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Ever Wonder What That Little Pocket On Underwear Is For?

Everyone wears underwear. Putting on underwear is a part of our morning ritual, but yet we don’t ever consider the importance of this garment. 

There are plenty of fascinating facts available regarding underwear! From the priciest pair ever sold to the true meaning of the small pocket in our underwear. Let’s dive in!

China and Italy are both countries filled with rich traditions, however, when it comes to underwear they have quite the peculiar one… 

Wearing a new pair of red underwear to start the New Year is thought to bring good luck. As the new year approaches, intimate stores are filled with the color red! How interesting?

Underwear looked very different in the Victorian age. You’ll be stunned to find out, that panties weren’t even fully closed during this era!

People believed it was much more hygienic to wear undergarments that were open at the bottom. Closed panties, on the other hand, became the new style trend after the Paris Can-Can dancers were discovered.

Who owned the priciest underwear has been a topic of debate for years. 

Jeweler Uwe Koetter designed a chastity belt made out of diamonds, pearls, and gold worth a whopping $20,000! Some believe that Heidi Klum’s diamond bra she wore at a Victoria Secret show takes the cake. This bra was estimated to cost around $12.5 million! 

China boasts the world’s fastest-growing underwear market. Its market size surpassed $16 billion in 2010, with an annual growth rate of roughly 20%.

The US underwear market is also an impressive one! The market is estimated to be more than $21 billion… That is a lot of money! Who would’ve thought underwear could be worth so much? 

Have you ever wondered what country produces the most underwear models?

Even if the question never occurred to you, here is the answer… It’s Brazil! There is no easily available evidence to explain why they are ranked first — they just are. 

Amelia, a well-known American social reformer, advocated for women who were more socially involved to wear short and broader baggy underwear in the 1850s. 

Yeah, you guessed it! They were called Bloomers. Named after Amelia Bloomer, these undergarments became very popular among the social class during the 19th century. 

I don’t think anyone knows exactly how many pairs of underwear they own. People are always just buying new ones and discarding the old ones, it’s hard to keep track!

Well, if anyone were ever to ask you how many pairs you own, the answer is probably 21 pairs. That is how many pairs the average American woman owns! How interesting? Maybe just run to your drawers to double-check haha!

Many things have world records. Most hotdogs eaten, tallest person and well, most pairs of underwear worn at one time. This record was set on 13 June, 2010. 

Jack Singer, a ten-year-old from Warwick, New York, wore 215 pairs of underwear at the same time. He looked Captain Underpants after it was all said and done! It was adorable!

Now, to answer the question you’ve been waiting for…. Why is there a little pocket in panties?? 

The most important factor is air circulation. It is preferable for a woman’s health if her underwear is breathable in one way or another.  This area is also highly sensitive, and not all fabrics are wearable. That’s why, especially if the remainder of the design is constructed of synthetics, makers include a strip.

We’ve already looked at the pair of undies that was worth the most. But what about the underwear model that makes the most?

It turns out the highest-paid Victoria’s Secret model of all time is Giselle Bündchen. At one point, she was earning nearly $5 million a year.

If you have a guy partner, maybe you’ve seen that old pair of briefs that have more holes than a block of Swiss cheese. It turns out that having old undies isn’t as common as you would think.

A 2008 survey revealed that 9% of men in America have underwear that is at least 10 years old. Fifteen percent own underwear that is between 5-9 years old. 

Remember when it was all the rage for guys to wear their pants down below the waist of their underwear (mostly briefs)?

In 2005, a member of Virginia’s House of Delegates, Algi T. Howell, proposed a $50 fine for this fashion statement. The bill did not pass.

Ever wonder where the word “wedgie” comes from?

Some people say it comes from “wedge-heeled shoe” and became popular in the 1970s. However, another story says that, in the early 1930s, a student called Marvel Wedgie tried to jump out his dorm window. His friend caught him by his underwear.

At an auction in Edinburgh, a pair of Queen Victoria’s underwear sold for £9,375 ($14,500). 

The knickers were made from yards of white cream fabric and had her initials VR (Victoria Regina) embroidered in them. They were sold alongside personal gifts from Princess Diana and piece of cake from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding.


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