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Woman Shocked To Find The Identity Of Her Blood Donor Who Saved Her Life

The bond between Lin Xiaofen and her husband Lian Zhicheng was always kind of special. The moment they first met, they claimed that they felt drawn to each other.

It would be much later when they will find out how special their bond was.

Lin Xiaofen grew up in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and has firsthand experience with blood transfusions. She became quite ill after moving from her village to Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city. 

This would lead her on a wild ride she could never have imagined.

In the year 2008, Lin would suddenly collapse. She was taken to the hospital right away and she slipped into a coma. When she woke up from the coma, she started internally bleeding. 

Her condition was getting worse. She needed a blood transfusion to save her life. The doctors were very diligent with her case.

Lin suffered blood clotting difficulties after the procedure, requiring two further blood transfusions. Lin was on her way to recovery once her blood was regulated.

She was, however, so grateful for the blood transfusion that she would have died if it hadn’t been for it.

Lin returned to her hometown of Hsinchu years later to manage her family’s business. It was during this time that she met Lian, a rice dumpling vendor.

A friendship blossomed, and it quickly blossomed into a lovely romance. Lin and Lian were a perfect complement for each other.

Lin and Lian came to realize that they had a unique connection that went beyond romance as time went on. 

It was nearly “telepathic” in nature, according to Lin. But what was this deeper relationship, exactly?

It seemed like Lin and Lian had a bond based on blood donation, of all things. Lin’s life had been saved by a blood donor, and Lian was a frequent blood donor.

Giving blood, he believed, was his way of making a difference in the world. Lin and Lian used to joke that he was the reason she was still alive.

Lin eventually became interested in finding out who might have saved her life. She decided to look into it and went to Taiwan’s medical authorities in the hopes of finding out who her donor was. 

She believed it was critical that she expresses her gratitude to them for giving her a fresh start in life.

When it comes to donating blood, potential donors are evaluated to see if they are eligible. If they are found to be appropriate, one drop of blood is taken and sent for testing. 

The majority of donors are given a simple identification number that is linked to their donation, and their names are normally kept private.

Lin was desperate to find out the identity of her donor despite the fact that she knew the chances of doing so were small due to all of the safeguards in place. Her life had been saved by a blood donor, and she wouldn’t be able to rest until she thanked them personally.

Lin proceeded to badger the medical establishment as a result. She would eventually make a breakthrough, but the results were not what she had anticipated.

Her determined search finally paid. Her donor was found to be from her hometown of Hsinchu, according to medical authorities.

Lin was taken aback, and it’s an understatement to say she was astonished. She couldn’t believe it had always been him.

The medical authorities were able to match Lian’s transfusion to her donor thanks to the donor identification number. Even the staff working at the blood donation centre were shocked by the coincidence.

Lin and Lian appear to have been destined to be together.

Lian had been donating blood for the past seven years, way before he met Lin. He told the local press that his sole motivation for giving was to help save someone’s life.

Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined it would be the lady he was destined to love.

“I urge everyone to donate blood because there is a chance that you could save your future wife,” Lian told a local news outlet. It’s remarkable how technological improvements have allowed individuals to become more connected.

Unfortunately, Lin cannot follow her husband’s steps because transfusion recipients are not permitted to donate blood. But she still advocates the importance of blood donation.

Lin and Lian’s amazing love journey is just one of many. Some people may never realize that the person with whom they are in love or with whom they are friends is someone they have saved. 

Lin was almost killed in a horrible tragedy, but it was a blood transfusion that gave her the best gift of all, her husband.


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