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Girl Gets Weird Text From Date That Was Meant For His Friend

She had been looking forward to the date. They had been talking for a few days through text messages, and she was getting good vibes. He seemed like an all-around nice guy, and she was excited to meet him.

But then, she got that text. It was a text that she wasn’t meant to see, as he intended to send it to his friend. It put her in awe, and she realized something: that guy wasn’t at all who she thought he was. What could she do now?

Online dating has some perks, no doubt, but it also has some risks to it. You can meet many people you would have never run across otherwise, and it can be a good tool to make some great connections.

However, starting a romantic entanglement with someone you’ve never seen in your life and with whom you’ve only talked over text messages can also be dangerous sometimes. Our protagonist would soon realize that all that glitters is not gold.

For shady characters and people with bad intentions, it’s easy to fake who they really are on dating apps; they might use someone else’s photos and pretend they’re that person, mask their true selves, and lie to the person they’re talking to.

But with Samantha’s last online beau, things were even worse than that. After it happened, all she could do was ask herself how could she have been so gullible. But she had something in mind. She would give this character what he deserved.

Samantha is a young influencer based in Oakland, California. She’s quite prolific on the social platform TikTok, where she shares glimpses and funny stories from her everyday life.

She’s also a user of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble; all her experiences on those sites had been fairly positive, until then. When it happened, she knew she had to share her story about this awe-inducing event and what she did to take revenge; and it has already been watched by millions of users.

It all started when she matched with a young man from the area who called himself Jake. In the beginning, everything seemed perfect; he was an attractive guy who had his stuff together and who shared a lot of hobbies and interests with Samantha.

He almost looked like his dream guy; up until then, Samantha had only gotten frivolous flings from those apps, but this guy absolutely seemed like the real deal. But that wasn’t all.

Jake appeared to be genuinely interested in Samantha as well. He replied to her texts really fast, and he seemed like he put some real effort into the conversation, not letting her do all the talking.

He gave the impression that he was feeling just like Samantha was feeling. To Samantha, it seemed like a connection that was meant to be! She didn’t know what she was getting herself into.

After some back and forth texting for a few days, they agreed to go out on a date the next weekend. It was Jake who suggested the place: a small, cozy bar in the outskirts, near the countryside.

Samantha instantly accepted. She was really excited about it! But then, Jake said something that he feared might complicate things.

He had to work on the weekend, so he would go to the date straight from his workplace. He would be wearing his work attire. He said he hoped Samantha wouldn’t mind.

Samantha didn’t care at all! If anything, it made her like him even more. It showed that he was a hard-working and busy guy who still wanted to make time for her. She even felt flattered. But she would soon see that this wouldn’t be the only problem.

Finally, the weekend arrived. Samantha was finally going to meet Jake! Just like he had done every day since they first started talking, Jake texted her good morning.

He told her that he was looking forward to their date later. Samantha replied that she was excited too, and wished him a productive morning at work. And she thought that was it. But she suddenly received a text that would change everything.

When she saw the message on her phone, she was bewildered. Was it some kind of twisted joke? She read it and read it again, but there didn’t seem to be any place for doubt.

Jake had sent her that message by mistake. It was meant for someone else. She wasn’t intended to read it, but she did. And it changed her whole perspective on the man she had been talking to.

The message was headed by a picture of Samantha from her profile on the dating app where they met. And after that, Jake said something absolutely disgusting:

“Nah bro, she’s a solid 4 and I would keep it on the low, but desperate times call for desperate measures and beggars can’t be choosers”. And as if that wasn’t enough, Jake then sent her another message.

“Damn, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to send that to you… I was talking about someone else and clicked on your pic by accident. My bad.”

But Samantha didn’t buy that excuse. She had just seen Jake’s true colors. It took her a few minutes to get over the disappointment; but after a while, there was no pain or sorrow on her mind: just revenge. And she had a plan for it.

After she saw how pitiful of an excuse for a human being Jake was, she was no longer hurt by his comments; she was just amused at how sleazy and sad this character was. Of course, she decided that she wouldn’t meet with him. But that wasn’t all.

She decided to share her story, along with screenshots of their conversations, on her TikTok profile. And soon enough, she started to get a reaction from her audience.

Some people thought that Jake’s text message hadn’t been accidental at all; they thought that he sent it to her intentionally, as some sort of callous joke.

Samantha agreed that it really is hard for people today to make that sort of mistake when sending a text message. However, her theory was that Jake really was that stupid and pitiful. And soon, she would hear back from him.

Jake had heard about Samantha’s viral post and he was embarrassed that now everyone knew about his true character. He asked her to remove the post and when she didn’t reply, he started insulting her!

Samantha was amused at all this. Now she felt lucky that she never went through with the date. She clearly had dodged a bullet. Now, all she could hope was that her next online fling would at least be a decent person.


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