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Woman Hears Voices At Night, Then Takes A Look Under Her Carpet And Stops Cold

Laura can feel the panic building like an unstoppable snowball in the pit of her stomach. She stares at the discovery underneath the carpet she just ripped. How was this possible? This was supposed to be her dream home. The house her kids would grow up in. The house that was supposed to be filled with memories. 

But no amount of white picket fences and neatly trimmed lawns could keep Laura from feeling sick to the stomach. She had to do something. And she had to be fast.

For Laura Jones, she was excited to move into her new home. After around 50 house viewings, she finally managed to find her dream home; the home that her children would absolutely love as much as her. 

Yes, Laura thought she found the house of her dreams. But she had no idea just how wrong she really was. 

After two tiresome days of moving in, Laura was excited for a fresh start with her two kids. It was a brand new chapter she was ready to write! 

Once the last box was unpacked, Laura sat back and let out a sigh of relief. But unbeknownst to Laura, things were about to get strange. 

It was a cold Friday night when Laura tucked her kids into bed and unwinded with her favorite book and a glass of wine. But just as she turned the last page of her book, she heard a noise. It was coming from downstairs. 

Laura shot up straight away, her ears listening out. It sounded like voices. Was somebody in her house? What about the kids? She didn’t have time to sit and think about the what if’s, she had to act fast. 

As Laura slowly made her way downstairs, to her surprise – and delight- it seemed nobody was in the house. She checked every room and there was nothing. She was stumped. 

What were those noises then? She dismissed her thoughts and rubbed her tired eyes. As she got back into her bed, she snuggled her duvet. Little did she know what was in store for her and her family. 

A few weeks later, Laura decided to finally start her house renovation. The first thing on her agenda? The floor. The carpet was dated, to say the least so she intended to rip it up and start afresh. 

She called her closet friend and together they set out to start the renovation. But they had no idea what they were about to uncover. 

The two women were quickly moving along with their carpeting project until the moment they ripped up a corner of the rug. It seemed there was something underneath the rug.

Intrigued, Laura sat back and told her friend. The two looked at each other and a feeling of anxiety crept up Laura’s spine. She had to see what was underneath. 

Laura reaches for the corner and ripped it straight away. It was a struggle at first, but soon enough Laura had ripped it off and the sight before her eyes left her lost for words. 

It was a trap door! Laura gasped in disbelief. Had there really been a secret room under home this entire time? Laura felt sick. But she needed to see what the trap door opened to. Slowly she reached for the handle and pulled it up, while a horrible feeling hit the pit of her stomach. 

Laura pried open the mystery door and cautiously peered into the space below. Under the door was a staircase, but the homeowner herself had no idea where it led. 

The two friends looked at each other, and without saying a word, they knew what they needed to do next. They had to explore it. 

The staircase led into a mysterious basement that looked absolutely ancient: the pipes were rusted and there was mold growing on the walls. 

Laura could feel her heartbeat in her throat, as her eyes carefully scanned the secret basement. The two women knew they had to keep looking, they had to find out the truth. 

Once the homeowner and her friend reached the bottom of the stairs, they saw a large wooden shelving unit attached to one of the walls. It was stocked with mason jars. 

The friends weren’t sure exactly what they were filled with until they took a closer look, and a chill crept up to their spine. 

That was when they realized: these mason jars were filled with all kinds of foods! The jars were sealed tight, and it was obvious they were used for pickling purposes. 

Whoever previously used this cellar clearly knew how to brine food! Laura was speechless. She never expected to find this in her new home, especially as she was never told about it. But still, as she got out the cellar and slammed the trap door shut, she knew she was safe. 


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