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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Host Stumped By Woman’s Picks, But Never Expected This

The cutthroat gameplay and nature of Wheel Of Fortune makes it arguably the most popular and well-known game show. The audience constantly tries to figure out the contestant’s strategy, and this makes for riveting viewing. But one woman completely baffled everyone watching. Nura Fountana’s bizarre gameplan befuddled the audience. But then, when she revealed her tactic, the audience was left reeling.

The game started and Pat Sajak, the host, introduced the contestants. Troy, Steve, and Nura were to take to the stage that day. These three contestants had something in common — they all shared a dark past. The audience had no idea what to expect until the identity of the players was revealed to them. But one of the contestants was about to play the game in a way never seen before.

Wheel Of Fortune had decided to do something incredible During veterans’ week one year and dedicated an entire episode to soldiers — both present, and past. Keeping to this theme, all three of the players had served at one point or another. But one woman was about to make her mark on the game show that would never be forgotten. Nura blew through the first few rounds and earned a cool $13,970, but her game was about to change — and not for the better.

Although the show featured a number of veterans, it was still a competition nonetheless. People who play Wheel Of Fortune are highly competitive and ruthless. The audience was expecting a riveting game from the veterans, but they never expected that one woman would change the game as they knew it. Nura’s bizarre strategy baffled everyone.

After Nura’s winning streak, her game changed quickly. The leading contestant started to play a game in such a way that everyone grew suspicious. In the final speed round, Nura made a highly unorthodox choice. Her competitors were choosing popular letters, such as “T”, but Nura decided to risk everything and selected the letter “Z”. Unsurprisingly, the board didn’t light up. Nura had chosen the most uncommon letter in Wheel Of Fortune. But why would Nura choose it?

People wondered if Nura’s decision had been a bold one — perhaps she was playing the field by eliminating the difficult letters first. But, nevertheless, she still had a few turns left, and the audience hoped that she would soar ahead once more. The round progressed and another contestant picked another correct letter – “T”. Surely now, it was Nura’s game! But what she chose next made the audience flip.

Nura picked the letter “Q” next, in a second bizarre turn of events. People reeled with surprise at her selection of yet another obscure letter. It began to seem like Nura didn’t want to win at all. People began to speculate about her strange strategy. Maybe she was trying to fall behind to make her victory all the more dramatic! That would certainly make for a glorious comeback when she redeemed herself from her unsuccessful selections. But then, things only got weirder.

Nura’s gameplay in the last rounds left people wondering. Even the host of the show, Pat Sajak, began to raise his eyebrow at her questionable choices. He had never seen such bizarre tactics on the show before. The leader of the game would usually be well on their way to victory by now, or at least have a point on the board! Then, it was Nura’s turn once more. The audience waited to see what she would do next with bated breath.

But the live audience wasn’t the only one who was watching Nura. The viewers at home took to social media in a frenzy and hundreds of messages started to flood in. People just couldn’t understand what Nura’s strategy was — but surely there was a reason behind it all? The anxiety across America grew as Nura was up once more. People on Twitter and the live audience hung on her every word, but what she said next was dumbfounding.

Nura made her final pick in the speed round in an attempt to win. But when she uttered the letter she had chosen, people were completely flabbergasted. Nura’s final choice was again an obscure letter — “X”. People couldn’t believe it — it was almost as if she really did want to lose! The audience sighed in exasperation as the consonant left her mouth. But then, Nura finally revealed her strategy.

Nura had naturally lost the round, and to add insult to injury, she had also lost a whopping $33,000! she had guessed the phrase “by appointment” incorrectly. But then, Nura let the audience in on her little secret. Nura had indeed wanted to lose the game and didn’t want to add to any of the money she had accumulated in the first few rounds… But why? Why go onto a game show just to lose deliberately? — Nura then explained her logic to the audience, and it left them in utter disbelief.

What Nura said next left onlookers in tears. Nura explained that she had wanted the veterans to go home with something — she had wanted to share her winnings. Game shows are usually ruthless, but this woman had selflessly put the needs of her fellow comrades before her own. And everyone loved her for it. She hadn’t won much, but she had won the hearts of all who had seen her act of kindness. Social media was abuzz with messages.

Social media was in a frenzy after Nura’s revelation. Nura was praised on numerous platforms. The viewers who had been left in suspense for so long and those who had questioned her bad choices were in awe when she revealed her reasoning behind it all. People were moved by Nura’s display of selflessness, and everyone loved her for it. And she didn’t leave Wheel Of Fortune empty-handed.

Nura had deliberately eschewed a large sum of money, but she still walked away with $14,000 and the respect and admiration of an entire nation. When the show came to an end, she clapped her hands excitedly, feeling no remorse over her gameplay. Then, she revealed what she planned to do with her winnings.

Nura was asked what she planned on doing with her winnings, and she shared that she was in need of a holiday. “I’m going to Balize!” she excitedly exclaimed. The game show host, Pat Sajak, thanked her for her participation, and added: “You made us all happy”. Nura’s act of selflessness touched many witnesses — everybody was in awe over how kind one woman could be. We hope Nura had a great time in Balize — she certainly earned it! For Nura, kindness was its own reward, and her appearance on Wheel Of Fortune was probably the most memorable day of her life.  One unsuspecting woman found her day taking a strange turn when strange things started happening to her while she was on her waitressing shift…

They said they couldn’t tip her, and she stuffed her annoyance down, trying to be understanding. She really needed the money, but she cracked a smile and said: “it’s okay”. Then, the couple said that they could offer her something else instead, and she stared in disbelief. Who were these people? Then, she started to suspect that something strange was afoot.

Chelsea Roff was 24-years old, and she was having one of the worst days of her life. She slammed the glove compartment closed on all the bills she had received that week and started her old car. The engine turned with a sick screeching sound a few times before catching, and she rolled slowly to work. Little did she know, the day was about to get worse before it got better.

Chelsea huffed into LA’s Spring Street Smoke House late and was in a terrible mood. Her responsibilities were really becoming overwhelming — she had her sister to look after, so she worked shifts as a waitress to try and make ends meet. And it was a thankless job. The Smoke House was packed that afternoon, which wasn’t unusual. But then, things took a decidedly strange turn.

Chelsea rushed from table to table taking orders. Despite the struggles she was going through, she was determined to give her diners service with a smile. She was running a non-profit business in her spare time for a cause very dear to her heart, and she was waitressing to ensure a steady income to keep it afloat. But she never expected all her hard work to be repaid like this.

One man asked for a take-out box for his leftovers, so Chelsea happily obliged, returning with the man’s package of food before closing off the bill. Chelsea had to run to serve another table and had to leave the man to his own devices. Then, the man abruptly left. But what he had left on the table had Chelsea running to her boss in disbelief.

The man had left a wad of cash. Chelsea and her boss counted it excitedly, and it amounted to a whopping $1000! Chelsea had received both bad tips and good tips in her time serving at The Smoke House, but she had never received a tip like this before. But, unbeknown to Chelsea, things were about to get stranger.

Chelsea’s boss said she should keep the money, but Chelsea just didn’t feel right about it. She insisted that the tip should be split among all the waitstaff, as was their usual custom. But then a string of events led her to believe that the generous tip had been for her, and her alone.

Chelsea shrugged the man’s behavior off, at first. Lord knows, she needed the money, and who was she to look a gift horse in the mouth? So she went about her day as usual. Until the time came for another couple to pay their bill, and they, too, started to act strangely.

The couple told Chelsea that they only had enough money to pay for their food, and nothing more. They apologized to her for not leaving a tip, and she nodded in understanding, gritting her teeth. She could tolerate messy eaters and rude diners, but not bad tippers. Her service had been flawless, and her feet ached from her long shift. Then, the strange couple offered her something else, instead.

Chelsea was annoyed, but her annoyance quickly changed to astonishment when the couple explained that they were travel agents and presented her with two tickets for an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii instead of a tip. But Chelsea still hadn’t understood the seemingly unrelated events and the strange behavior of the diners that day.

Chelsea thought that she had struck upon an unbelievable streak of luck until she served another woman. The mysterious woman struck up a conversation with Chelsea that seemed innocent enough — and Chelsea thought nothing of it — they both had a passion for yoga. Then, the stranger asked Chelsea something that left her jaw agape.

Chelsea was beginning to suspect that something bigger was at play at The Smoke House. First the $1000 tip, then the trip to Hawaii, and now this. The woman introduced herself as a clinical psychiatrist specializing in eating disorders, and she said she needed a yoga teacher. She couldn’t have known that Chelsea’s non-profit organization was just that — a therapeutic yoga practice designed especially for people who suffered from eating disorders. Or could she?

The woman then asked if Chelsea would be interested in working in her non-profit treatment center as a yoga teacher — Chelsea’s dream job! Chelsea was floored by the proposition, and she returned to her station, flustered. But she didn’t have much time to recover, as another patron soon wanted her attention. When the next woman was finished with her meal, she gave the check to Chelsea. When she opened it this time, she almost fainted.

Inside the bill was a key to a car. Chelsea gave it back to the diner — confused. Then, the woman led her outside, and there in the street was a brand-new car, decorated with a large bow. And it was for Chelsea. She held her hand to her chest, overwhelmed. Then, someone stepped out of the car.

Chelsea hardly had time to think before the biggest surprise yet was standing in front of her. The woman carefully opened the door and got out the passenger’s side of the new car. Chelsea hardly had time to register, but when she saw who it was, she dropped down onto her knees and screeched hysterically.

The lady approached Chelsea, who quickly got up and ran to greet her, tears streaming down her face. The surprise visitor was none other than her beloved yoga teacher and mentor who had helped her overcome a serious eating disorder that she had suffered from in her young adulthood… she had been specially flown in for the occasion!

When Chelsea was just 19 years old she started her journey to recovery. And it all started with yoga. “I stepped onto the yoga mat and I just felt at home in my own skin for the first time I could remember,” she explained. It was yoga that helped her overcome the disorder that was ruining her life. And that’s why she started her non-profit organization, Eat Breathe Thrive, to help other young women with eating disorders, too.

“I learned to do different meditations,” Chelsea recalls. “I would go, ‘Oh OK, belly breathing helps me feel my stomach growl. And if that’s hunger then let me do these belly breathing meditations before a meal, and after a meal. And maybe I can figure this out. And maybe, maybe my body really will tell me what it needs. And maybe I can trust it.’ It took me to a whole new level in recovery.” But who was behind all of Chelsea’s good fortune that day?

Unbeknown to Chelsea, she was a part an elaborate prank by Defy Media’s YouTube channel “Break”, who had rigged hidden cameras all over the restaurant and were promoting their new campaign called “Prank It Forward”. Their mission was to inspire positivity and good deeds, and they had decided to give Chelsea the “best shift ever.” And if anyone needed a break, it was Chelsea.

“It happened so fast, and I was so blown away, I was like what? What is happening today? It’s just too weird,” Chelsea said later when the setup was revealed. The video went viral quickly, garnering a mind-blowing 7.2 million views. “What restores my faith in humanity are the people who show up in love in a time of need,” she said. “And that’s what’s been given to me, and that’s what I get to re-experience over and over again, when I get to show up for somebody else.”


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