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Woman Rude To Bakery Staff, So Employee Gets Revenge And Hands Her A Donut

Adam can feel his cheeks blush like an over-ripe tomato. How could someone be so rude? He didn’t deserve this. He didn’t even want to be here; piping donuts and baking bread in his local bakery.

Then suddenly, Adam felt anger boil in his system. As hot as lava it churned, hungry for revenge. Adam knew he wasn’t going to let the woman get away with this. She was going to get exactly what was coming to her. 

For Adam Smith, working in his local bakery wasn’t exactly the job he had always dreamed of. He dreamed of playing stadiums, singing hit songs to thousands of adorned fans.

Adam knew he was destined for more than just piping donuts and baking bread rolls. But then one cold dark Monday morning, everything changed for Adam. And nothing was ever the same again. 

Adam gets into his car and rubs his tired eyes ready for another grueling shift at the bakery. As he drove down the highway, humming along to the radio, he hoped his shift would fly by, and he could be back in his home studio, jamming out in full force. 

Adam arrives at the bakery and as he walks inside, he lets out a sigh, thinking it was going to be just another ordinary day. He had no idea how wrong he was. 

Adam started his shift and was washing his hands when his manager came bursting into the bakery. His face was flustered, and he appeared angry about something.

His manager noticed Adam and walked over to him. But Adam could tell something was wrong with his manager. What was his problem? 

His manager was angry because when he came into work, he saw animal droppings outside near the back. Thankfully it was nowhere near the food or produce, but it was still a very unpleasant sight. 

The manager asked Adam to clean it up and he said he would. But just as he was about to head out back and clean it up, a customer came in. And a terrible feeling hit the pit of his stomach. 

Before Adam could even greet the customer with a friendly, “hello,” the customer, a middle-aged woman, demanded 4 donuts. “Sure thing,” Adam said, and he placed a box of pre-made donuts on the counter. 

The woman picked one up and inspected it. “There’s not enough jam,” she said in a stern manner. “I want more filling, now,” she demanded. Adam apologized but she was having none of it. She was getting more and more impatient, not to mention aggressive. Adam knew he had to get his revenge. And he knew exactly how to do that. 

“Ok Miss,” Adam said in a calm and cool tone, while a smirk crept on his face. He let out a silent sigh and headed into the back while picking up an already-filled donut on his way. He wasn’t proud of what he was about to do, but she was asking for it. There was no need to be so aggressive and rude.

And so, Adam returned from the back, armed with the ‘donut’ ready for his revenge to take place. She had no idea what was coming. 

“Here you go Miss”, Adam said handing her the donut. She snatched it from his hands and gathered up her bags and headed outside back to her car. 

The woman didn’t even thank Adam, but Adam didn’t care. She was about to see what happens when you don’t say thank you. And Adam knew it was going to be sweet. 

As the woman walked over to her car, Adam’s eyes followed her every move. With every step she took, his heart quickened, excited to see her get what she deserves. 

She stopped once she arrived at her car and got out the donut. Adam watched as she licked her lips before biting into the donut. And what was inside left the woman lost for words.

Biting into the fluffy donut, an explosion of jam erupted all over the woman’s white blouse. Her face too was also covered in the fruity jam. 

Back in the bakery, Adam reveled in laugher as he saw the look of horror and confusion on the woman’s flustered face. After all, she did ask for more filling. 

You see when Adam took the donut and headed into the back, he went over to the donut filling machine. 

He took the already-filled donut and pumped three more loads of fruit jam inside of it. And then another pump. It was looking like it was ready to explode!

Adam’s manager found the incident less funny, but then realized the irony. While Adam watched the woman attempt to clean herself up outside, muttering under her breath, she looked up and her eyes met with Adam’s eyes. 

Adam knew she couldn’t come in and complain. After all, she’d gotten exactly what she asked for. And, at least he wasn’t the one to deal with “crazy cake lady” like this next poor employee had to. It involves a special kind of theft and confetti.

Mark was pushing his cart down the drink aisle debating between apple and orange juice when he heard a raised, shrill voice on the other side of the shelves. 

This wasn’t the sound of someone dropping something or grumbling about food budgets, this person was off their nut. He pushed the cart around the corner to see what was going on.

In the middle of the polished aisle was a woman dressed in a painful attempt to look like some kind of soccer mom. 

Her face was red and the force of her words was like someone had just insulted five generations of her family. The topic, however, was utterly ridiculous.

Mark watched in disbelief as the tights-wearing customer screamed about cake mix. 

Apparently, her majesty was having a party and party-zilla was VERY specific as to what she wanted, and nothing less that her vision was acceptable. She scrunched her nose and pointed at the boxes of cake mix.

“This is ridiculous! What kind of place is this! I need that cake mix! Go to the backroom and look for it again! I’m having a party tomorrow and have to have it!” 

The worst of it was the recipient of the wrath wasn’t even a manager. It was someone whose job should have to be taking verbal attacks.

It was a short, cherub-faced boy. The poor thing couldn’t have been over 16-years-old. 

He was barely of age to deal with other kids in his face like that, let alone a grownup; someone who could have been his mother or aunt. He opened his mouth and tried to fix the situation.

“I’m sorry ma’am … we don’t have any. I already looked … we have the store brand, though … it’s basically the same stuff … I’d be happy to get some of that for you?” he replied. 

It was as polite and helpful as anyone could but, the scream that came out next brought the manager rushing over.

Mark watched the rest of the argument unfold with wide eyes and boiling blood – no one should treat others this way. 

As soccer-mom finally agreed to take the store brand mix, he hatched a plan of simple but brilliant revenge.

Smoothly and subtly he walked by her cart. And, as she was turned away and reaching for other products, he snatched out the mix and put it in his cart. 

For good measure, he followed her a little longer, wondering if she would notice. In the end?

Because of the scene she caused, one would think the cake was important. However, the woman noticed nothing … even as she put things on the counter and paid. 

Mark chuckled as he added the purchase to his total and imagined her reaction when she realized. There was on final thing to do.

Mark pulled out the confetti birthday cake, tossed in the ingredients, and baked it for his own dessert. 

The cake deserved better than the horrible woman, and he gave it a loving home in his stomach; warmed with the sweet memories of simple revenge.


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