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Woman Stops Cold When She Spots Boyfriend Alive Years After She Was Told He Passed Away

For years, she believed that her ex-boyfriend had passed away. She missed him greatly and hadn’t been able to move on. 

Then, one day, she saw him eating in a restaurant, alive and well. It turned out that his family let her believe that he had died.  But why did they do that? 

One day, an 18-year-old Australian woman named Rachel went to a bar with a couple of girlfriends. 

There, she would meet the love of her life — a 21-year-old young man who would soon become her boyfriend. 

Everything had been going well for the two lovebirds until one night Rachel’s boyfriend came home with a broken arm. 

He asked her for $1,000 because he was having trouble paying for the medical bills. 

Rachel didn’t suspect anything at first and landed him the money. 

Little did she know how much she would regret this decision later. Her boyfriend had no plans to pay her back. 

Then, a few months later, the pair broke up. Rachel asked for the $1,000 he owed her, and he agreed, paying an amount of $300. 

Then, he moved out and took various items from their shared apartment with him. Where did he go?

“Furniture was gone, bed was gone, everything was gone,” Rachel said in an interview. “The initial story was he’d gone to rehab in Queensland,”

It turned out that he borrowed more than $2,000 from various friends of his. But what did he need all this money for?

Rachel called his mother to tell her that he had disappeared but received the heartbreaking news that he had been killed by a gang he owed money to. 

“It sounds stupid in retrospect, but you don’t have any reason to question it. If I called you and told you my mum had died, you wouldn’t be like, ‘give me a death certificate,’ Rachel recalls. 

Then, two years after receiving the worst news of her life, Rachel visited the pub where her ex’s brother used to work and discovered that he was still alive. 

However, when she asked to see her ex-boyfriend, she was kicked out of the pub. 

Devastated, Rachel decided to contact the police and tell them what had happened. She wanted some answers, and she wanted them now. 

Shortly afterward, she received a text from her ex’s mother accusing her of causing a scene at the pub. 

Rachel eventually decided to forget about everything and move on. Perhaps, her ex’s brother was just messing with her.

However, a few years later, she ran into her ex-boyfriend. He was very much alive and well. 

“We made eye contact, and you could see he recognized me. I was like, ‘Long time no see!’ Rachel recalls.  

“And he went, ‘Oh yeah, it has been a long time.”

However, once Rachel confronted him about the $700 he still owed her, he claimed he didn’t know who she was. 

What was he thinking?

It turned out that her ex asked his mother to tell everyone that he was dead because he was in debt and didn’t want to pay the money back. 

‘If I’d sat down with him properly, yeah, I would have had a question,’ Rachel said. ‘One or two.’ So, what did she decide to do?

Rachel was deeply hurt by her ex’s actions. He chose to fake his death to be rid of his debt. 

He didn’t care in the slightest how his decision might affect his friends and loved ones. 

Rachel never got her $700 back and had to move on with her life. She felt used by her ex, whom she loved with all her heart. 

She hasn’t seen him again after that day. 


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