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Woman Marries Her Own Grandfather

Xuewei’s family couldn’t believe what was happening. When they heard she was going to marry soon, they never saw this coming. She had prepared a wedding dress and a venue and even hired a photographer. It all seemed surreal.

Everything was ready for her dream wedding, except for one thing: the groom. That role was going to be filled by her grandfather, and no one could change her mind, no matter what. 

Xuewei’s life had taken a sharp turn when her parents separated at a very young age. She was then sent to live with Mr. Fu and his wife in Chengdu, China. Her grandparents had become her primary caregivers, and they did the best they could to raise her well. 

They provided her with a modest but loving home, where she grew up happy. But no matter what they did, they could not replace her parents. 

Xuewei, Mr. Fu’s granddaughter, was the apple of his eye. She was the reason why he kept going to work every day, and she gave a new purpose to his life. 

Her grandparents were loving people and raised her with all the care and attention they could offer. She developed a bond with them so strong that she now considered them her mother and father. But having elderly parents comes with challenges.

When Xuewei was 18, she left the country to study in Switzerland and then Singapore. But through it all, she maintained a close relationship with her grandparents. They were her closest family, after all. 

She talked to them almost every day, telling them about her travels, studies, and relationship problems. But life outside your country isn’t always as easy and fun as some make it out to be. 

Eventually, she moved back to China to start her new career and continued to keep her grandparents close. It turned out to be the best decision because time was catching up with them. 

She couldn’t handle being away from her beloved grandparents anymore. They weren’t getting any younger, and she needed to get back home to help them. 

After she graduated from university, Xuewei became a successful entrepreneur and enjoyed her life to the fullest. The fruits of her work allowed her to live a good life, in which she included her grandparents as well. 

She took them on holidays abroad and has even brought them to nightclubs, helping them relive their youth and enjoy their twilight years to the max. 

As her grandparents got older, the problems started to pile up, and they began to struggle even with everyday tasks. The thought of leaving them alone was unbearable. Xuewei was afraid that something would happen to them, and she won’t be able to be there when they needed it the most. 

So she was always close by, even if that meant sacrificing her own time. Soon, the reality of the couple’s age started catching up with the family. And Xuewei didn’t know if she’d be able to handle what was to come.

A few days after her 25th birthday, she had received some heartbreaking news. Her grandfather, Fu Qiquan, fell seriously ill. Doctors told Xuewei they didn’t know if he would live for much longer. 

This was not Mr. Fu’s first health scare, but it truly made Xuewei realize that she would not have much more time to spend with the parents who raised her so well. She then became determined to make the most of it.

Mr. Fu was already 87 years old. He had had heart problems for a long time, and two years prior, he suffered a stroke that paralyzed his body and kept him in the hospital for around three months. Xuewei knew her grandfather was becoming weaker every day. 

So she decided not to leave his side anymore. But something inside was telling her that even that was not enough. She had to find a way to show him just how much she loved him before it was too late.

Xuewei would never leave her grandfather’s side, feeding him every day and taking care of all his needs. But she wanted to do more than that. She wanted to help him fulfill his biggest dream. Xuewei knew that he always wanted to see her walk down the aisle. 

However, there was one problem: she didn’t have anyone and wasn’t planning on getting married soon. But she was set to do everything she could to make her grandpa happy.

For Xuewei, the main focus of her personal life at that moment was her business career. Still, she couldn’t be sure her grandfather would live long enough to see her find “the one” and get married. 

Unwilling to let that stand in her way of fulfilling his wish, she decided to give him a surprise that would make Mr. Fu the happiest grandpa ever. But she had to keep it all a secret for now.

It was time for the surprise. Earlier that month, Xuewei took her grandfather to the hospital for a checkup. Once they were there, she had casually told him that they would take some photos that day.

Mr. Fu nodded and agreed. As they arrived at the photography studio, barely being able to stand, Xuewei’s grandfather began to realize that it wasn’t a typical photoshoot.

Xuewei dressed her grandfather in a fancy suit while she put on a beautiful white bridal gown. The photoshoot turned out to be wedding-themed. She really wanted her grandfather to be the one that would give her away at her wedding, and that was the only way.

Because she didn’t know if he could live long enough to see her marry for real, she wanted to make sure he could give her away now. It was indeed a magical day, and the pictures prove it. 

Aside from the studio photos, Xuewei and Mr. Fu took pictures in a small church, making the whole experience even closer to an actual wedding. 

Seeing her grandfather’s smile of happiness when he looked at her meant everything to Xuewei. It was a smile worth immortalizing, so she did it the only way she knew how. 

Xuewei decided to get a tattoo of Mr. Fu’s image on her arm to immortalize his image forever on her body. She had her grandfather’s portrait tattooed on her arm because she wanted her future children to know what her guardian angel looked like.

Images from the photoshoot went viral in China, melting everyone’s hearts at the granddaughter’s kind gesture for her grandpa. 


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