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Wife Discovers Husband’s Second Family While Scout Cookies With Her Daughter

Partners cheat for a variety of reasons, and they frequently get away with it. For years, one woman’s husband kept a secret from her.

She was selling scout cookies with her daughter when she discovers this earth-shattering truth.

It was 1995 when a family was turned upside down. Lois volunteered to help her daughter sell Girl Scout cookies in a neighbourhood near their home. The pair were going home to home with a stack of cookies in hopes to sell as much as they can.

On reaching one home, the owner offered the coffee which seemed so sweet. But this would be the beginning of their family’s demise.

Lois was actually pleasantly surprised by the offer. On being asked why she accepted the invitation, she said that she didn’t know how to decline such a polite offer.

She had no idea what was in store for her inside the stranger’s home.

The woman addressed Lois as if they were friends, which was weird since she never met her before. But she dismissed her concerns at first because her daughter was acquainted with the family.

But what the woman would say next would raise some very scary questions.

When the woman said: “Well, I suppose you know we’ve been having some problems over here,” Lois was dumbfounded. She had never met this woman in her entire life but what she said seemed to point out otherwise.

Lois replied in confusion, “I don’t know anything about your life.”

But, much to Lois’ amazement, the woman knew quite a bit about her and her husband. Her next remarks surprised Lois because they were coming from a stranger.

The woman informed Lois that they were “breaking up,” prompting her to ask, “Breaking up from what?”

The woman swiftly exposed her relationship with Lois’s husband and stated she even had children together with her husband. Lois was speechless.

It was their wedding anniversary. On their nineteenth wedding anniversary, she discovered her husband’s second family. But this was just the tip of the iceberg.

The matter was worse than this. The woman had a six-year-old and a four-year-old child. That could only mean one thing which was absolutely heart wrenching for Lois.

The affair must be going on for at least seven or eight years considering the age of the kids.

In an interview, Lois stated that she knew the family because her husband mentioned them often, but she imagined he had a casual friendship with the woman’s husband. But the woman did not have a husband.

Her partner was the man Lois married two decades ago. It was like the earth was shattering.

Lois shared, “I thought that there was an intact family there. And I was always a little bit puzzled about why I couldn’t get to know this family.” Things were confusing then.

Everything made sense after the unexpected revelation.

“I was in shock. I was numb,” Lois recalled. She didn’t confront her husband because couldn’t comprehend the situation. 

Because she didn’t want to believe the news, Lois pretended to be normal. She pretended the ordeal wasn’t real for as long as she could since she couldn’t bear the truth.

She went along with the day. In the night she made excuse and spent the night in her daughter’s room. She didn’t have the energy to bring the topic that day and waited for the morning.

But before she could bring it up the next day, her husband responded, ”Well, I guess you found out something about me.”

The nonchalant manner in which Lois’s husband spoke about his years of infidelity astounded both Winfrey and the public. Lois admitted that she was stunned for a long time since her “denial [was] very strong.”

The audacity of this man was off the roof. But Lois was still out of bounds.

Lois delayed divorcing her husband because she wanted to keep her family together. She and her husband had two children, and she made the best decision for them.

Her company’s employee support program offered some advice, recommending she tell the truth to her children, who were 10 and sixteen at the time.

“Keeping a secret erodes a lot of trust, so I talked to [the kids] right away,” Lois said. She sought the matter as calmly as she can. Lois’s story has received millions of views and thousands of comments on the internet. Netizens were appalled by her husband’s behaviour.

The internet community also praised Lois for her cool demeanour and handling of the incident. Some questioned her passivity, while others understood her reaction.


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