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Woman Receives Anonymous Video Of Herself, Then Notices Everyone Staring

This TikToker had been receiving anonymous videos of herself for months now. Someone was following her around, recording her, and then sending her the clips.

It got to a point where she felt like she had to just inform the police and let them do their job. But right then, the truth came out. She found out who the mysterious stalker was.

Have you ever had the feeling that someone was following you or observing you? Some patients with psychiatric disorders have that type of recurrent delusion.

It must be one of the worst and most disquieting feelings there is. And when things around you start happening that make you think that it might not be a delusion, but something real, you will probably freak out like the protagonist of this story did.

At first, she thought it would just be a one-off thing. Perhaps it was just a crazy fan or whatever. But then, it would turn into a pattern. And she started getting scared.

But after a while, she would find out the truth. And she had the opportunity to confront her stalker face to face.

It all started one Wednesday afternoon. The TikToker was just chilling at the mall, sitting in a cafe and eating a PopTart while checking her phone. It seemed like just another normal, bland day.

Little did she know that something was about to happen. Something that would start a cycle that would torment her for the next two months.

She was just browsing TikTok, trying to come up with new ideas for her own content, when she received a message from an unknown number.

Who could that be? There seemed to be no text in the message: it was just a video file. Intrigued, she opened up the message. And what she saw next sent chills down her spine.

It was a video that someone had just recorded of her a moment ago! She could see herself from the back, just eating her PopTart and checking her phone.

The video seemed to have been taken from somewhere above and behind her. She looked up to the upper floor of the mall. But she didn’t see anyone suspicious there. Everyone seemed to be minding their business.

This incident creeped her out a little. Who could it be filming her behind her back? And how did they get her phone number in the first place?

But then she brushed it off. She just thought of it as a funny incident that her followers would enjoy. So the first thing she did was share what had just happened on Tiktok. She would regret taking this incident so lightly later on.

She went about the rest of the week normally and almost forgot about what had happened on Wednesday. But the following Wednesday came with a surprise.

She was at the park, walking her dog when she felt her phone buzzing. It was a message. And again, the same phone number from the other day had sent her a video of herself from the back. What the heck was that?

And one week later, it happened again. And again the next week, and the one after that. It went on like that for 2 months. And the TikToker started getting seriously scared.

So she informed the police about what was happening. He gave them the anonymous phone number so they could track it and identify who was behind it. The TikToker waited. But next Wednesday, something happened.

She was wandering around the supermarket, buying some groceries. She feared that that day, once again, she would receive an anonymous video without any explanation. 

The police hadn’t been able to identify anyone associated with that number, and she was starting to dread every Wednesday. And suddenly, she heard a clicking sound behind her.

She knew that was him. That had to be her stalker. She didn’t look back; she had a better plan. She subtly brought out her phone and activated the phone camera to see who was behind her, and she started filming.

She saw a mature man walking behind her, holding his phone in his hand. So that was him. The man who had been following her around and scaring her for two months. And right then, she knew what to do.

She turned around and confronted the man. She yelled at him to stop following her around, called him a disgusting creep, and many other names.

Everyone in the supermarket was looking at them, and the man didn’t know what to do. He was red as a ripe tomato; he knew he had just been caught. 

The stalker just left his shopping cart there and ran to the nearest exit while everyone was still staring at the scene and wondering what the heck was going on.

The TikToker felt victorious. She finally had faced her archnemesis, and she had won the battle. She knew her next step; she would show the footage to the police to make it easier for them to catch the stalker. But first, there was something else on her list.

The first thing she did was share the video of the stalker and tell all her followers what had happened. She thought the information might be useful for other girls in the area.

Plus, it would make some colorful content that her followers would enjoy. After doing this, she went to the nearest police station. She showed them the video she had recorded so that it could be used in the investigation. And two weeks later, she received a call.

It was a police officer. He informed her that her stalker had been caught thanks to her video. He had been reported by other girls in the area numerous times for harassment and threats.

The man is currently awaiting trial and will probably face a jail sentence for his actions. And all thanks to the proof provided by the TikToker.


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