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Wedding Surprises at the Altar

Wedding ceremonies are usually an emotional affair. However, it is not every day that you see a bride full on pass out at the altar. The story goes that the groom whispered something into the brides ear right before they were to take their wedding vows. It was right after he spoke that she dropped to the floor in front of all of their nearest and dearest. The concern was certainly there but the curiosity was also running rampant as everyone was trying to understand what had made her fall. These two love birds had everything going for them, had spent years together, and were excited to start their lives together as a married couple; so what happened? There are more and more stories of brides and grooms making big announcements at the altar, both good and bad. No one wants to be the one left standing alone, or be on the receiving end of an announcement that may ruin their wedding day completely. These dramatic altar moments make the world hold its breath until they know exactly what went down, it is as if we are a fly on the wall – we have to know what happened in these moments! 

So what exactly did happen to this beautiful bride? As this bride was walking down the aisle towards her future husband, she was greeted by his beaming and anxious eyes. She thought that his anxious look was due to the fact that their big day had finally come and that he was overwhelmed with emotion. While he was indeed emotional, there was more to his stress level than what this bride thought. She made her way down to stand beside her man when he leaned over and whispered something into her ear. 

In the case of these two love birds, the moment these two were about to tie the knot in front of their loved ones, the groom stopped everything and told the bride that she needed to turn around. As soon as she did so, the groom looked at her reaction since his surprise was something she not only did not expect, but something she thought was a total impossibility. What could be such a surprise? 

This bride could not hold on to her composure as she turned around and saw her beloved brother, home from deployment as a surprise for her on her wedding day. As you can see here, she needed help keeping it together as she realized who she had in front of her eyes walking down the very aisle she did coming closer and closer to her after not seeing one another for over 8 months and constantly fearing for his safety. This husband gets major brownie points. 

This bride and groom were standing in front of each other when the bride suddenly began walking away. Now, do not get too upset as she would be back. The reason she stepped back was because she wanted to sing a special song for her future husband. What you did not know before this moment is that the groom in this wedding is deaf, and his soon-to-be wife not only sang but signed the song to her new spouse. 

Back to our fainting beauty, the moment the groom finished saying his last word, not a minute went by before the bride sunk to the floor, completely losing consciousness for a moment. The maid of honor ran to the bride’s side to make sure she was alright and did not hurt herself. The groom managed to grab the bride’s other arm and stabilize her as well. When she came to, the bride looked into her future husbands eyes and teared up. So what did her say to her?

For this bride, it took one phone call to take her from laughing to crying. It was during her wedding reception that her father put the phone up to her while it was on speaker and told the person on the other end to speak. Little did the bride know that her grandfather, the man who could not be there but meant so much to her, would be there anyway in this manner. He spoke beautiful words of blessing and lessons for her and her new husband and made the poor bride downright lose it. 

Talk about dramatic! This groom got all the way to the altar, waited for his future wife as she walked down the aisle, only to tell her that he could not go through with the wedding and proceed to run, not walk, out of the chapel. These are the kinds of moments that you see in movies and never imagine could happen in real life, but remember that movies are inspired by real events some of the time. 

We kid you not, what you are looking at is the ex-girlfriend of this groom running up to the altar to try and pull the groom away from his future bride (of choice); you can’t make this kind of stuff up! The ex-girlfriend went so far as to wear her own wedding dress to the event and physically try to remove the groom from the premises. The other woman does not look pleased one little bit, and the poor groom is downright pulling away from his exes touch. 

We thought this moment was overdue for the spotlight. What you are looking at is the stepdad of the bride stopping the wedding processional to grab the biological father of the bride and have him join the emotional moment. The bride was raised by her step dad as her biological father and mother broke up when she was very young. Either way, though, this stepdad did a noble thing and knew that it would mean the world to him to have everyone involved. 

Some couples come into a marriage with children from previous relationships. In this case, this bride came into her new marriage with a daughter. At the altar, however, her new husband stopped everything to bring the little girl up to the altar and present her with her own ring and promise to be a great dad to her and to be a good husband to her mother. Excuse us while we weep in the corner at this adorable moment. 

This bride was overwhelmed with emotion as her deployed son surprised her at her wedding, prepared to walk her down the aisle. As you can see here, both of them are emotional but the bride seems overdone. This is the happiest day of every bride, but it is the happiest day of every mother when she sees her child come home from a place where he was in danger.

The dramatic fainting spell that the bride underwent was due to a huge surprise that the groom had planned for his new wife. The whispering remarks seen by the attendees of their wedding looked ominous thanks to her reaction but the surprise was meant to make her happy not make her literally weak at the knees. Dramatic altar moments are more common than you might think, there are those far more dramatic than this couples, who you will find out about shortly… 

This bride did not have anything too dramatic happen, unless a surprise flashmob is something you would consider dramatic. This bride got to see her groom and his friend perform a devastatingly great dance for her and the rest of the wedding guests, and whether she really liked it or not we will never know because that face of hers is giving nothing away. 

“I have to tell you something” is how the groom started his short speech while stopping the vow exchange ceremony. Needless to say, the bride was very nervous to hear what her future husband was about to say. He stopped the entire ceremony to tell her that there is another woman in his life and that she was a part of the wedding and needs to be up here. The woman he mentioned was someone that the bride knew too…  

The groom told everyone in the audience and his new bride that there was more than just this one woman to love and that he could not stand there with his future bride alone as it would not be fair to the other individual, not to mention split him in half. He took the microphone and called up Giovanna, who slowly walked up the aisle towards the bride and groom. 

Sweet little Giovanna is the bride’s daughter from a previous relationship. The groom loved her like his own and wanted to talk to her in front of everyone and vow to her that he loves her and her mom and that he will do everything in his power to protect her and help her throughout her life. Little Giovanna gave her emotional blessing and left her new stepdad in complete emotional disarray. 

This groom is without a doubt a musician. He took to surprising his bride with a short rendition of a song while they were about to get married. The blushing bride is looking on and smiling, whether a robotic smile or a true face of joy is to be determined. The groom is very into his moment with his trumpet and we are here for it since it is also his wedding day and he can do whatever he wants. 

There have been many moments that show grooms speaking to their future stepdaughters, but it is not every day that we see a bride stop everything to include her future stepson into her wedding. This bride literally stopped her wedding to say vows to her stepson, while the wedding party and the groom lose their cool with how sweet the moment was. This was not about drama between the bride and groom, it was about starting a new family together. 

To bring this whole thing full circle, the world needs to know what the groom said to his bride to make her pass out at the altar. This groom knew his bride had never been much of a traveler (much to her dismay) and wanted to surprise her by taking her somewhere she had always dreamed. So when the groom bent down and whispered into her ear, he told her that he was taking her to Fiji on their honeymoon and that they were leaving right after the wedding. Cue fainting bride! 


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