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Woman Hears Noise On Baby Monitor Then Realizes Somethings Far Off

Like most people who take care of some pets at home, cat owners consider their pets part of the family. They are unique pets because they are always near you and will always be down for cuddles. Most pet owners even talk to their pets, it is regarded as some sort of self-care action, and you know that your pet won’t interrupt or talk back to you. Cats are the same. Even though they don’t understand, they will be there for you to hear your out.

People have been asking the question, do cats feel the same way. One example of a cat named Midnight may well confirm that cats do love and want the best for us. Midnight’s family have been going through some tough times, and what he did, you won’t imagine a cat doing that.

When it comes to pets, every animal has its personality. But cats are different, and they are special when it comes to personalities. They can either be independent or quite the opposite and care and show unreal gestures towards humans.

You will never see a cat be excited about seeing its human as a dog would, but they can form a special bond with their owner. In a particular occasion, cats will go above and beyond to make sure their human is safe and will find a way to help.

Bernita Rogers and her husband Roy Rogers, had the opportunity to witness this. Since they were together, the couple from Kansas City, Missouri, wanted to have a big family. Unfortunately, after miscarrying three times, Bernita almost didn’t have hope anymore, and she wanted to quit trying to have kids.

 One day a stray cat started showing up where Bernita and Roy lived. Because it was a hard time and going through so much in the past, it couldn’t have been a better time for this cat to show up. Bernita instantly fell in love with the cat and quickly after adopted it.

Because the cat had such black fur, Bernita decided that she would name the cat Midnight. 

It brought joy to the house, and it seemed like after the new addition to the family, that times would get a lot better for Bernita and her husband.

It wasn’t long after Midnight was adopted that Bernita became pregnant again. Fortunately, this time she gave birth to a girl that they decided to name Stacey.

Because they were unfortunate in the past and have lost so much, Bernita and Roy made sure that nothing bad was ever going to happen to their baby girl. They would always have the baby monitor close to them and would never lose sight of it.

Even though they made a massive effort for their baby girl to be healthy and happy, Stacy started to get pretty ill when she was just six weeks old. Bernita and Roy started to panic and immediately brought their baby girl to a pediatrician.

The parents were extremely anxious and couldn’t stop thinking about bad scenarios. When they took her to the hospital, the doctors reassured them that it wasn’t anything serious and that it was just a common cold.

Bernita and Roy took their baby home and believed their doctors that everything was going to be okay. 

She put Stacy to sleep, and Bernita went downstairs to spend some time with her parents, who were visiting from out of town. Some time passed, and Midnight started to act pretty strangely.

Midnight started to jump in Bernita’s lap and back down on the ground multiple times. This was an odd thing to do, and he had never done that. Bernita has said that he probably tried to tell her something, but she kept on having a pleasant time with her parents.

The cat had something to say, and if he wasn’t going to quit just yet. He sprinted upstairs and started to make noises directly into the baby monitor that was in the room with Stacy.

Bernita recalled that she hadn’t heard Midnight make those noises before. She thought that whatever he wanted to say it wasn’t right. She jumped out of her seat and went upstairs to see Stacy.

When she entered the room where Stacy was sleeping, she saw her little baby gasping for air. The color of the skin on her face was slowly turning blue. 

It is hard for any parent to see their baby like that, but Bernita was extremely worried because she didn’t want to lose another child.

Her baby girl suffered respiratory failure. Respiratory failure can easily be fatal. Bernita was determined that losing another baby would be devastating, so she grabbed Stacy and went to the hospital immediately. Their doctors were able to rescue Stacy and get things back to normal.

Bernita didn’t though about Midnight, but when they returned home from the hospital, she realized that Midnight was the reason that she went upstairs. If it weren’t for him, the outcome would have been devastating. She just is lucky that he was able to see something going wrong and make as much noise as he could.

Good thing that Midnight decided to get Bernita’s attention so that she could go and check on Stacy. If he wasn’t there, Stacy could have had permanent damage or even lost her life.

Because of Midnight, Stacy was able to grow up and live a healthy life. When she was 12-years-old, she called Midnight her best friend, and they were so close every day.

Bernita will never forget that day and how much Midnight was trying to get her attention. 

She is just grateful that Midnight was in their lives and that they got to enjoy spending time with their daughter and watching her grow up because of him.

Below you can watch a video that is about Midnight, and you can see how much the family loves him. Even though it has been years since the cat saved their daughter’s life, Bernita and Roy will never forget that day.


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