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Couple Kept Same Secret From Each Other For Years

Chris knew something wasn’t right with their relationship. She couldn’t live a lie any longer. She was going to tell him everything but she had no idea that he had a big secret of his own. 

Chris looked at her husband with complete devastation as she said those words out loud. But just as she was about to cry, he whispered something that shocked her to her core. 

Chris and Joe were happily married for three years before things started to take a steady and irreversible turn. 

When Chris separated from her high school sweetheart, she could never have imagined that she’d bump into him 5 years later and end up marrying him. But what was truly shocking was yet to come. 

Coming from the same high school and town, Chris thought there was nothing she didn’t know about her husband, but she was wrong. 

Even though their relationship went back a decade, there was a huge secret between them. One that ended up grabbing the attention of the entire nation when they appeared on Oprah for an interview. 

A few months after the loving couple married, they were pregnant with their first child; a beautiful boy. Another couple of years later, they were pregnant with their second child. 

Everything looked like it was falling into place. Their family was growing and they had two beautiful children. But with the birth of their second child, something changed for Chris. 

Chris was now a mother to a beautiful baby girl. After the initial wave of happiness and excitement, another feeling took over. One that made the walls crumble around her. 

It was a feeling she tried to ignore for a very long time. She had everything she thought she ever wanted. So once again, she ignored her intuition, but she wouldn’t be able to ignore it for long. 

She tried to carry on playing the perfect wife and mom to her two children, but her relationship with her husband was falling apart. She felt herself growing more and more distant from him. And him, her. 

He’d come home from work late, and always be out with friends. Something wasn’t right so she called a friend over to talk to.  

Her friend came over for coffee the next day and they talked. It was the first time she felt relaxed in so long. But suddenly, the feeling she’d been trying to ignore came bubbling back up to the surface. 

Her stomach twisted as her chest grew tight with the full realization of what she was experiencing and what she knew to be true. This is why she didn’t have many girl friends. 

For the next year, she decided to say nothing. She continued to try to ignore it but she knew deep down that her marriage was coming to an end. 

She dreaded confronting her husband but she knew she had to. She couldn’t keep living a lie and turning a blind eye to what was happening. But little did she know, neither could he. 

It was a tense day when Chris finally told her husband what she had been feeling since the birth of her baby girl. 

She asked him to sit down and then explained to him what was on her mind. She watched as his face changed from shock to sadness as she told him that she changed and that she needed a divorce. Then she told him why.

Chris explained that she didn’t know whether she really changed or whether she just always didn’t know who she really was but that something wasn’t right with their relationship. 

Chris came to realize that she wasn’t attracted to men, but to women. She assured him that it was nothing to do with him but that it was just who she was. She could no longer deny it. But his reply shocked her to her core. 

Chris, now teary-eyed, looked at her husband with complete devastation as she said those words out loud. But just as she was about to break down in tears, he whispered something that dropped Chris’s jaw to the floor.

“Me too”, he said. He looked relieved, shoulders slumped as he realized there was no need to keep his secret now either. A secret that was the exact same as his wives.  

As it turned out, Chris’s husband also came to a realization a couple of years ago that he was attracted to men, not women. And he also tried to ignore and forget this but just like Chris, he couldn’t suppress who he truly was. 

After three years of a marriage where they both thought they were getting everything they wanted, they came to the exact same conclusion. The news spread like wildfire around their town.

After they filed for a divorce and came out to their family and friends, the news of their unique circumstances gained the interest of papers and tabloids all around the world. 

It eventually led them to an interview on Oprah where their incredible story surprised everyone that listened. However, despite their separation, the relationship between the parents has never been stronger. 

Although they are no longer married, they remain loyal and devoted parents to their two children and divide their parental duties evenly as a functioning family unit.

Since their announcement to the world, they have both moved on to new relationships and are happier than they have ever been. And their children?

Their children have both gained two step-parents that are as invested in their wellbeing as their biological parents. 

And with that many adults to look after them, we’re sure they’ll grow up to be amazing young adults with a unique story to tell about how their family got so big! 


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