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Woman Confesses 10 Year Secret, Then Realizes She Forgot To Turn Zoom Off

Katy Smith lived the perfect life. She was married to a handsome man, had two gorgeous twin daughters, Megan and Molly, and lived in a big beautiful house. 

But no one was aware that this lucky woman was hiding a dark secret that would soon come out on Zoom.

Kate and Ricky had been together for over 14 years. She fell in love with him instantly. 

Ricky was everything she wanted in a future husband. He was intelligent, funny, kind, and of course, charming. 

Shortly after the couple got married, they began trying for a baby. And a few months later, Katy found out she was pregnant with twins!

Katy felt like the luckiest woman alive when she saw her two twin daughters for the first time. But her happiness would be short-lived…

Unfortunately, having children can put a strain on even the strongest marriage. Being a mother means you will spend the first few years tired and emotionally exhausted. 

Those who knew Katy described her as a responsible, devoted mother who was always there for her daughters. 

Katy was juggling motherhood and work on a daily basis while still looking beautiful and happy. 

But little did everyone know, this young mother was hiding something. She had done a great job at making sure her secret would stay hidden. Then, one day, she accidentally spilled the truth over a Zoom call.

When the lockdown reached Katy’s town, she was forced to work from home. She was feeling stressed because her twins’ birthday was coming up, and she didn’t know how to make their day special since everything was closed. 

To make matters even worse, her partner wasn’t there to help her when she needed it most.

Ricky was self-isolating in another house at the time because he had recently traveled for business and wanted to be safe. 

The day started off as usual. Katy woke her daughters up, made them breakfast, and settled them up with their online classes. 

After Katy finished washing dishes, she started her shift at work. She took her lunch break around 2 PM and used this time to video call her husband via Zoom. 

“Hi, baby!” Katy said. “I miss you so much.” Little did she know what was about to happen next. 

Suddenly, Katy’s phone rang. It was her sister Laura. “I have to go now,” she told her husband. “I’ll call you later!”

She waved goodbye to her husband before logging off from Zoom. Or so she thought…

Katy and Laura had a strong bond. They told each other everything, even their deepest secrets. 

Katy even told Laura her secret – the one her husband would soon find out about. 

The two sisters began discussing the twins’ birthday and what presents they were planning to buy for them. Katy told Laura that she would be hosting a virtual party with their closest family and friends. 

But then, the two sisters switched the topic to something more secretive. 

“With the twins turning 10, you’ve got to come clean,” Laura said. “You have to tell him.”

Katy knew it was the right thing to do, but she didn’t want to hurt her husband. “It would devastate him, though.”

Then, suddenly she heard her husband’s voice. “I can still hear you.”

Katy opened her Zoom app and saw her husband’s face on the zoom call. “Oh my god…” She felt sick to her stomach. 

Ten years ago, Katy had an affair with her ex-boyfriend and fell pregnant. It was a terrible mistake, and she still regrets it to this day. 

She never told Ricky about it. It would destroy him. Then, when the twins were born, she did a DNA test using her husband’s and the twins’ DNA and found out that he wasn’t their father. 

Only her sister Laura knew the truth, and Katy insisted that they never speak of it ever again. 

“He’s not the father,” were the last words Ricky heard his wife say before leaving the zoom call. The next day, he told Katy he wanted a divorce. However, he promised to continue to provide for his daughters despite the fact that they aren’t biologically his. He even set up a trust fund so they could attend college. 


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