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Why You Should Keep Always Keep A Bread Clip On Hand

Bread clips, or bread tags as they are also sometimes called, generally serve a specific purpose that ends once the bread is opened. They’re normally thrown in the bin immediately and never thought about again.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if those small plastic tags could be used for so much more? Well, luckily we have compiled a list of all the different things you can do with them rather than throwing them away.

One of the simplest things you can do them them can oftentimes be the best. Why not take the bread tags and store them in a bag? Everyone eats enough bread that pretty quickly that bag will get full and then the next step comes in.

You can take that bag and recycle it because all of the contents will be plastic. Sometimes there are even organizations. 

A more creative person might decide that they can take the tags and rather than throw them away make something sentimental or of value that could possibly be sold.

This is a simple craft that was made with just a little bit of glue and other everyday objects. This little guy could be given away as a gift or even to decorate a kid’s bedroom. The possibilities are endless!

Bread tags can be used for more than just silly toys or recycling. They can actually be used to temporarily mend things when they break. Giving you just enough time to get them properly fixed.

An example is a way to fix sandals to lodge the bread tag to the bottom of the tread. This’ll make sure the strap doesn’t fall out while you either save to get a new pair or to fix the ones you already own.

A clever person can find ways to organize using bread clips. One of the easiest but best ways to use them is to coordinate them with a marker. Here’s an example of using them to coordinate which ethernet cables go where in the house.

This can be very handy when you need to plug a new cable in and aren’t sure which ones are or aren’t important. Now there’s no troubleshooting involved at all.

Ever gotten a zipper stuck? It could be due to crooked teeth or any kind of fabric obstructing the zipper. It’s very hard to sometimes get a good grip on a zipper especially when it’s small. But that’s where the bread clips come in handy.

Take any old bread clip and use the hook end to grab onto the zipper. Then you can get enough leverage to pull up the zipper and fix it.

Keys can sometimes be a nightmare to organize. Have a key for every door? Keyrings used to be convenient a century ago but these days you’ll end up wasting a lot of time trying every key in the lock.

Bread clips can be used to identify which keys are which (just like the plugs we discussed earlier). Just attach a bread clip to the key and use a marker to identify it.

Even though bread clips seal bread nicely and make sure that it’s fresh when it makes it to the store and ultimately people’s homes. Most people just throw the tag away but it can be used to reseal the bag or even seal others.

Have a plastic bag of fruit that needs to be sealed so it can last longer? Use a handy bread clip. They’re made for that after all.

Ever at a party where you’re drinking but you don’t want to mix up your drinks with other people? Whether it’s because you’re a germaphobe or just don’t want other people drinking what you brought there’s a solution.

Bread clips can come in handy in this scenario. Just either color code or use a marker to make sure that the clip is yours. Once that’s done just attach the bread clip to the stem of the glass to make sure you never get mixed up again.

Ever found it frustrating trying to remember where in a book you were? A lot of people use random household items like scraps of paper. But these can often fall out. This is where bread clips can really come in handy.

The unique thing about bread clips is that they are flat but can hook onto the top of whatever page you’re ready. You’ll never forget what page you’re on after this.

Bread clips are awesome at keeping things organized as we’ve shown you with plugs and keys, but it doesn’t end there. They can even help with your laundry.

We know most people hate losing single socks and then having to wear pairs that don’t match. Nothing’s more embarrassing than going to a business meeting with a grey sock on one foot and a black one on the other.

It’s no secret that cables can get tangled up easily and lead to frustration, tripping, and in the worst cases even electrical fire. No one wants any of that so the bread clips can really come in handy here.

As long as the cables are thin enough to accommodate the cables then they can be organized nicely together. No more mishaps like tripping and the rest all thanks to bread clips!

It’s an everyday inconvenience to have to use your nail to try and find the end of the tape every time you want a new piece to try and mend something or just to try and wrap a gift. But there’s a much easier way to keep track of the tape.

To mark the end of the tape take a bread clip and stick it under the end of the tape. Now it should be easy to always find the end of the tape.

At parties or events generally, it can be very pretty if strings of outdoor lights can be hung from tree to tree. Sometimes it’s a lot easier said than done. There’s an easier way to attach them to the tree in question though.

Use bread clips to attach the lights to the trees more easily. Then you’ll have a wonderful-looking outdoor garden light show.

A cute way to use bread clips instead of throwing them away is to add them to your garden as labels. You’ll be able to easily identify where specific herbs and veggies are and where they should be planted.

We know that you don’t think you’d need labels but next time someone else is cooking who isn’t familiar with the garden you’ll be thankful that they can just read the labels.


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