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Woman Turns Up For Work In Wedding Dress

It was eight months ago when she requested a vacation. It didn’t occur to her that work would interfere with her honeymoon plans, and she was certain that her honeymoon would be unforgettable.

Everything was going smoothly, and the big day was approaching. She wanted to check her mails that day, as she usually did. Her eyes welled up as she saw what she did.

Makayla Wright had always been a hard worker. Everything she did was to ensure that she could leave her dream life. 

Makayla knew that nothing worth wanting comes easily. At the age of 29, Makayla had done everything she had ever dreamed of. Everything, that is, with the exception of her honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia. She had no idea how profoundly her honeymoon would impact the rest of her life.

Makayla met her future husband, Henry, at a work dinner. He was a chef that catered the event. The pair dated for years until he asked her to be his wife. 

However, what was meant to be a pleasant and life-changing occasion for these individuals would soon be replaced by attorneys and court hearings.

It all started with Makayla’s place of work. She was an assistant manager, and she was proud of her accomplishment. However, she had some problems with her superior. 

He was never at the office, he barely responded to work-related emails and he was just a generally unpleasant person to work with. Makayla’s nightmare would be built on this premise.

Makayla instantly started to plan her wedding. Included in her preparations were making sure that she take off some time from work to go on her honeymoon. 

Makayla rarely took vacations, so she had over eight weeks in vacation time. She was confident that her request would be granted. Something else gave her comfort in the situation.

Makayla’s company was aware of her engagement, and every one congratulated her, including her boss. She was also transparent with her co-workers about her vacation requests. 

To make sure that she would get the time off she requested, she made sure to send in her request eight weeks in advance. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Or could it?

Makayla was responsible to take care of the office when her superior wasn’t there. This happened so frequently, that she would sometimes receive documents that were intended for him. 

She would approve spending reports and supervise the team’s projects. All of these responsibilities were meant to be handled by her supervisor.

One morning Makayla opened her emails to catch up on work emails. She had been so preoccupied with her wedding planning that she neglected her work. 

She smiled as she opened the mail and saw it was from her employer. Her face fell as she examined the situation more thoroughly.

“Vacation request denied,” the mail read. She could feel her eyes well up with tears, she could not believe that he would do something like this to her.

Makayla decided to call him, seeing as he never bothered to respond to his emails. What he said to her made her heart fall to her stomach. 

“Look, we need dedicated people. If you think you can take three weeks off for a vacation, you need to reconsider your position here.” her boss told her sternly. 

He ended the call leaving her confused. He took advantage of her after all that she had done for him, for their firm. How could he do this? She would not allow him to get away with it.

“No consideration needed,” Makayla wrote as a response to the email. “My last day will be in three weeks. Let me know about transitioning duties.”

She forwarded the email to HR. She’d given her life to the firm and taken on her boss’s responsibilities while he was out playing golf with clients. If he wanted to ruin her life, she would go down swinging.

The three weeks came in, and Makayla stepped away from the firm as promised. Her boss didn’t contact her or HR regarding transitioning duties. He didn’t even show up for Makayla’s exit interview.

But a week later, he called her, asking why she was not in the office. Confused, Makayla asked why she would be in the office. Her boss told her they needed to clear correctly, saying Makayla did not send in a resignation notice.

“Please check your email,” Makayla said smoothly, using everything in her body not to scream at her phone. But soon enough, she found out that everything was falling apart at her old job.

It turns out that since Makayla was doing all her boss’s duties, he had to stay in the office and work. Makayla thought that was everything when something even bigger cropped up.

Makayla’s boss was neck-deep in legal issues over embezzling company resources. The golf outings he used to take with the firm’s clients were for him and not for the company’s interest. He was also in trouble for not working at all while being paid by the firm.

When the truth came out, Makayla’s boss got fired from his position with no severance package.

Makayla ended up in a new firm before her wedding day. The company offered her substantive pay for the skills she was bringing to the table.

The firm also included paid vacation for the three weeks she needed for her honeymoon. With everything all but set, Makayla closed her eyes and leaped into the next phase of her life.


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