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Woman Thought She Had A Stomach Bug, Then Looks In The Toilet

Caitlyn hadn’t been feeling well for a few days now. She was constantly bloated and constipated. She thought it would pass but it had only gotten worse. 

Then, she looked at the toilet and saw it. She screamed for help as she stared at the strange thing. What had happened?

It was an ordinary Sunday evening and Caitlyn had just returned home from dinner with her girlfriends. 

As she entered her apartment, she greeted her husband before making her way to the bathroom. Once she finished in the toilet, she stood up and prepared to flush. Then, she saw it…

Caitlyn felt her heart pounding in her chest as she stared at the thing that had just come out of her. She shouted for help and her husband came rushing in. He was just as confused and scared as his wife. 

“Maybe it’s because of the new cleaner I used…” Caitlin stuttered, pointing at the toilet seat. It had turned bright blue! But little did she know, the blue ring wasn’t caused by a new cleaning product. 

Caitlyn decided to call her doctor just in case. “I know this is a strange question… It’s probably the strangest question anyone has ever asked you,” she told the nurse. 

The nurse said she doubted that her question was strange and asked her to proceed with it. “Then I proceed. After she was finished laughing at me, she said it was the oddest question and she asked around the office, more laughter, and couldn’t help me,” Caitlyn recalls. 

“I then called my mother-in-law to check her bathroom since I had been there the night before. Totally normal,” she continued. 

However, Caitlyn couldn’t help but feel like there had to be something more to this strange finding. Something was wrong with he health and she hadn’t been feeling well lately. 

One night, Caitlyn decided to Google “blue toilet seat.” She wanted to know if other people experienced something like this, too. 

She opened the first page and her face dropped. Caitlyn turned to her husband and showed him her phone. “There’s no way!” he said quietly. What had she just found out?

The next morning, Caitlyn ate breakfast and went straight to the pharmacy. She needed to know the truth. 

It turned out that her Google search the night before resulted in hundreds of results about how pregnancy hormones can turn porcelain toilet seats bright blue. 

Another reason may be that Caitlyn had Chromhidrosis, a rare chronic condition that causes sweat to have a color. 

Caitlyn had to take a pregnancy test just to be sure. She hoped that she was pregnant as she and her husband had been trying for a baby for several years, with no luck. 

The pregnancy test result was positive! Caitlyn and her husband were on cloud nine when they saw the results. “It was about time!” Caitlyn recalls, sobbing. 

But little did they know, they had another surprise in store for them. 

The day after the couple found out they were pregnant, they made a doctor’s appointment at their local hospital. Caitlyn thought she was maybe two or three months pregnant already. 

But when they glanced at the ultrasound, the pair couldn’t believe what they were looking at. 

Caitlyn later shared her story on Reddit and it instantly went viral. Reddit users from all over the world were just as shocked as she was. 

“So insane!” one user wrote. “You are proof those ‘didn’t know I was pregnant’ stories are true. So interesting that you didn’t really seem to feel baby before you knew. I always wonder about that!”

Caitlyn wrote: “The midwife asked if I felt movement and I told her I hadn’t until the week I found out!”

 “What a wild ride! Thanks for sharing your story and CONGRATULATIONS!” another Reddit user wrote. 

The ultrasound showed that Caitlyn’s baby was perfectly healthy. The fetus had already a fully-formed heart and head. The couple was at a loss for words as they stared at the screen. 

It turned out that Caitlyn was already seven months along!

Caitlyn delivered a healthy baby boy two months later. 

“It was one of the best experiences of my life,” she said.  “I had no morning sickness or cravings, that’s why I didn’t even know I was pregnant. The whole pregnancy just flew by.”

This story is proof that miracles do happen! Caitlyn thought she would never be able to have a baby, but life surprised her. 

Have you heard of any similar stories before?


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