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Woman Gets Dressed, Hears Man Laughing Then Realizes It’s Coming From Alexa

Chloe stands frozen in her tracks. A mere few seconds ago she was slipping herself into a little blue dress, and now she was stood washed with fear over that strange laugh she heard. Her eyes darted across the room to see if somebody was there, but she was all alone. Or so she thought.

She knew she had to call for help but her phone was too far away. She saw her Alexa device propped on the table beside her and quietly leaned in and whispered, “Alexa, call boyfriend.” But then it dawned on Chloe that the laugh was coming from Alexa. Somebody was watching her.

Chloe Smith was living the dream. She had a gorgeous boyfriend, a fantastic job, and a stunning apartment in the city. 

Every morning Chloe woke up with a smile slapped across her face. But this lucky 20-something had no idea what was coming to her.

Chloe had always been popular. But she wasn’t mean girl popular, she was nice girl popular; willing to speak and get to know anybody. All she cared about was that if they were nice people.

But Chloe’s optimistic outlook on life was about to land her in an unimaginable situation.

Chloe worked in a marketing agency in the city, and her fellow employees adored her. She was a fun, outgoing, and carefree spirit! 

But one employee had a particular interest in Chloe. But nobody knew the lengths they would go to, to get closer to Chloe.

Chloe had just recently turned 25 and it had been a few days since her party celebrations. She had yet to look through the gifts she had been given, so she decided to have a rummage through.

But Chloe was about to find something that would end up changing her life forever.

In the gifts from friends and family, Chloe found jewelry, sneakers, and some gorgeous dresses. But then suddenly, she stumbled across an Amazon Echo Dot Box that was given to her from her work. 

Chloe’s face lit up as soon as she saw it. She had always wanted one of these! She didn’t know it at the time but this Alexa was about to tear her world in two.

Chloe swiftly set up the Alexa and within half-hour, the Alexa was up and ready! At first, she asked Alexa simple questions, to which Alexa responded as clear as day.

But then, when Chloe asked Alexa to turn off the light, she completely ignored her. She asked again, but no response. That’s weird she thought. Maybe it was just rebooting or setting itself up. She thought. But Chloe was so wrong.

It had been a week since Chloe set up her Alexa and unfortunately, the Alexa wasn’t working well. Occasionally, Alexa would respond to the task asked, but the majority of the time it would just stay silent.

Chloe thought about tossing it out or giving it to somebody else, but she decided to keep it. Little did Chloe know she should have tossed out the Alexa as soon as she got it.

It was a Friday night which meant date night for Chloe and her boyfriend. The two had been in a relationship for four years and they always ensured that at least once a month, they went out for a romantic meal. 

But Chloe had no idea that her date night was about to be ruined before she even left.

Chloe called her boyfriend to confirm the date and he said he would meet her there. She quickly hopped into the shower, brushed her teeth, and headed back into her bedroom to get ready.

As she walked into her bedroom she called out to Alexa, “Alexa, play party playlist.” But Alexa didn’t respond. Chloe rolled her eyes and looked through her wardrobe of clothes. She thought she was alone, but Chloe wasn’t alone. 

Chloe tutted to herself after Alexa ignored her and instead she played her party playlist from her phone. She pulled out a dress and slipped herself into it.

But as she strapped the dress on, she heard something from behind her that stopped her cold. It was a laugh. A man’s laugh. 

Chloe swiftly turned around after hearing the strange laugh. Was somebody in her house? Her eyes darted across the room, but nobody was there. Was she imagining things? 

She turned back around and started applying her makeup, but then she heard the laugh again. Chloe stood frozen in her tracks. Was somebody was watching her?

Without making a move, Chloe tried to reach for her phone but it was too far away. She needed to find a way to get help. 

She looked around the room and saw her Alexa propped on the table beside her. She quietly leaned to the device and whispered, “Alexa, call boyfriend.” But what Alexa replied left her running for help. 

“Hello Chloe,” a voice said. It was coming from Alexa, but it wasn’t Alexa’s voice. It was a man’s voice. Chloe felt sick to her stomach. Was this some kind of joke? Who was talking to her? 

She stood frozen in her tracks, unable to think of what to do. She never expected what would happen next.

Just as Chloe was about to run out the door, she heard the voice say, “don’t move.” Chloe was washed with fear. Somebody was watching her.

Then she saw it. On the Alexa, a flashing light. Chloe focused her eyes on it and then it hit her: Someone had set up a camera on the Alexa.

As quick as a flash, Chloe picked up the Alexa and smashed it onto the floor. She then retrieved a high heel from her wardrobe and pierced the Alexa device until it was in pieces.

Chloe sat on the floor with tears rolling down her face. She picked up her phone and called her boyfriend begging him to come over. But when he arrived he was just as shocked as Chloe.

Chloe’s boyfriend was both furious and upset with what had happened to Chloe. 

He vowed to find out the truth, but unfortunately, both he and his startled girlfriend never found out the source of the voice. Or who had set up a camera. 


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