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Wedding Dresses That The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of

This young woman here adores cacti. Because the wedding ceremony was her time to shine, she wanted to include her beloved plants into the mix. A strange, somewhat peculiar dress was the result of her quest for wedding style. She pulled it off amazingly!

This is simply adorable. Fiona now has a real-life version in this beautiful green bride. Look at the way they smile as they’re walking around a grassy field. Far Far Away never seemed closer and these two have their fairy tale wedding.

Even gangsters can get romantic, you know! This gangster couple brought their own unique style, as they entered a holy union together. By spray-painting on their clothes, they’ve managed to accomplish a unique fusion of street style and tradition.

Michelle brought new light to the wedding gown world! This young lady definitely has her way with making a design be both functional and beautiful. Using an urban-graffiti style, she added the first letters of her and her husband’s name to the design. It’s safe to say the plan worked out perfectly.

Brides aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone and add some pizzazz to their gowns. This lady couldn’t decide between Edward and Jacob, so she decided to go with both. She is lucky to have a husband that doesn’t mind.

This charming bride wanted to make her special day memorable for everyone. In order to accomplish this, she wanted to have a train long enough for everyone to hold it. The guests somehow managed to pull the carrying off and allow her to turn her dreams into reality.

These two must love their punk rock lifestyle The bride didn’t abandon the customary setup, she just made it better! We’re sure those demonic horns went well with the priest who had the task of marrying them. If the kids are happy and in love, we’re sure the man above doesn’t mind!

Let’s be honest, frills can make a good wedding dress an amazing one. Also, frills can make a good wedding dress a catastrophe if there’s too much of them. It seems like this bride didn’t believe the latter statement was true. If the frills weren’t enough, she decided to top everything off with an over-the-top tijara.

This young couple decided to go down the spooky route. After pulling off stunning and realistic masks, they wanted to round the day up. Their choice was a single-use suit and dress. Her gown was made out of paper plates and forms, while his suit was entirely out of garbage bags. Strange, but stylish.

There is only one rule when it comes to doing pirate-themed weddings – go all out. That’s what these two landlubbers just did. The bride was particularly stunning, with a corset dress and a sideways hat to top off a beautiful shade of gray. She must have made her captain very proud with her style. Arr!

This couple busted out every move in the book! A rainbow wave over a black base makes up for a daring wedding combination. While this may or may not be stylish, they look happy – and that’s all that matters. We hope that they had a great day.

Many girls think of themselves as fabulous princesses when they are little girls. For some, this belief stays strong even in adulthood. There is nothing that says princess more than a spoiled face, along with a tiara and a dress with big pink frills.

Could this be a shotgun wedding? With her downcast eyes, bizarre choice of color and pattern for her dress and odd little veil, she bears little resemblance to a happy bride on her wedding day. The brightly colored orange, red and yellow bouquet provides the only indication that she could be going off to get married. With her dad following closely behind her with his shotgun, she looks more as though she’s being forced to take part in some strange ritual.

Tradition breaking seems to be the theme of this list. This young lady decided to follow up on creating controversial gowns. Instead of a classic all-white setup, she opted to add poorly-drawn fumes and flames. The priest was especially pleased when he saw her scorching flames of hell.

Ferrero Rocher is the pinnacle of sweets around the world. This couple surely recognized the significance of their favorite candy. Therefore, they wanted to include it into the wedding. With a candy-filled gown, the bride was one sweet sight to behold.

We would just love to know the story behind this dress. What made this outwardly sane-looking woman choose to wear a dress made entirely of balloons, and even a balloon necklace? I mean, she can’t sit down in it, and she’s definitely got to steer clear of sharp objects, or her entire dress could end up popping around her ankles. Maybe her husband-to-be is a clown and proud of it. After all, they’re the ones who love playing with balloons. It’s just balloony!

This bride must have been thinking – Weddings are crowded and it’s going to take a lot of effort to get to the cake. If I could only find a way to be closer to the cake… Wait, what if I was the cake? Her flaming-red hair goes hand in hand with the incredible design of her gown.

Christmas is coming early this year and this dress is the best way to notify people of it. A Christmas tree-turned wedding gown might be an ideal choice for those wanting to have a winter wedding. If you think you can pull it off, go ahead!

Many gowns on this list are merely for show. This one is very much utilitarian and brilliant, in every sense of the word. This young lady managed to pull off being a wine rack, all while looking absolutely fabulous. If you don’t want to chase the waiter for your tenth glass of chardonnay, grab one of the bride.

There isn’t a part of our lives that McDonalds hasn’t infiltrated yet. We’re simply loving the fact, despite all the criticism. These three ladies are enjoying a special event in beautiful wrapper-made dresses. Art can take many forms and this is just one of them.

Is it a coincidence that this girl looks like a real-life Barbie doll? We think not. Whatever her goals may be, it’s clear that she embraced her inner child. The Barbie look wasn’t enough, so she had to add some balls to the mix. Amazing!

We hear about feminists preaching independence from men all the time, but this girl took it too seriously. Hats off to the seamstress who had the nerves and the skill to connect both a suit and a wedding gown. This expressive fashion undertaking surely didn’t go unnoticed.

Chocolate Week 2008 was a special event. The designers of Ian Stuart Brides decided to create something that represents this event perfectly. An impossible stunt became nothing less than reality – the first edible chocolate gown was born. It didn’t look anything less than majestic!

We saw the bride and groom coordinating their outfits. We also saw bridesmaids also having matching outfits. But what about the bride going for the sheep look? Such an occurrence is unheard of, but this young lady surely didn’t have trouble pulling it off. We get that animals are out best friends, but sometimes love can go overboard.

This smiling bride wore something many wouldn’t even dare approach. With embedded beads and spots, this camouflage gown may just be the most daring fashion statement ever. It’s the ideal starter kit for every outdoors wedding ceremony.

Wedding gowns are works of art more often than not. This girl took this notion to a whole new level. With meticulously drawn beetles on her big gown, she turns into something even more majestic when she’s in the dark. You glow girl!

In today’s world, there are many options for wedding gowns. One of these options is the risky road, doing something outrageous and unheard of. It can either backfire or amaze. With a depressing shade of blue and silver rhinestones, it’s not sure what this girl wanted to pull off. Hot or not?

This young couple really outdid themselves in terms of style. Evka, who is only 19, managed to pull off one of the most extravagant style moves ever. With such an outrageous dress, this teen bride made headlines all over the world. Talk about investing in your wedding.

Looks like this lady and the wine glass-dress girl were in cahoots. There is no other logical explanation for turning your gown into a walk display of donuts and cupcakes. Who knows, maybe she wanted to save money by not hiring waiters for the reception

Mixing styles is not easy to pull off. This biker bride wanted to mix classy with casual. White shorts and a white gown aren’t something you see every day. This couple loves bikes all too much and they wanted to stay true to themselves. We love that the veil was included, too.

This bride is boasting something incredible. With an aluminum and rhinestone embedded gown, this lady is simply and literally glowing all over the place. Rodeo Drive surely had their jaws all over the floor over this strange but captivating creation.

There is one downside about every great wedding gown, according to some. That problem is the lack of color. Many people simply don’t like the all-white tradition. This young lady decided to keep the tradition intact, but add a pinch of creativity to the mix. The sparkly frills and rhinestones rounded up the design amazingly.

This girl is bride goal personified. With an amazing tattoo sleeve and antlers, she did the perfect job of balancing out the traditional white dress. Pink hair may be a daring undertaking for some, but she carries it gracefully.

Someone must have taken a thing or two from the book of 1990s extravagant fashion. A mix of fur and sparkly materials is just what this bride is looking for on her special day. The bridesmaids seem on fleek too, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Rebelling against a tradition is in our nature. Therefore, every once in a while, we strive to create new trends from old ones. This process may yield amazing results, but it can also yield real-life disasters. Although this dress could have been both daring and dazzling, the dazzling part is lost due to a bad realization.

The spirit of anime is alive in far away from Portland! This girl pulled off the stunning wedding combination masterfully. With an amazing set of tattoos and a wild imagination, you have one of the boldest wedding fashion statements ever.

It’s not usual to see women wearing something other than a typical white gown. In this case, we can see a majestic exception to the rule. With a stunning art display, this bride-to-be is wearing a strange gown that seems to be made out of actual human hair. Whoa!

A superhero of a bride needs a superhero broom. We’re sure this stunning, comic book-loving young lady found her prince charming. We’re sure he couldn’t resist that sexy look in the distance. She just might have saved the day yet again!

Body art is always beautiful. This bride-to-be is so proud of her own that she decided to show it off as much as she can. A minimalist dress like this leaves much room for the body art to be visible. Both classic and unique, hats off to this young lady right here!

It’s not easy to merge these things, but this young lady pulled off quite an accomplishment. Just think of all the people around town that saw a ghastly figure gently walking around in a wedding dress. We’re just wondering how did her husband look.

This girl didn’t want to move from tradition, but still wanted a flash of something new. That flash in the form of a beautiful, multi-layered frill system. The colors are stacked in a strange, but functional way. And above all else, she looks and seems happy that her design finally came to life.

Autumn nature weddings are great. If the weather serves you, you can enjoy a spectacular ceremony around all the different shades of red, orange and green. This bride wanted to mix traditional with daring and the result is this amazing masterpiece of a dress.

Karen is a big fan of Manchester City. She wanted to include her beloved club into her second wedding ceremony. Using all the game shirts she owns, she meticulously sowed them together to make this masterpiece. The result is simply stunning!

Hello Kitty isn’t just a cartoon, it’s a way of life for some people. This lovely lady embodies what Hello Kitty fandom is all about. With just a pinch of the kitten on her white dress, she managed to come off as stunning and stylish.

Patriotism is a great feeling that pulls people closer together. It can be a tool that promotes stronger bonds and tradition. This young lady deemed it important enough to be a part of her wedding gown. Although unorthodox, this design just may work flawlessly.

Balloons are an essential of every birthday party or celebration. Even weddings can be equipped with them, in moderate quantities. Sometimes, adding balloons to your wedding gown may seem a little bit too much. By the looks of her husband, he must have been afraid to burst her bubble (no pun intended).

This bride was incredibly influenced by the carnival in Rio. She wanted an exact recreation of what the dancers were wearing, but even more fabulous. Intricate feather schemes, sequins in every direction and strange fabric patterns – there are just some details of this wedding gown masterpiece.

You’ve got to give this bride points for creativity. I mean, we’ve never seen a wedding dress made out of soda cups before, so hats off to her for our first … experience. What’s more, we’ve got to give her credit for recycling, although those cups are probably new. The combination of red and white is rather Christmasy, and as for the rosette-type thingie she’s got in her hands, she looks as if she won a prize for the best red pony at the gymkhana.

The dress itself is actually pretty gorgeous, we’ve got to admit, but what in the world is trailing from her head? It’s certainly not the gauzy type of veil we’ve come to expect from blushing brides. It looks like a cross between an octopus that’s about to envelop and crush her, and some sort of plastic installation that a few creatively-challenged individuals knocked together in the morning. And the orange flowers are a horrible addition, really gaudy.

In the name of all that is holy, what is that thing on this woman’s head? It looks like yards and yards of dead furry animal all joined together and made into an O shape, then stuck to the front of her head. Why? That’s what we really want to know. Once again, the rest of her outfit is quite nice, but the head ‘dress’? Several animals had to die to make her look that bad. That would be a definitive ‘No!’ from us.

Okay, patriotism is all good and well, but wearing the American flag on your wedding dress is, in our not-so-humble opinion, is going a bit too far. She looks a bit like a sandwich board advertising the US. The veil’s traditional, but we certainly can’t say the same about her unfortunate dress choice. If you really want to wear the flag, stick to a baseball game or something. She actually makes it look pretty, though, and she looks happy, so good for her.

The angle of the picture makes them look as if they’re falling off the edge of the world, but that’s not the strangest thing about it. Actually, the bridegroom’s just realized he’s marrying someone dressed entirely in rags. Look at all those bits and pieces! We’re all in favor of a bit of Bohemian now and then, but this is taking things way too far. Has she spent her whole life collecting these rags so that she can have her wedding dress made of them?

In the old days, brides were prized for their modesty. That meant covering up, and not letting much skin show. But in this day and age? This bride certainly looks the picture of modesty, but unfortunately, she has ended up looking like a nun. Or maybe she’s on her way to audition for ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ we’re really not sure. Anyway, we think this is taking the modesty thing a bit far. Lose the ‘veil’ and cheer up a bit, for goodness’ sake.

Okay, what’s going on with this balloon wedding dress thing? This is the second one, and we’re starting to wonder if a really peculiar trend is building. Why would anyone want a wedding dress made out of balloons, especially a very ‘racy’ red, with a great big slit up the front? Now that’s throwing modesty completely out of the window. We’d like to see her sit down after wearing those skyscraper heels, but we don’t think the dress would allow it.

This bride clearly didn’t learn anything from the Duchess of Sussex’s ultra-minimal wedding dress. It is reputed to have had six cleverly-hidden seams that made her appear to float down the aisle, a picture of style and grace. No, this bride clearly likes things as busy as possible, what with all the frills and flounces, those ‘bridal’ cowboy boots, and the fussy flower arrangement. What we love best, though, is the quaint little parasol and stage set for the picture. Very retro.

This dress is actually pretty cool. We love fairy lights, but maybe having them, switched on, so close to your ‘delicate’ bits is playing with fire, so to speak. I mean, they look all festive and that, but what if there’s an electrical short? They happen, you know. The dress, and the poor bride, might melt into a puddle on what’s meant to be the happiest day of your life. An A for the idea, but an F for failure to observe safety precautions.

This strapless wedding gown looks fine until you get down past the bride’s waist and can’t quite believe what you’re seeing. How on earth is she managing to move her knees with that tight band around the fabric? Put your hand over the bottom third of the photo, and she looks like a bride, but take it away, and you can’t help wondering if there’s a dwarf concealed in the bottom poof doing the walking for her.

This gold and the white feathery ensemble is right out of a fairytale. The bride appears to be forcing a smile as she’s dwarfed by an oversized circular confection of fluffiness and ornate gold rising high above her head from her shoulders. We’re not sure whether that object she’s carrying is a wand or not and she looks rather unsure herself. Standing in that pool of fabric makes her look rather like an ornament you want to pick up and put on a mantelpiece.

If it wasn’t for the face paint and the bouquet, this would look like two rather ordinary people dressed up for an event. However, this couple decided to embrace their quirkiness and celebrate their love in a unique way. She chose to wear orange and white tiger face paint while he chose to be a panda. One wonders what this choice suggests about their relationship. She was probably the one that decided this was a good idea.

This Halloween bride and groom don’t quite pull off their apocalyptic vision, especially with a backdrop of the beautiful blue sea behind them. He manages to do evil quite well with his fuzzy little orange beard, evil, skeletal smile, dark eyes and debonair suit. She looks like a hot mess rather than a frightening apparition. Her eyes are more scary panda than spooky, and she can’t quite manage skeletal in that white dress showing her curves.

Many girls say that they want a wedding straight out of a fairy tale. This girl right here too this saying to seriously and decided to one-up every wedding in human history. Wings attached to her gown and the size of the gown itself make up for a dazzling fashion display. Prince charming looks impressed too.

White swans are a symbol of elegance and pizzazz. It’s every bride’s dream of becoming as elegant as a black swan in its most majestic state. This young lady took this too seriously and added feathers to her gown. She doesn’t look too happy with the result.

This women from East Asia wanted to add a pinch of her own culture to her magic day. With a beautiful headpiece and fabric strips, she represents her tradition with honor and pride. It’s both quirky and stylish, but still true to her roots. A big thumbs up to this stunning lady.

Diane Nguyen wanted to honor Taco Bell. The fast-food chain has always been there for her – late meals after work or during study sessions, after party woes and lunches. She has been collecting wrappers for some time and decided to make a dress out of them. Simply astonishing!

Feathers are a good addition to many different styles. Many people share this opinion, but this woman took things a little bit overboard. Red and white feathers are an amazing blend of Broadway and traditional elegance. Mission accomplished!

This lady managed to sneak card symbols into her wedding gown game. With spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds – her pink gown is all set for the ultimate poker showdown. She even has a respectable poker face. Not bad at all.

Christmas is coming early this year and this dress is the best way to notify people of it. A Christmas tree-turned wedding gown might be an ideal choice for those wanting to have a winter wedding. If you think you can pull it off, go ahead!

No, seriously, you can! This lovely bride and her bridesmaids all have gowns made entirely out of toilet paper. Albeit unconventional, this concept is incredible and stunning. We’re sure her groom adored the idea. Maybe he even wore a toilet paper suit, too!

When you’ve got the handsome husband, the great dress, and the beautiful white horse, it almost seems like a fairytale. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, the angle choice has left us wondering if this man has chosen to marry a centaur. If this groom is into long, white, ultra-muscley legs, then it looks like he’s found his perfect match.

So, there is way too much going on in this photo, and some of them are concerning. Are they on a rollercoaster right now? Is the bride getting cold feet or is she just not a big adrenaline junkie? Who is the news caster behind them, and how did he end up with this job? Did someone just say, “Hey Phil, today you’re going to be covering a wedding that’s taking place on a roller coaster today.” Can you imagine going four years for your journalism degree just to end up doing this?

Looking at the surroundings, you can see that this photo was meant to be calming and visually stunning. Everything about this photo screams aesthetics, except the bride’s face. She might as well of plugged her nose if she was going to look so uncomfortable jumping into the water.

“My, honey, what hairy thighs you have!” All jokes aside, we definitely don’t think he mistook the bride’s father for her bride. First of all, he would’ve reached the pant leg and been like “Wow, I swear you were wearing a dress about an hour ago.” We’re glad everyone got a laugh out of this one though, although we’re still convinced it’s slightly fake.

Was it just couples involved in the wedding party? They couldn’t have at least invited one other person so this poor guy didn’t feel left out. Yes, we get the joke here, ha ha ha, he’s single, single people are hialrious! It’s okay, man, we understand how you feel. Hopefully, you’ll catch the bouquet this time!

When you think about it, doves are really just pigeons in a different color. When put that way, it’s completely understandable why someone would feel this way about doves. Either that or he just watched one of them number two somewhere in his proximity. Nobody else seems concerned though, so probably the first.

See, this is the number one reason why I don’t exactly want a wedding in the summer. This is what happens when the doves are left in that little box for too long. It’s good that the bride doesn’t exactly seem to care though, the groom seems a little concerned, but who cares, right? They’re only going to remember these cooked birds in their wedding photos for only the rest of their lives!

Either this lady really likes flowers or really really hates her bridesmaids. We’re thinking the latter. The best way to get back at your enemies? Make them part of the wedding party and then make them wear dresses like this. She even made the poor little flower girl wear it too. Only to be fair, she actually looks a tad better in the dress than the rest of the women. Maybe it’s the hats. One thing’s for sure, this photo screams “FLOWER POWER.”

Is this an armadillo cake? Is it a cat? Is it a huge number 2? We’re not really sure, but it sure is interesting. Everyone’s probably not even taking photos of the couple, they’re just taking photos of the cake. That’s probably why this wedding was so memorable. It sure is incredibly detailed though. Kudos to the baker.

To be honest, this is probably every woman on her wedding day. Shaving is such a hassle, why not use the day where everything is meant to be about YOU, to make someone else do it for you. Your bridesmaids technically can’t even say no. So sit back, relax, and enjoy that glass of wine while someone else takes care of that annoying stubble you don’t want to appear in the wedding photos.

This is probably one of the worst things that could happen at your wedding. To be fair, they expected those tiny pillars to hold pounds of cake. Any small movement could’ve knocked this cake over. In fact, any slightly overweight man doing the cotton eye Joe on the dance floor could knock this one over. Next time, do without the pillars!

Come on! If there’s one thing you have to do at a wedding is to watch the veil! God knows how many hundreds of dollars were spent on that flimsy net piece. If we were her we would have immediately asked that the photographer to delete this photo. Everyone around seems to be prepared for the wrath that is about to be released from the bride.

We don’t know what we’re more upset over. That the dress is getting soaked and will probably drag the bride down to the bottom of the lake, which the groom that will probably have to go fetch her from the bottom. Or the fact that this photo will probably be laughed at until these people are old and gray.

Sure, this is incredibly romantic and cute until they both get swallowed up into the ocean by a rip tide. I wonder if this was planned, or if the bride just fell into the ocean and the groom just didn’t want her to feel bad and threw himself into the water as well. Regardless, they both look cute still, so, kudos!

I’d like to imagine there’s an incredibly dramatic scenario behind this photo. Like maybe the bride found out that her husband had had some secret affair with her sister a few years ago. When I say “kick your man to the curb” this is literally what I mean. Of course, there is probably a much more normal scenario behind this photo. Like, she was probably a 2nd-degree black belt or something.

That little girl epitomizes every wedding guest with a heart. The amount of love and goodness everyone feels watching two people admit their love to each other and promises to be together forever can be reduced to this one facial expression. We feel you, girl, we feel you.

I refuse to believe that there wasn’t a nicer scenery around for both of them to take a picture in front of. I’m guessing this tractor had sentimental value for the both of them. Maybe it was passed down from generations! Or maybe they first met tractor shopping! The possibilities are endless when we only have one photo to assume the scenario.

This is honestly symbolic for many reasons and you can take your pick for what it means. Have you ever heard the saying, “Behind every great man is a great woman?” We’re pretty sure this is what it’s alluding too. That or his wife is incredibly strong.

This man just looks completely defeated. He’s probably sick and tired of taking photos, and everyone else is just laughing at him. This kind of looks like a renaissance painting when you look at it a certain way. Just add some cool graffiti to the background and you have yourself a masterpiece.

They obviously all are big fans of Dragon Ball Z. This woman was blessed with powers to keep away all of her husband’s annoying friends who won’t are always a bad influence on her husband. 

This is honestly an amazing thing for gamers everywhere. Both of them probably won’t forget this achievement for the rest of their lives. I also enjoy how the achievement was to obtain a wife, and NOT to obtain a husband. Says a lot huh…


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