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Woman Who Just Had A Baby Looks Under The Newborn Blanket And Starts Crying

When Lauren Evans found out she was pregnant again, she was ecstatic. She couldn’t wait for her son Kaden to have a sister. 

But after giving birth to little Everly, she noticed something strange when she looked under the blanket. Nothing could have prepared her for what she had to do next. 

Lauren had an easy second pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy girl Everly after 6 hours of labor. 

The happy parents called all their friends and family and informed them of the good news. But, sadly, their happiness would be short-lived. 

At first, everything was going well for Lauren, her boyfriend, and their two precious children. 

A few hours after giving birth, Lauren’s hospital room began to fill up with their closest friends and family, who were all excited to meet the little girl. They had no idea what was about to happen. 

The couple’s friends and family instantly fell in love with Everly. They couldn’t get enough of her beautiful green eyes and tiny hands. 

Then, suddenly, Lauren’s aunt informed her that her daughter needed changing. 

They called for a nurse, and she arrived within a couple of minutes. Lauren handed her the baby and closed her eyes for a moment. The 6-hour labor had started to take its toll on her. 

 She had no idea that her life was about to turn upside down…

After 15 minutes, the nurse returned to the hospital room and handed Lauren her daughter. “She’s all good now,” she said, smiling. 

Lauren felt like something was about the nurse. She had a sinister look on her face that she didn’t have before. 

Lauren looked at Everly and noticed that she was wrapped tightly in a blanket. She could only see her eyes and forehead peeking out at the top. 

Little did she know what was hidden inside the blanket…

In the meantime, more family members had arrived to meet Everly. They were disappointed that they weren’t able to see her face. 

One of Lauren’s friends asked her to unwrap the blanket for a moment and let her see the baby. Lauren complied and began unwrapping little Everly, but she wasn’t prepared for what she was about to see underneath the cover.  

It took Laura some time to unwrap her daughter. All eyes were on her as she untucked her child from the tight blanket. 

But when she looked inside the blanket, she felt sick. 

After seeing what the nurse had done to her daughter, Lauren burst into tears. She called for a doctor as her friends tried to calm her down. 

Then, suddenly, it all made sense to her. 

While Lauren was crying her eyes out, her boyfriend was surprisingly calm. “It will be okay, don’t worry,” he assured her. 

Little did Lauren know, Chad was in on this plan all along. 

Confused, the couple’s friends and family all rushed to take a look at her daughter. Little Everly was dressed in a onesie, but it wasn’t the same one she was wearing before the nurse took her away. 

So what had happened?

With tears in her eyes, Lauren picked up her daughter and showed everyone her outfit. 

People gasped at what they saw. Why would the nurse do this to a child?

“Check the blanket!” Chad said. As soon as Lauren discovered the truth, she burst into tears of joy. 

“Will you marry me?” he asked her. Lauren immediately responded with a loud “Yes!” But what was so special about her daughter’s onesie? 

Everly’s onesie read: “Mommy, will you marry Daddy?”

Lauren said Chad’s proposal was absolutely beautiful, and she will cherish this moment for the rest of her life!


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