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Woman Responds To Wailing Sounds In The Mountains, Makes A Remarkable Discovery

When rumors of a wailing animal in the Colorado mountains had gone viral, a few brave people decided to check it out. 

But they weren’t prepared for what they were about to discover. They would remember this day for years. 

Trinity Smith and her boyfriend Sean Nichols had read a story about the animal-like crying sounds in the mountains from a website called 14ers. 

There were many theories as to what might have been up there, ranging from an injured animal to an ordinary wolf howling at the night sky. Whatever it was, the couple was determined to find out.  

The trek to the summit of Mount Boss, where the cries were supposedly coming from, was over 14,000 feet above sea level. 

When Trinity and her boyfriend finally reached the top of the mountain, they verified for themselves that the rumor was true. They could hear the howling. 

Could it be an injured animal trapped and unable to find its way home? Or could it be a wolf? As they moved slowly towards the top, the crying grew louder and louder. 

They knew they were running out of time as the sun was already setting. Would they be able to locate the source?

Unfortunately, it was a failed mission. The next day, the couple returned to help with the search. They knew something had to be done. 

“For three hours, I climbed up every chute, trying to keep myself from creating massive rock slides, calling for what I thought could be a dog,” Nichols recalls.  

Luckily, the injured animal still had enough strength to howl. And after a few hours, they finally found something. 

So, what was it?

The couple saw a very weak and skinny dog sitting atop of cragged rock. It was starving and clearly on the verge of death. 

Trinity’s boyfriend carefully picked the animal up and slowly walked down to get help. 

What the couple didn’t know at the time was that the dog, whose name is Chloe, had actually survived for over a month in the mountains. 

The owner, Heidi Patel, had taken her 14-year-old dog for a walk in the area six weeks ago, but the animal escaped. 

Usually, Chloe would find her own way home. But this time, she didn’t come back. Heidi thought she would never see her beloved pet again. 

After a few weeks of searching for her, Heidi thought that Chloe had already passed away. 

Despite her age and cold weather, Chloe had survived, though she lost over 60 pounds. 

The first thing Trinity and Nichols did was get her something to eat and let the world know that she had been found. 

The moment Heidi laid her eyes on her dog, she broke down in tears.

 She thanked the couple for saving Chloe and said she would cherish this moment for the rest of her life. 

“I am overwhelmed with the joy of seeing Chloe back with her family,” Trinity said. 

But would Chloe’s health improve?

“She has more fight in her than most of us could ever imagine, lasting six whole weeks in such harsh conditions.”

Chloe is feeling much better today. She has gained weight and is enjoying her time with her owner. 

Chloe’s family was nearby when they heard that their dog had been found. As you can probably imagine, they were ecstatic. 

“We were at the local grocery store for less than five minutes before the owner came barging in to see if this was his lost dog,” Trinity said. 

“I am overwhelmed with joy seeing sweet Chloe back with her loving family, already gaining lots of weight, and progressing so fast,” Trinity continued.  

 ”She has more fight in her than most of us could ever imagine, lasting six whole weeks in such harsh, inhospitable conditions.”


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