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Woman Shares Home With Son Until His Marriage Causes Issues

He spotted his mom as he stepped inside the store. Everything around him seemed to grow hazy when he realized that his mom hadn’t been telling the truth.

Usually, he would have been embarrassed to confront her in such an open manner in front of so many onlookers, but he wasn’t bothered by it now. He needed to know the truth, even if it meant it would change his life forever.

Donna Tomassa was a woman who struggled all her life. She raised her son alone in a small wooden house and had to go through many hardships to turn him into a fine young man.

It hadn’t been easy for her; it took her long years of struggle, suffering, blood, sweat, and tears to see her son growing up to be a healthy, successful, happy man. But even though she still got shivers when she looked back on her past, it all had been worth it.

Donna’s husband, the father of her son Roberto, abandoned them when the kid was just a toddler. One day, he just walked through the door to go to work, and he never came back.

For some weeks, Donna was worried to her bones. What could have happened? Things seemed to be right just the previous days. Could something have happened to her husband Antonio?

She even called the police, thinking that he may have been kidnapped. After all, it was no secret to Donna that her husband was involved with some shady people in the neighborhood.

The man was a gambler, and he would sometimes get into debt with some dangerous, sketchy individuals. Usually, he managed to pay back his debts one way or another. But what if, this time, his lucky strike was over?

In all fairness, those worries were partly wishful thinking on Donna’s part. She refused to believe that her husband would have been able to abandon her and Roberto without a word.

However, after some time without hearing anything about Antonio and fruitless police investigations, she had no other option than to accept the heartbreaking truth: she had married the wrong man.

Besides his gambling habit, Antonio had other vices: he was a serial cheater and a slacker. Deep in her heart, Donna knew that she had made the wrong decision to marry that man.

But she only knew it for sure after it was all said and done. For years, she had endured a humiliating situation out of fear of being alone. But now, she was alone anyway, and nothing could be done about it.

Still, Donna managed to gather the courage and resolution to keep pushing through thick and thin. She used to iron rich people’s clothes, clean their houses, and take care of their pets for a living. 

However, she seemed able to do magic with that measly income; she always made sure that Roberto never wanted for anything and gave him a happy and comfortable childhood. And that wasn’t all.

She even managed to put Roberto through law school and, with the help of the local priest, send him to study abroad. Roberto knew about all the sacrifices his mother had to endure, and he was deeply grateful for all she had done for him.

The old woman thought she would be at her son’s side all her life, but things changed when his new lover came into the picture. And not all for the better. 

Roberto Tomassa was his mother’s treasure. He was poor all his life, but as he got older, he managed to build himself a better situation through hard work and education. 

Roberto first met Ana at a friend’s birthday party. He was smitten when he first saw her and was eager to ask for her number.

After a few more encounters with Ana, Roberto went on an official date with her. They had a lot of fun, and he liked her a lot. Even though they had just started dating, he brought her a lovely gift when he arrived at the restaurant. 

Ana reciprocated his feelings, and their love began to grow. Their relationship was getting more serious by the day, and Roberto even introduced her to his mother. 

Ana wasn’t delighted that he was living with his mother. But her goals from when she was young were all that mattered. And Roberto seemed the perfect man for accomplishing her dreams. 

Ana had a difficult upbringing as well. He was one of six children, and it was very difficult for her parents to take care of them. She swore to do whatever it took to get a better life. 

Ana was so poor that she had to wear the same clothes every day in high school. Other teens teased her and called her awful names. 

This changed the course of her life. Her mindset was forever shaped by the experience of poverty in her childhood. So when she was just a teenager, she promised herself one thing.

She promised that she would never be poor again. She would do everything in her hand to never have to go through all the hardships and humiliation she suffered when she was a child.

After turning 17 and being admitted to one of the most prestigious schools around, Ana started working as a waitress in a restaurant to pay her way through college. It didn’t take long for her to realize something.

However, she soon realized that she was still broke. Between rent, food, and college fees, her waitress’s salary wasn’t enough for her to live the life she wanted.

But soon, she figured something out: there were other ways to get easy and fast money in large amounts. But would she have what it took to cross that line?

She decided to become an exotic dancer in a gentleman’s club in her town. Now, that was different: in one night, she could make what she used to make in a month at the restaurant.

When Roberto met her, Ana was still working at the club. Ana didn’t come clean to him about it until their third date, and Roberto was shocked to know how Ana paid her bills. Now, he was faced with a dilemma.

Could he date a woman who danced wearing skimpy clothes in front of other men for a living? Roberto wasn’t the jealous type; however, that might understandably have crossed some lines for him or anyone in that situation.

He asked Ana for some time to reflect. He had to think about his boundaries, what he was willing to accept, and his own standards for a relationship. After a few weeks, he reached out to Ana with a decision.

He told her he still wanted to date her, but there was one condition: she had to quit her dancer job at the club and look for a serious job as soon as she graduated from university.

Ana promised that she would do that. After all, there was only one semester left until both of them graduated from college. Shortly after, they would surely be able to find decent jobs in the area and continue their romance.

However, their relationship motivated some suspicions and rumors from the people around them. Some people thought that all Ana wanted was to find a rich man to marry when she grew older. They knew about her reputation and suspected her motives.

After all, Roberto was on the path to becoming a bright lawyer; he had interned in one of the most prestigious firms in the area, and everyone could see he had a great future ahead of him. But were people’s suspicions true?

No matter what people said, Roberto believed in Ana. He thought she was a good person at heart, regardless of how she had made a living. Besides, they were united by having experienced poverty and the drive to thrive and prosper by all means.

Roberto promised himself that he would do everything he could to not see his mother starving ever again. But would he be able to keep that promise? 

Roberto graduated and got a high-paying job soon after. It only took a few years, and he could already afford some of the finer things in life. He got a house, a nice car, and everything he ever wanted. 

It was time now to fulfill his old promise. So he took in his old mom as well. From then on, she lived with him in luxury, and it seemed like she wouldn’t struggle anymore. Would it last, though?

Ana started to spend more and more time and Roberto’s house. His mom was happy about the couple, but Ana didn’t like the man’s living situation. She wanted Roberto’s affection all for herself, but she did her best to hide her true feelings.  

After all, Donna was his mom, and Roberto loved her a lot. So Ana couldn’t do much about it. At least not yet. 

After some good months of dating, Roberto proposed to Ana. She was the happiest. She said yes instantly, thinking how her life would change when she became his wife. 

Roberto’s old mother was very happy to hear the news. But Ana quickly cut her off, hinting that the house would not be able to accommodate so many people since she moved in. Donna knew exactly what her future daughter-in-law meant. 

The wedding was spectacular. It was filled with people from both sides of the family. Ana was the happiest. Her dream had finally come true. She had married a good man that could offer her a great life. 

A few days later, Donna told the couple that she would move out of her son’s home. She said she’ll return to her wooden home to give them more privacy. Roberto protested her decision but couldn’t do much to stop her. He gave Donna some money so she could get started, and he promised she would receive support every month, so she won’t have to struggle. 

The money her son gave her lasted her for the first month well. She was able to fix the old house and buy herself some new clothes, medicine, and all the food she needed.

But at the beginning of the next month, no money came from her son. She waited and waited, but nothing happened. What could be going on?

Donna thought he must have a good reason for not sending her money, so she never bothered him about it. But life wasn’t what it used to be, and she couldn’t make it alone. 

At times she only had sugar water for breakfast to afford her medicine. She was struggling to get by, and her son had no clue. 

Despite her advanced age, Donna decided to look for a job to be able to afford her medicine and food. She wandered around until she reached a hardware store. The woman asked the manager if he had any jobs available, but he quickly turned her down due to her age. 

Then she asked if he at least had some food to give her as she hadn’t eaten in three days. Before the manager could answer, Roberto entered the store as he loved to fix stuff around the house by himself and wanted his own tools.

He was happy to see his mom and asked her what she was doing there. If she needed something fixed, she should call him. The manager quickly cut him off, saying she was there for a job or at least some food. 

The son was livid, “Didn’t you get the money at the beginning of the month?” Before she could say anything, she passed out on the aisle. An officer was nearby and quickly attended to the woman until the ambulance arrived. 

Donna was taken to the hospital, where she was recovering well. After making sure his mom was alright, Roberto went home to confront his wife. He was furious. 

“Why didn’t my mother get the money? What did you do with it?” Roberto asked his wife. She quickly denied it. “Don’t lie to me,” he said. He insisted until she told him the truth. Ana said she needed it and thought his mother would be alright without his help. Roberto stormed off the room leaving Ana crying. 

It took a lot of convincing, but Roberto eventually made peace with his wife. She was young, and he believed she wasn’t aware of how much harm she was doing to his mother. 

But he didn’t stop there. He asked Ana for one more thing, and she knew she couldn’t say no if she wanted them to stay together. 

Roberto wanted to bring his mom back home. Ana accepted. He didn’t leave her much choice anyway. 

As soon as she got out of the hospital, she was back at her son’s home. Ana sincerely apologized for her grave mistake and promised she’ll do her best to accommodate the old woman in their home. Donna was very happy to be welcomed back and forgave her daughter-in-law.  In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead are entirely coincidental


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