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Woman Uncovers A Strange Photo Of Her Daughter’s Fiancé That Confirms Her Suspicions

Kay always felt like there was something off about her daughter’s fiance, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.  

Her suspicions were confirmed when she found an old photo of him in her daughter’s bedroom. She knew she had to act fast. 

Heidi and Ed met in college. The pair had their first date at a local bar, and they instantly hit it off. 

After finishing university, the two moved in together in an apartment in London. But they quickly realized that something was missing in their relationship. 

Ed and Heidi still hadn’t met each other’s families. So, they contacted their mothers and set up a meeting.

They planned to have dinner at the couple’s favorite restaurant and get to know each other’s moms better. Little did they know that this meeting would change the course of their relationship. 

Fortunately, their mothers got along well, and it didn’t take long for them to start sharing stories and memories. 

As it turned out, they had a lot in common. Both Heidi and Ed traveled to the same part of the Mediterranean at the exact same time when they were little!

Heidi’s mother went as far as sharing a hilarious story of her daughter’s first crush in Turkey. But before she could finish, Ed suddenly got on one knee and asked Heidi to be his wife. 

Did she accept his proposal?

Of course, Heidi said yes! She couldn’t wait to become his wife. But there was something her fiance was hiding from her all these years. 

When Heidi’s mom Kay returned home after dinner, she decided to do a bit of cleaning.

While cleaning her daughter’s room, she found an old album covered in dust under her bed. 

Kay sat down on her daughter’s bed, opened the album, and nearly gasped. How was this possible?

The album contained photos from their family trip to Turkey 20 years ago. 

But there was one photograph that caught her attention the most. It was a photo of her daughter standing next to her first “boyfriend.”

That’s when it hit her. Ed was the boy Heidi had a crush on when they visited Turkey! They spent the entire week holding hands and playing at the beach. 

After a few minutes of staring at the photo, Kay remembered that the boy’s name was Ed too! She couldn’t wait to tell her daughter about her discovery. But would Heidi remember him?

Kay took a picture of the old photo and sent it to Ed’s mother, Fiona. After a few seconds, her phone rang. 

Fiona confirmed that the boy in the photo was her son, Ed! Now, it was time to tell their children the truth. 

“When Kay sent me the photo of a little boy called Ed, I shrieked, ‘oh my goodness, that’s Ed!’ It was unbelievable,” Fiona said. 

But how did their children react to this news?

Both Ed and Heidi were shocked to learn that they had met each other before.

“When my mum found the first photo of us, she sent it to me, and I was stunned. I actually had to lie down,” Heidi said in an interview. 

Ed and Heidi met in Turkey when they were six years old, and then their paths crossed again when they were in college. 

And now they’re about to get married!

Heidi and Ed tied the knot in 2016 in Haddon Hall, in Derbyshire. Their ceremony was huge, and they had lots of fun. 

“We had been together for four years when we found out, so it’s mad to think that we might have never known,” Heidi said.  

She went on to say, “It’s crazy to think we could have gotten married, shared our lives together, but never found out about this.”

After the wedding, Heidi and her husband when to the Maldives for their honeymoon. “It was brilliant. We love telling people how we met twice. And recently, we have been back to Bodrum to see where we met. It was really exciting to go back to where the miracle began,” she said. Their beautiful love story brings faith in love and also reminds us that you never know who you will meet along life’s journey. 


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