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Always Put A Toilet Paper Roll Under The Seat

You may some of these household items that actually make amazing hacks for cleaning

From dishwashers to hairbrushes, some items make deep cleans so much easier. Maybe you have other supplies like baking soda or vodka? There’s even something you can do with a toilet paper roll.

Something that is never cleaned enough in the kitchen is cooking vents.

Because they are often overlooked… they get really gross before they are cleaned. But if they are soaked in a sink of boiling water and baking soda – the grates can be scrubbed very easily.

Mattresses are often not cleaned nearly as often as they should be.

It’s not that they should just be vacuumed regularly, but letting them rest after pouring baking powder can really freshen things up. Just vacuum the baking soda off after 30 minutes.

Let’s talk about red wine, as it’s often spilt and stains like nothing else.

This may sound contradictory, but using vodka to get out wine stains can really be a miracle. Dab the vodka on the stain and then leave it for a moment before wiping it off.

Roller brushes may get rid of annoying pet hair pretty easily, but not everyone has one…

Hopefully, you have a squeegee instead, the rubber actually works wonders and will work out well for collecting all the fur in your carpet and clothes.

One of the best cleaning products for scrubbing things clean is actually a toothbrush.

But for coffee grinders, stale bread actually works wonders. The bread absorbs all the bits of beans and cleans the grinder at the same time.

This one is all about drains whether they be from the sink or the shower.

Chemicals used in drain cleaners are often bad for the environment. Rather use vinegar and baking soda. It works to great effect.

Cutting boards can sometimes need some serious attention.

Both vegetable and meat boards can do with some cleaning even between washing at the sink. cover the surface of the board in salt and then scrub with a lemon.

Dust clothes can actually be a waste of money if you have alternatives.

Coffee filters are inexpensive and can be used on electronics safely. TVs and amplifiers can be wiped clean and easily knowing that they can’t scratch or damage them.

The heads of vacuums often get quite dusty and dirty, especially when they get tangled with hair.

 Sewing seam rippers can be extra handy for this purpose. They look similar to harpoons and are great at what they do. But they can also easily get rid of the nasty hair and you don’t have to dirty your hands.

Is there a special pair of sneakers in the closet that just can’t leave the collection?

It’s easy to make them sparkle again. Put some nail polish remover on a cloth and use it to clean any of the harder surfaces. A wet toothbrush will take care of any of the softer material.

Yes! The mystery hack is finally here.

This one isn’t so much a cleaning hack but a public kindness and cue for cleaning staff. If you put an empty toilet roll propped under the lid, it’s actually a signal to the next person that there isn’t any paper left and the staff need to restock! Cool, yeah? But these paper rolls have another use.

There are so many useful nozzle attachments.

A great one is that little thing that lets you get into small, tricky places. But if that’s gone missing and you’re desperate, just take roll, fit it over the end, pinch the tip to make it tapered and there you go! A makeshift detail nozzle.

Another toilet paper roll hack!

If you want to keep your electronic cables organized, roll them up and slid them into the paper roll. Things can be taken a step further by labeling them … or even decorating them!

Most people think that all anyone needs is a damp cloth.

But using that to clean a screen door often just makes gunk build-up. Using a dry cloth makes dust fly everywhere. So, instead, use one of those sticky lint rollers. It will do the job nicely.

No, do not put baby’s favorite fuzzy toy in the washing machine!

We’re more leaning towards plastic toys or other objects that need to be wiped down. If kiddo likes to chomp on Lego blocks, put them in a fabric bag and toss them in a hot cycle. So easy!

Please wash pillows! They get so little cleaning love.

But we understand. Usually after they come up of the final cycle, they just don’t feel the same. This hack might sound weird, but it works! Toss in some tennis balls. They’ll bounce and pound those headrests so they’re fluffy again.

Note – this won’t work on all fabrics.

But there’s a pair of jeans that got a splash on them – or some other more durable fabric, take a razor blade and gently scrape off the surface. It should take care of most of the problem. After that, maybe some other gentle cleaners.

It might sound weird but scrubbing a stick of chalk over a grease stain on the clothes will make life easier.

People often suggest baking soda, but chalk will to the same absorption job – if not better. Rub it over the blotch then wash as usual.

Yes, lining a tray with foil can help avoid baked-on gunk.

But mess is inevitable. And, if you’re stuck with a sticky tray and no scrubber, just take some aluminium foil, ball it up and use that instead. It works wonders. But don’t use it on Teflon or other non-stick surfaces! 


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