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Woman Rude To Bakery Staff, So Employee Gets Revenge And Hands Her A Donut

He was furious. Who did she think she was?! What had he done to deserve such treatment? 

He tried to ignore her at first, but the woman was becoming more and more obnoxious. That’s when he decided he was going to get revenge on her. She couldn’t get away with something like this. 

Adam Smith was working at a local bakery in his town. He didn’t like his job that much, but it paid the bills. 

What he really wanted to do was play on stage and sing to a crowd of people. He felt like he was wasting the best years of his life on a job he didn’t like. Then, one morning, something would happen that would make him re-think his life. 

One Monday morning, Adam got into his car and drove to the Bake Shop. He hoped his shift would fly by and he could spend the rest of the day making music at home. 

But he had no idea what awaited him on that fateful day. 

Adam unlocked the front door of the bakery and made his way inside. He washed his hands and turned on the oven. 

He thought it would be a regular morning shift, but he didn’t know what was to come. 

Adam did his daily routine, counting the inventory, turning on the oven, and preparing himself for the day. Then, suddenly, his manager busted in the door. Adam could tell he wasn’t in a good mood. 

Was he in trouble?

Adam’s manager was upset because he saw droppings on the ground next to the entrance. It wasn’t close to the baked goods, but it was still unacceptable. 

The manager asked him to clean it up and Adam headed outside. Just as he opened the door, a woman walked in. 

She bluntly asked for four donuts before sitting down at a table next to the cash register. Before Adam even had the chance to hand her the box, she shouted that the donuts didn’t have enough jam in them. 

“I’m sorry,” Adam said. But the woman wasn’t having it. “Add more! C’mon!” she screamed. 

Adam could tell she was going to be difficult but tried to remain calm. “Ok, Miss,” he replied. He went into the back and grabbed a donut that was already filled. 

He was about to teach her a lesson. 

Adam returned with the “donut” and handed it to her. “Here you go,” he said, smiling. “I’m sure you’ll love this one.”

The lady grabbed it from him and walked away without even a thank you. He couldn’t wait to see her reaction after trying the “special” donut he had given her. 

Adam watched the lady through the window as she walked to her car. As she was about to get inside, she stopped and looked at her donut. 

She decided she wanted to eat it now. Adam couldn’t wait to see the justice served. 

The rude woman opened her mouth and took a bite. As her lips wrapped around the donut, the jam exploded out of her mouth, and her perfectly white blouse became orange. 

Adam burst out with laughter as he watched her trying to clean her shirt. She said she wanted more jam, so he got it for her!

You see, when Adam went in the back to get more donuts, he went over to the donut filling machine. 

He grabbed one of the already-filled donuts and pumped three more loads of jam inside of it. 

He added a fourth pump before returning to the cash register. The donut was looking like it was ready to explode any minute!

Adam hoped the woman learned her lesson. 

Adam’s manager wasn’t impressed with him, though. He was about to go over to the woman and apologize, but she sped off before he had the chance to talk to her.

“What are you laughing about?” the manager asked Adam. “It’s all your fault!” But Adam didn’t care. 

He looked at the manager and said: “You know what, I quit!”

 He took off his apron and left the bakery. 


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