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Woman Takes Old Ring To Pawnshop And Discovers The Surprise Of Her Life

A woman from the UK ran into some money trouble and she couldn’t get a loan. Having no other options, the woman decided that it was time for her to start selling old family heirlooms to the pawnshop. She had a big ring that she bought for ten bucks when she was in her 20s and she took it for appraisal in hopes of getting at least one hundred bucks for it. To her surprise, the ring was worth close to one million dollars!

The woman in this picture is Dobra Goddard and she is going to be the star of our story. After you see just how much her old ring is worth, you will surely want to get your own family heirlooms appraised as soon as possible.

Debra desperately needed money to pay rent and other expenses. Since she didn’t have anyone to help her out, she decided to bring out her old jewelry box and to start selling her rings and earrings. This was a difficult time in her life.

Debra bought a cool ring when she was still young for only ten bucks. She knew that the ring is probably worthless but maybe due to its beautiful design she could ask at least 100 bucks for it. This would be the exact sum that she needed for rent.

Even though Debra was doubtful that she was going to get any serious money for the ring, she was willing to take a risk. After all, she didn’t have any other options than to go to the bank and ask for a loan and this is never a good idea.

The woman wanted to make sure that the person who appraises her old ring doesn’t make any mistakes and she took it to the most famous auction house in the world, Sotheby’s. This is when her life changed for the better.

The person who was appraising the ring was shocked. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The giant diamond-like ring that Debra brought in was actually worth a fortune!

Debra always thought that the shiny part of her ring is made from glass but to her surprise, it was actually a real diamond. Can you imagine that? The woman has been hiding a massive diamond in her jewelry box all this time.

The diamond on the woman’s ring wasn’t just massive, it was also super rare. According to the appraisal who works for Sotheby’s, the ring is fitted with a 26.27 carat ring. This isn’t something that you get to see every day.

Debra was going to become a rich woman and there is no about that. She didn’t need to get loans from the bank or her friends anymore. Can you guess just how much the ring is worth?

If your guess was one million dollars, then you were really close! The diamond ring is worth a whopping $957.000. Debra was in shock when she first heard this. She couldn’t believe that the old ring was going to solve all her problems.

As we can see in the picture featured above, Debra is super happy. She made the right decision by taking the old ring to get appraised and the only thing that she regrets is that she didn’t do it sooner.

Now that Debra is a rich woman, the question that remains is what is she going to do all that money? Is she going to buy a sports car? Or will she spend it all on nice clothes?

Debra said that the first thing she wants to do with her newfound fortune is to quit her job and take a break. She wants to go on a trip to Hawaii and to get a nice suntan while drinking a pina colada.

The woman always dreamed about seeing Celine Dion live and she never could afford a ticket to her concerts but now, she has more than enough money to get a private concert just for her!

When asked if she feels lucky, Debra said that she thinks it’s all karma. She had to go through lots of difficult times in her life with her mom being sick and now, she finally gets to enjoy herself.

The reason why Debra wanted to sell the old ring in the first place is because she needed to buy expensive medicine for her sick mother. Fortunately, money is not going to be a problem for her anymore.

Who would’ve ever guessed that a giant 26.27 carat diamond was hiding in the jewelry box of a 55-years-old woman from the UK? Debra also had no idea and she wishes that she thought about getting the ring appraised earlier.

From the looks of it, Debra is a happy woman. She doesn’t have to worry about bills or medical expenses for her sick mother anymore and she can finally live her life without any worries or responsibilities.

Doesn’t this story make you want to get your old family heirlooms appraised as well? Who knows, you might get lucky as well.

We are glad to let everyone know that our story has a happy ending. Debra promised that she is going to give a large part of the money to charity as her way of saying “thanks” for the good Karma.


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