even metal cans.

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”True”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”False”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” While goats are super curious and will try almost anything, they will never eat a tin can. “,”answerImage”:””}

Which style is the rider in this photo riding?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”English”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Western”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” The saddle here is flatter which makes it an English saddle, they also do not have a saddle horn. “,”answerImage”:””}

How much wool does one sheep produce during one shearing?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Up to 200 pounds”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Up to 30 pounds”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” The real amount of wool depends on the size of the sheep, but the minimum is usually between 2 – 30 pounds of wool. “,”answerImage”:””}

46. What is the major difference between a horse and a pony?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”A pony is smaller”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”A pony is the child of a donkey and a horse ”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Typically, ponies are 58 inches smaller at the withers “,”answerImage”:””}

What do you call a baby cow?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Calf”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Foal”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Calves are able to stand up and walk nearly from the moment they are born. “,”answerImage”:””}

What do you call the hair between a horse’s ears?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Forelock”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Headbrush ”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Think like locks of hair, but like bangs for horses “,”answerImage”:””}

Where is the fetlock located on a horse?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”By its shoulder”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”By its foot”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” The fetlock is around where our ankles are, so by the foot.  “,”answerImage”:””}

How much of a cow’s milk would it take to produce one pound of cheese?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”50 pounds”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”10 pounds ”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Ten pounds of cow’s milk is about five quarts in liquid measurement.  “,”answerImage”:””}

True or false: All four of the horse’s feet come off the ground at the same time when it gallops?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”True”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”False”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” If you watch it for yourself, you will see that the horse’s feet are airborne at a single time during the gait. “,”answerImage”:””}

True or false: Nearly all apples need humans in order to be harvested.

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”True”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”False”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” There has yet to be a machine that can replace humans in the apple picking process. “,”answerImage”:””}

Which of the horses in this photo is NOT a horse-coat description or color?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Dusty peach”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Chestnut”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Horses have a huge variety of markings and colors. “,”answerImage”:””}

What do you call a baby goat? 

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Calf”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Kid”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Much like how we humans call our kids!  “,”answerImage”:””}

What are draft horses bred for?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Jump over hedges”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Pull wagons and farm gear”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Draft horses are typically large and strong so they can handle carrying heavy gear.  “,”answerImage”:””}

How many honeybees usually live in a colony?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Approximately 40,000″,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Approximately 500 ”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Most colonies have between 20,000 and 60,000 honeybees in their ranks. They have just one queen.  “,”answerImage”:””}

Which of the following is NOT an example of a gait used by horses?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Walk”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Scamper”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” The trot is also included in the natural gaits of a horse. “,”answerImage”:””}

What is this machine harvesting?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Wheat”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Strawberries”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Wheat can be harvested by a machine like this one making it easier to harvest in large numbers. “,”answerImage”:””}

What can this horse be described as?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Blonde horse”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Palomino”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Palomino horses have a beautiful gold coat and a white mane and tail. “,”answerImage”:””}

What is the vegetable that is growing in this photo?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Brussels sprouts”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Asparagus”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” When we get them in the store they are removed from their stalks, but this is how they grow. “,”answerImage”:””}

What is the name of the horse in this photo?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Arabian”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Clydesdale”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Clydesdales are known as a draft horse breed. “,”answerImage”:””}

What it is called when crops get a controlled amount of water? 

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Irrigation”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Scrape-cropping”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Farmers use irrigation to make sure their crops get the exact right amount of water and that they have control over it.  “,”answerImage”:””}

True or false: It is vital not to trim a horse’s hooves too short.

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”True”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”False”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” If a hoof is too short it can hurt the horse while it walks. “,”answerImage”:””}

What do peanuts grow on?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Stalks”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Bushes”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Peanuts grow pretty low to the ground, which is why they’re called groundnuts too. “,”answerImage”:””}

What would you call this horse grooming tool?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”A cady brush”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”A dandy brush”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” These brushes are used to comb in the direction the horse’s coat is grown.  “,”answerImage”:””}

What is the biggest use for corn in the US?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Frozen corn niblets”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Livestock feed”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” One third of the corn grown in the United States is used to feed chickens, pigs, cows, and other farm animals. “,”answerImage”:””}

What is the biggest use for corn in the US?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Desert”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Forest”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” As their name suggests, these horses were initially bred in the Arabian peninsula and were the pride of the Bedouin tribes at the time. “,”answerImage”:””}

Why do pigs sit and dig in the mud?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”In order to cool themselves”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”To smell more appealing to other pigs ”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” The mud helps the pigs not get sunburned. “,”answerImage”:””}

A horse with spots like this one is called a ___ gray.

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Dapple”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Dalmatian”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Eventually, this horse will be all white.  “,”answerImage”:””}

What is a steak made out of?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Pig”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Cow”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Beef steak is made of cow, whereas pork is made out of pig. “,”answerImage”:””}

What is the scientific name for horses?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Bos taurus”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Equus caballus”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” The root of the name equine and equestrian gives this one away. “,”answerImage”:””}

A field that is not sown and is left to recuperate with nutrients, is called:

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”On hiatus”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Fallow”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Farmers do this to promote crop rotation and to help the soil recuperate. “,”answerImage”:””}

True or false: horses and donkeys cannot breed with one another.

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”True”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”False”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” The child of a female horse who mated with a donkey is called a mule. “,”answerImage”:””}

What does a thresher do?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Separates the seeds from the stalk”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Water a field in a certain way”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Farmers use this to harvest faster and more efficiently when reaping the grain. “,”answerImage”:””}

How much weight can Shetland ponies carry?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”130 pounds”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”320 pounds ”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Due to their size, these ponies can hold up to 130 pounds which is why adults do not ride them. “,”answerImage”:””}

What is it called when fruit trees are planted in a specific collection?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”A tributary”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”An orchard”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Most of the time, orchards are planted with one type of fruit. “,”answerImage”:””}

When compared to a human, how big is a horse’s brain?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Approximately half the size”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Approximately three times the size”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Despite horses being much larger than humans, their brains are smaller. “,”answerImage”:””}

What would you call the meat of an adult sheep?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Mutton”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Shank steak”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Mutton is common in the United Kingdom and Europe, less so in the United States. “,”answerImage”:””}

What is the name of this horse grooming tool

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Ridgey comb”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Curry comb”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” These are used first when grooming a horse. They get dirt and other debris out of the hair. “,”answerImage”:””}

What internal temperature should a chicken be cooked at?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”100 degrees F”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”165 degrees F”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Using a meat thermometer helps prevent overcooking or undercooking meat. “,”answerImage”:””}


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