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After Hearing Weird Noises, Mom Breaks Wall

Going To Bed

Imagine that it’s nighttime. You are about to go to bed, so you turn the lights off and get comfortable in bed. You’re about to fall asleep when you suddenly hear strange voices. 

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Horror movies have taught us that if something like this ever happens, you should get out as fast as possible. But what would you do in this situation? 

The Smiths

The scenario sounds like something from a horror movie, but one family from Lockport, Illinois endured exactly that. When the Smith family went to bed one night, they were horrified upon hearing voices coming from their daughter’s bedroom walls. 

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They were terrified, but they were also determined to figure out what on earth was going on. They would stop at nothing to solve the strange mystery. But perhaps that was their mistake. 

They Moved

In recent months, the Smith family had moved into what they thought was the home of their dreams. Before, they were living in a tiny but cozy two-bedroom apartment. But one day, Alice and Richard decided that it was time for a big upgrade. 

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They knew what they wanted. They always wanted a big house with a nice garden for their daughter, Brianna, to play around in with her friends. But there was more. 

Another Child

The couple was considering having a second child. They hadn’t made up their minds entirely, but they did agree that it would be nice to have another kid around the house.  


Now was the best time to expand their family. You see, Richard had just gotten a good raise at work, without any extra responsibilities. This meant that he could devote himself to his home and family life. At least, that’s what he thought. 

Looking Around

During this time, Richard and Alice started viewing houses around their area. Not wanting Brianna to change schools, and wanting to stay close to their friends, they decided to stay within their area.

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After a few months of looking around, they finally found a house that was perfect for them. It wasn’t too big or too small, and the mortgage was within their reach. But there was one more thing they had to do before they could buy it. 

A Closer Inspection

Before they would make the final decision, they wanted to inspect every room carefully. They were surprised. The house looked like a bargain, which was why they feared that there might be a catch.

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They spent hour after hour exploring the place. They checked the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the living room, and even the basement. They wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything fishy about the place. 

The Perfect Home

But no matter how hard they looked, or how desperately they tried to spot something wrong with the place, they just couldn’t. It seemed that they had found the house of their dreams, and it was in perfect condition. 

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They decided to buy the place, and just a few weeks later, they were all moved in. But they had no idea what eerie event would take place in their brand-new home. 


It started with the couple’s young daughter, Brianna. Most kids her age would usually be struggling with homework, tests, and friendships, but she was battling something a lot more sinister. 

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She was faced with a haunting situation that was bound to leave an indelible mark on her. This would puzzle specialists and even law enforcement.

Change In Behavior

It started when Richard and Alice took note of a sudden and unexplainable change in their daughter’s behavior. They were used to her being a lively, adventurous, and bubbly little girl, full of life and joy. 

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Sometimes, it was tough for her parents to keep up with her, even when they tried as a team. But this all changed suddenly. 

She Changed

One day, her parents noticed the difference. All of a sudden, she seemed spiritless, she was the complete opposite of the lively and energetic character they knew her for.

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Alice and Richard were worried and confused. What on earth could’ve caused the sudden change in their little girl? Perhaps the new school year was too demanding, or maybe she was starting puberty. But there was another, much scarier possibility.

Serious Issues

Could she be experiencing depression? Could she be having problems with the other girls at her school? Alice and Richard also noticed that their daughter hadn’t invited any friend home, even though they had suggested it.

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As any responsible and caring parents would if they were in their shoes, they got worried. But there was something they didn’t know.

Something Inside Her Room

Their worries had done nothing but start. They weren’t even aware of it yet, but what their daughter Brianna was facing was something way more eerie and disturbing than they could have ever imagined.

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And it wasn’t something in the school or in the street, or even in Brianna’s mind; it was inside her room.

Sleep Tight

Like most girls her age, Brianna spent a lot of time in her bedroom when she was at home. When the sun was out she would spend most of her time happily among her stuffed animals. 


However, once the sun went down, things changed and her room had a completely different atmosphere. That’s when things became a lot more creepy.


Each night, voices and music would start to emanate from the walls of her bedroom. However, these were not the kind of sounds you’d expect from an angry neighbor or a stereo left playing on repeat.


Something else was going on. But there was no way that little Brianna could know what, at least for the time being.

Average Home

The Lockport home and neighborhood where the Smith family lived seemed like any other residential area. The house wasn’t isolated, off in the woods, or in any other way ominous in the least.


When they first moved in, the family hadn’t noticed anything strange about the house. The question remained, what was causing these sounds?


As strange as this phenomenon was, it hadn’t caused the family any fear thus far. It was just a befuddling riddle. The story of the noises spread and the family contacted a news reporter to tell the story and discuss what was happening.


Hopefully, this would help shed some light on the events. But was that what they really wanted?


Richard Smith invited the reporter into their home and started to explain and chronicle the events of the past six years. It had all started when Brianna was only three years old. 


According to Richard Smith, “We hear it audibly, and it keeps us up at night.” So what exactly was happening in the room?

X Marks The Spot

Richard brought the ABC reporter into Brianna’s bedroom. This led him to a spot on the wall and indicated where the strange sounds and music played from each and every night. 


It would last for hours without stopping. This was definitely spooky and not the kind of thing a nine-year-old wants to deal with every night.


Richard Smith wasn’t the only one to talk. Brianna also chimed in, adding to the story. “There are voices in the wall and I don’t know what it is,” she said. However, what kind of voices was young Brianna hearing?


According to Richard, he had heard some rather unexpected speech in the past. When the parents first heard it, a chill went down their spines.


It was an unknown preacher giving an intense sermon! Trying to describe the music and voices, Richard said the sounds they hear typically feel like they’re from a talk radio station. 


Oftentimes, there was a heavy religious tone to the words. But why was that type of speech resounding through their little girl’s room’s walls?


“We hear it audibly and it keeps us up at night,” said Brianna’s father, adding, “It woke me up out of a sound sleep.” At first, only Brianna could hear it; but after a while, it could be heard anywhere in the house.

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But that wasn’t even the worst part. Sometimes, the content of what the voices said during the night became particularly bewildering and even disturbing.


“He is praying over someone for healing,” says Richard about one of the recordings he made. There it is. You hear this voice echoing through the wall, what do you think?”.

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“I think this is about 1:30 in the morning.” But that’s not all. In that recording in particular, there is one song accompanying the mysterious speaker’s words.

Creeped Out

“It’s one of our favorite songs,” Richard said of the music, “but not at 10 o’clock at night.” Everyone who heard Richard’s recordings was shocked by them; some were even quite creeped out.

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One of those people was the ABC reporter who first heard about the strange and unsettling situation going on at the Smiths’ house.


The ABC reporter didn’t visit the Smith residence during the evening to see the weird situation for himself, but Richard recorded several minutes and played it while they chatted. 


The reporter was blown away; and just like the Smiths, he was creeped out by the seemingly unexplainable sounds that haunted little Brianna at night in her room.


Next, the family tore open the portion of wall in the bedroom to see for themselves what was underneath. Their efforts only led to disappointment, as there was nothing out of the ordinary. 


They even called the police! They hoped that law enforcement would be able to find out the truth, and, hopefully, handle the situation if it was really as fishy as it seemed.

Police Involvement

An officer was sent over to the house to investigate the matter, and according to the official police reports, the cop claimed to hear “voices and music” that were “talking about Christ.” 

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He also heard a commercial for a local Christian radio station. The whole situation was absolutely baffling. But what in the world could be causing it?

Technical Opinion

A technical engineer from the nearby Christian radio station even visited the home to see if he could find an explanation. 

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“I got to be honest with you. I don’t know what is acting as a speaker,” he said. It had to be something inside Brianna’s room’s walls. There was no other possibility. Or was it?

The Engineer’s Version

According to the engineer, it might be a corroded piping, ductwork, or a certain placement of metal beneath the walls that is causing the sounds.

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“The metal could act like a speaker,” Berger explained. “That is what they are hearing.” However, the search for the true reason behind the sounds has remained a mystery so far.


“Sometimes when we think we’ve arrived at a solution, the next season comes around, and it’s back,” Smith says. “I fall asleep in my parent’s room,” explains Brianna.

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Different media outlets have reached out to Salem Media Group, the owner of the Christian radio station in question. However, the reaction they got from the group was more than suspicious.


They didn’t make any comments about it. As far as it’s known, the only thing the group has done was send a sound engineer to the Smiths’ house who said he hadn’t found anything strange within Brianna’s walls.

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In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.



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