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The Reason Why Women Wear Engagement Rings On Their Pinky Is Pretty Clear Now

At this point, pinky rings have become part of human history. It is known that certain rings on certain fingers have their own unique set of meanings. 

Let’s have a look at the pinky finger and all of the different meanings it can convey. Including a powerful, modern meaning that many women have been embracing in recent years. 

Back in the day, only certain men wore rings on their pinky fingers. These rings were worn to symbolize these men’s high rank and stature.

An important member of the family had to have an established crest. These rings would bear the established crest’s symbol and they would be used to seal wax on letter. If a man wore this on his left pinky, it meant that he was rich or even connected to royalty in some way.   

In today’s day and age, wedding rings are traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand, but many years ago, some men chose not to follow this tradition. 

It wasn’t completely uncommon to find men who wore their wedding bands under a signet ring. Two famous examples are Prince Leopold and Prince Charles. Both of them preferred to wear these bands under signet rings.  

One unique ring that you might’ve never heard of is the midi ring.

These rings are commonly made from slim or braided metal. As decoration, they often come with a stone attached. But what really makes them stand out is that these rings are worn around the middle of the finger, closer to the tip of the finger. These rings were used to symbolize a woman’s wealth and status. 

We all still vividly recall the “kissing the ring” scene in The Godfather.

Apparently, gangsters used to wear these rings as a sign that they were part of, or even the boss of a gang family. According to some legends, the gold rings would be pawned after the member’s death and the money would be used for funeral expenses.  

In the present time, the old gangster ring has similar meanings as before. 

Commonly refer to as “pimp rings”, these rings are often worn by rappers in an attempt to show off their bling. We don’t know if they’re real diamonds or not. 

Extremely long ago, the Romans assigned and linked each and every finger to a certain god. 

Apparently the pinky finger was linked to Mercury, who was the messenger god. Mercury was known for mischief, wisdom, travel transitions, and practical jokes. Many people would wear rings on their pinky fingers to represent the things Mercury was known for. 

The idea of a ring with protective and healing powers was potent, especially when it was placed and joined with the god of communication.

When a scribes was struggling with writer’s block, they would wear these talisman to help them produce more material. This was a big deal, because back then, being able to write was regarded as a lucrative and high-level talent.

Celebrities, politicians and important public officials would all take on this idea of communications. 

They would wear these rings in an attempt to “guard their tongue.” It has been made public that musicians such as  Elvis, Jimmy Hendrix and The Beatles’ Ringo Starr all followed this practice. We’re not sure if it was through belief or eccentricity.

There is a lot of history surrounding the pinky ring, but there is a new, modern wave of meaning behind it.

Women have started wearing “engagement rings” on their left pinky fingers to symbolize self-love and all of the mental health practices that go with loving yourself unconditionally. By doing this, you are making a vow to yourself as sacred as any marriage promise. 

While the new movement is something truly beautiful, the practice is actually an old one – but something that used to be reserved for children.

They would use them with each other as a pledge to keep a secret.

For a long while, gay men wore pinky rings as an outward sign of their sexuality – like piercing the right ear or both of them).

Now, some women use this tradition to display their freedom in the bedroom and from conventional relationships.

While past clergymen and important figures used these to seal deals or show status, people how are reserving the pinky for club, school, or association membership.

Some examples are an Earth Ring for geologists or a professional sports player that dons the band of their team, even using a championship ring in the same way.

Building off the idea of a trade ring, Canadian engineers often wear a special iron ring on their pinky finger.

It’s not just a sign of their trade, but a reminder that they should always follow ethical practices – because what they do can literally affects people lives (and deaths). Eg. Making a stable and safe bridge that doesn’t kill people.

If you believe in the idea of positive thinking and the law of attraction, maybe a pinky ring is for you.

Some wear a band as a sign of bringing good luck and prosperity – much like a luck charm. It’s a reminder of positive energies and can even be interchanged for different stone of varying meaning or use (like healing).


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