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Woman Sets Up Boyfriend to See His Reaction

Sometimes, our relationships seem too good to be true, so we become suspicious that our partner may be hiding something from us. Could they be cheating and easily getting away with it? Tormented by these thoughts, a curious girlfriend set up her boyfriend and waited to see his reaction.
But her plan of revealing the truth actually backfired and in the end, her relationship never got to be the same. This is how her plan began taking shape…

The suspicious girlfriend has been in a long relationship with her boyfriend, and although things looked like they were going fine, she had her doubts. Sometimes you grow suspicious of them, feeling like they’re cold or not as committed as before. And you can’t stop but wondering: “what if there’s another person in their life?” She decided to test her boyfriend and what started as a silly prank, had a very unlikely ending!

As days passed, she thought her boyfriend was having an affair or holding a secret from her. She realized there was only one way to find out what was happening.

It is really tough to be in a relationship that makes you feel depressed because you know something is not right. With all of those feelings, this woman was about to learn the truth about her boyfriend.

She was hell bent to learn what made her boyfriend feel less attracted by her, but his reaction to this harmless prank was so unexpected.

What we didn’t really expect was to hear her statement after she saw the entire prank caught on camera!

Knowing that she would need some help, she reached out to a couple of private investigators and together they devised a plan.

The men had a contract with two Asian twins that would try and seduce the boyfriend and it would all be caught on camera. In theory, the plan should have worked, but here’s how it all backfired!

She decided that she would hide under their bed and wait for the moment of truth. It was a hurtful prank, she had no idea how it would work out, but she had to know it.

They had been together for two years, but something didn’t feel the same. Maybe he was taking her for granted, or maybe he was really cheating on her!

In her head, she already imagined watching her boyfriend fool around with other women right in their bed. She had to be strong and wait to see if he was faithful to her or not.

She couldn’t stop but cry when she thought this prank would reveal the painful truth. But there was no time to back out…

Her boyfriend was a photographer and had a strange request from two Asian twins. They wanted a photo session but insisted to do it in his own apartment.

It was a job and he would be paid for his services, but he had no idea that all eyes were on him.

There was a hidden camera in the living room just in case the boyfriend and the twins won’t show up in the bedroom.

The girlfriend, whose name was not disclosed, got into the house first and hid under the bed.

The camera was all set, and the twins knew what to do and what to say… It started out as a photo session, but this man realized that it could be more to it…

Any man would break in a few minutes, thought the two investigators, especially when it comes to two beautiful girls trying to seduce you. But here’s where things go wrong!

As she lay under the bed, she heard the front door open and then the voices of the two women. She couldn’t believe he agreed to the photo shooting. Then, she heard their discussion…

This was the moment she would find out everything. It was also the moment she regretted pranking her boyfriend, because she didn’t think it would all backfire.

She heard footsteps in the living room. Then, she heard the girls’ voices.

The girls began seducing the boyfriend, asking him about lingerie and what he prefers. The girlfriend was heartbroken, but a few minutes pass and she hears something that completely stunned her!

His voice could be heard from the bedroom. She heard him say something to the girls about them being twins. Unfortunately, as she waited for a clue, she couldn’t see what was happening.

Patiently waiting until it was all over, the girlfriend waited and hoped the camera footage would reveal her boyfriend’s loyalty…

The girlfriend saw her partner and the twins in the camera footage. The two women were clearly trying their best to flirt with him.

The part with the lingerie comes and the girlfriend’s heart skips a beat. What happened after left her speechless!

One of the twins asked the man which one has the nicest bottom and he looks and sounds uncomfortable. Then, he can be heard saying this thing…

“Um I really shouldn’t be doing this guys,” he said. One of the twins asks him if he has a girlfriend, and he said yes, and that they have been together for two years. Would they manage to seduce him, despite he seemed reluctant at the beginning?

Some people think that as long as the other half doesn’t know it, it won’t hurt their relationship. The girls tried their best to lure him and see whether he would engage in inappropriate behavior.

They flirted a lot and even tried to get very close to him. The footage revealed all those moments…

As the girlfriend was watching it all, she was left speechless! She did not expect to see the footage ending like that!

Her boyfriend actually passed the test and didn’t budge, no matter how much the two twins tried to convince him otherwise. He was loyal to her, but here’s where things got so complicated. This story has caused quite an outrage!

The camera was filming the girlfriend’s reaction when she watched the footage. Something didn’t look right, thought one of the investigators…

They asked her whether she felt bad for suspecting her boyfriend, but her response was shocking.

Knowing something didn’t add up because the girlfriend looked miserable when she saw her boyfriend pass the cheating test, the investigators tried to talk to her.

The girlfriend suddenly got up and moved to the couch in the other room. She then told them the truth.

It was then when she revealed that she had been cheating her boyfriend with a co-worker! Then, she admitted the real reason behind this test…

She wanted to have an excuse to break up with him, hoping he would catch her boyfriend misbehave. But this wasn’t what made people angry! It was when she admitted something else!

The investigator asked the girlfriend whether she enjoyed cheating on her boyfriend, and she said “I enjoyed it. I’m gonna keep doing it.”

Then, she realized that it wasn’t the right thing to do, telling the investigators what she was planning to do next.

It was clear that while her boyfriend was still loyal to her, the woman had no feelings for him. She decided it was time for them to separate.

When the investigators asked her whether she will continue the relationship or not, she said she was going to break up with him anyway.

Honestly, setting up your partner so you can have an easy way out of the relationship is low. We’re not here to judge people, but still.

It’s all about respecting the person you once loved, as well as having self-respect. If you want to start a new relationship, cheating on your partner is not the right thing to do.

This cheater has learned it the hard way. Seeing how much loyal her boyfriend really was made her realize that she was the bad guy in this story.

We hope the boyfriend will find someone as faithful as he was.

The video was so controversial that the “To Catch a Cheater” YouTube channel had to delete it altogether!

The host, Luis, has seen quite some stories ever since he has began this series and if you check out his channel, you would be quite surprised!

“We setup your partner to see if they will cheat or be faithful!” writes the channel’s description. Some people pass with flying colors, but as in this woman’s case, things get pretty intense!

What did you think about this story and what would you have done if you learned you got setup by your loved one only to learn you have been cheated on?


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