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If It Was 1922 What Questions Would Be Asked On Reddit?

Some Redditors posed a curious question. What kind of questions would be asked on Reddit if it existed back in 1922. From the turn of the century, questions to foreboding ones foreshadowing what was to come.

It puts things into perspective and shows how our culture has grown and what we’ve learned from our mistakes. The world’s gotten a lot more progressive over the last 100 years. A lot of these posts use ironic twists.

Gentlemen coming back from the war, do you also hear bombs again, too sometimes? This is shell-shock and a sign of weak moral fortitude.

If you persist in ever speaking of your participation in the noble art of warfare in such scurrilous terms, your family will be well advised to admit you to a sanitarium to spare their reputation in town.

Unpopular opinion: The new generation is forgetting how to make cheese because it is in stores. In the future, fewer people will know how to make cheese. That’ll be a past time sorely missed.

People are too lazy to even slice their own bread anymore. Where is the decency? I even hear that you can buy sliced bread too. Imagine being lazy enough to want pre-sliced bread.

Are my children too young to start working? They’re teenagers, and I remember that’s when I started working. What should I do? Any help would be appreciated.

Are they helping with the harvest? They shouldn’t be lazy and stay at home not providing for the family. If they are, then you and your livelihood should be fine then.

Which brands of shoe-shine and hair pomade work best? Hey! Those are still valid questions!

Shoeshine is a must-have for anyone who likes/has leather boots or bag jackets as it’s leather maintenance to keep it from cracking and going bad before its due time. (Also, thanks for reaching me that, and I hope to do it myself, grandpa!)(also, moisturizer can work, but it’ll look duller and won’t fill any gaps in the color that may appear. Shoeshine every month, moisturizer every couple of weeks or so, depending on usage frequency.)

Why was the Titanic poorly built? They said it was an unsinkable ship, yet it sank when it collided with an iceberg.

Titanic wasn’t poorly built at all. She had several watertight bulkheads meant to keep her afloat in case the hull was breached. Grinding down an iceberg was just a tad more than any ship (at least civilian) could handle

The stock market is said to be invincible. Do you guys think I should invest? I don’t see stocks going down anytime before 1936.

You cannot take out enough loans to speculate on stock! There are millionaires made every minute; it’ll never stop, don’t be all wet and miss out on these cats’ pajamas!

My kids don’t go outside anymore. They just stay in and listen to the new radio. What’s a mother to do?

Give them some kind of medicine that we haven’t done a lot of research on, administer it every 20 minutes, and it should just about do the trick. Also, give them 1 hour of radio time as an incentive to do chores like chopping wood and shoveling coal.

Was the titanic sinking an inside job? Yes. Remember when Titanic’s sister ship Olympic crashed into that warship?

The insurance wouldn’t pay out, so they hid the real titanic, painted the Olympic to look like Titanic, and then deliberately crashed it into those icebergs in order to get that sweet, sweet insurance money.

For years I have pined after the most divine lady to ever walk this planet, but yesterday I offered her a piece of cheese, and it did not fascinate her. What did I do wrong, Reddit?

Did you doff your cap in a charming manner? If that doesn’t get a woman’s attention, then I don’t think there’s anything you can do.

Am I the Rascal? My wife left her suffragette pamphlet, which our daughter of nine years could find. Of course, I took hold of it and saw to its immediate disposal. I’m happy to allow my wife whatever reading materials she likes as she’s a very spirited debate partner.

But I can’t have our daughter reading such things, not at nine. I had thought my wife would see sense and apologize for being so careless, but instead, she’s cut me off completely. It’s been two days, and still, she refuses to even look at me.

Is Henry Ford a scammer? Automobile for everyone sounds unbelievable at best. I have heard many great things like how we’ll have flying cars in 100 years. And they promise that there will b an automobile in every household.

I don’t know if I should invest in this or not? Do you really think these things will take off? 

My doctor is recommending a new drug called “insulin” for my fatigue, thirst, and blurred vision spells.

I’m not giving him or Big Pharma the satisfaction of poisoning me like some experimental lab rat. I’m sure that I can find a tonic or salve that should fix this thing called “diabetes.”

Bread just went up to 7 cents a loaf. When is Warren G. Harding going to do something about this rampant inflation? I cannot believe what the cost of essentials is today. And to think that a house costs around 6000 dollars!

If we don’t do something about inflation, then one day, houses may cost millions! And bread prices could even cost several dollars!

Young adults here. Is it true that back in the mid-90s, most people thought the picture show was going to be nothing more than a passing trend? It looks like it might be here to stay.

I hear there’s a new picture showing called Nosferatu. It looks quite scary, but I doubt this monster trend will catch on.


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