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10 Weirdest Live Streams You Can Watch Now

This isn’t watching someone play a video game or unboxing whatever’s hot. 

These cameras stream 24/7 on the weirdest things – things no one would ever imagine would run strong for years. Some of them even have buttons that let viewers interact with the feed. There are bugs, bubbles, bedrooms, and more.

The bubble cam started as a Halloween decoration by Andie and Mike. In order for the father could save on bubble solution and power, he rigged it up to a remote-control. 

The large contraption is now hooked up to the internet. You can push a button the rig will spurt out happy bubbles for a few seconds. It’s surprisingly soothing, to be honest. 

Walmart might take first place for “weird-people-watching”, but the many wedding chapels that stream 24/7 in Las Vegas capture many sights that are just as entertaining – if not better. 

There’s intoxicated, joke, costumed, and anything the brain can conjure. Wait for Friday and Saturday nights for the most action.

Spied Life is a collection of webcams over many different households and various, consenting, families. 

You can watch people go about cleaning, praying, online meetings or pets wandering around. One even has the gentle sway of a houseboat. Its weirdness comes from the long stretches of no action (because not every room is in use).

Are normal cockroaches not enough? How about enormous ones? The University of South Carolina science lab lets the world watch a tank of their huge Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. 

They’re the size of a large mouse. It’s extra interesting because this is one of the first animal streams in internet history – back when webcams were new.

There are several out there, but two very interesting ones are the “Haunted Objects” and “I’ll Be Right Back”. 

The first one sets a camera on a collection of haunted objects in a library well-known for poltergeists. The second features a family living in a locally famous home that’s rumored to be super possessed. 

DriveMeInsane.com started in the late 90s. Its creator, Paul, began by adding internet control over his doorbell. 

Slowly, he began adding other devices – like radios and lamps. Anyone around the world can turn these things on or off – all the while with the guy living in his house. Paul is game for it all and regularly updates hardware to make things more interesting.

Yes, this is the spot of the famous Beatles album pic. 

One company has set up a camera so people around the world can watch countless tourists try to strike the same 4-man pose before the lights turn green and the drivers get mad. The creativity of some enthusiasts is impressive.

No, it’s not a webinar or educational experience. It’s literally a camera pointed at a dental office reception desk. 

People come and go. Some look chipper while others walk out looking miserable and spacy. Once in a while, they do switch to the sink so people can show off their brushing skills.

It’s not just “Spied Life” out there. Some are more family-oriented while others keep the clothes on but lean towards a spicier presentation.

 Personal Space is a women-only home. Anyone can watch them study for university, clean, have parties, and everything else life has to offer. Of course, it does help that they are all beautiful.

Animal and pet live streams are always popular. Some watch puppies or kittens play, while others focus on the outdoors. 

“Where’d He Go” is about one family and their new dog. The name came from the fact the little guy likes to “play-hide” and they’re always looking for him. 


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