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Woman Sees Crying Man Forced To Throw Package In Trash, What She Digs Out Is Heartbreaking

Ivelise was becoming increasingly worried. The long line of people wouldn’t move, and she was at risk of missing her flight. 

That’s when she noticed an older gentleman crying next to the garbage bin. When she saw what was inside, she too burst into tears.

Ivelise Hernadez arrived at the airport with her boyfriend, who offered to keep her company while waiting to board her flight. 

The airport was crowded, and he didn’t want to leave her alone there. 

Ivelise Hernandez was waiting to board her flight to Philadelphia to see her parents, whom she hadn’t visited in over a year and was looking forward to the reunion. 

But sadly, she was about to find herself in a very difficult situation. 

After checking in for her flight, Ivelise made her way to the security check, but the line wasn’t moving at all for some reason.

Something wasn’t right, and Ivelise feared she would miss her flight. 

That’s when she noticed an older man arguing with the TSA. They wouldn’t let him go because he was carrying an item that wasn’t allowed on the aircraft. 

The security man told him he had two options: throw the item away or leave the line.

The man didn’t want to throw it away, but he didn’t have another choice. 

With tears in his eyes, he threw the item in the garbage bin and left. Curious, Ivelise decided to find out what was the item that had caused him so much trouble. She wasn’t prepared for what she was about to see…

Her boyfriend picked up a small box from the garbage bin and sent her a picture of it. 

Her jaw dropped when she saw what was inside the box. 

Ivelise was already on the plane when she received a text from her boyfriend about the mysterious item. 

Her boyfriend told her that inside the box was a snow globe. This didn’t make any sense. Why wasn’t the man allowed to bring a simple snow globe with him to the plane?

She couldn’t believe that the TSA forced the man to throw away a snow globe. It clearly meant a lot to him and throwing it away broke his heart. 

Perhaps there was something illegal inside?

Ivelise soon found out that the man placed a child’s photo inside the snow globe, and the TSA discovered it during the check. 

That’s when Ivelise came up with an idea…

She wanted to return the snow globe to its owner, and since she didn’t know who the man was, she shared his story on social media in hopes that he might hear about it. 

Would she be able to find him?

Her post caught the attention of someone who works at ”Things Remembered” that knew this man.

The employee remembered him because of the specific picture that he had inside of the snow globe.

It turns out that the man was far away from Florida, but fortunately, his wife lived close to Ivelise, and she drove to her house to pick up the snow globe. 

She came to Ivelise’s house with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 

The woman couldn’t believe that Ivelise had found her husband’s snow globe and that she turned to social media to find its owner. 

But what was so special about the snow globe? And who was the child in the photo?

The snow globe was a gift from the man’s daughter, the one in the photo. Moreover, it also included the date of when the couple adopted her. 

His wife couldn’t stop thanking Ivelise for returning this special gift to them. 


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