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World’s Cutest and Extraordinary Dogs That You Can Actually Own

Considering owning a dog? Then you’re on the right page. Because we have the unique and fresh list of dogs counted down for you! 100% guaranteed that these pups are super adorable and will melt your heart in an instant. Lucky for you, you can actually own these rarest breeds after you click the NEXT button.

Lagotto Romagnolo is titled as one of the oldest and rarest breeds as there are only 500 dogs recorded in the United States. This pedigree came from a long history of ancient Rome with the name derived from ‘Romagnol,’ which meant for a water retriever. However, these dogs are intended for something more riveting.

You might mistake them from a poodle breed because of their identical curly, hypoallergenic, and waterproof coating. But Poodle are grouped as companion dogs while Lagotto Romagnolo are gun dogs. Because of their sharp-senses, Lagotto Romagnolo pups are highly-skilled in hunting for truffles. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t be your best friend because these types of dogs are bound to be cheerful, loyal, sociable, trainable, and lovable!

Originated on the island of Madagascar, these breeds are highly exceptional because of their cute, cottony white and fluffy appearance. In fact, Coton de Tulear is the Republic of Madagascar’s national dog! But despite their small presence, Coton de Tulear’s history is the most exciting, intriguing, and filled with adventures.

It was when a group of Coton de la Reunion, the ancestor breed, aboard from pirate ships. Unfortunately, the vessel met a violent storm and sunk, leaving the group of dogs drifting on the Malagasy channel. But the little canines didn’t give up and swam miles until they arrived at the bay of Tulear. And that was the beginning of the Coton de Tulear widespread in Madagascar when their ancestor breed mated with other local island dogs! 

It’s impossible not to turn your head if you see a Puli! Because of their unique rope curls that resembled a dreadlock and solid black color, people might think twice if these dogs were real. Yet regardless of their bulky appearance, these types of breeds are for herding and guarding livestock. But there’s more…

There is actually a white-colored breed counterpart called Komondor. Both of the pedigree originated from Hungary over 1,000 years ago, and they worked perfectly together on the farm. Almost every farm owner had a pair of these dogs because the Puli herds and guards their livestock during the day, while the Komondor patrols and guards the cattle every night.

The Portuguese Water Dog isn’t just another working dog because they are bred to help the fishermen herd the fish into the nets, retrieve their fishing gears from the water, or even served as a courier from boats to boats. Indeed, the Portuguese Water Dog is a reliable dog breed. But it isn’t just about their skills… because their personalities are remarkable too!

This type of breed is generally independent, affectionate, diligent, and easy to train. It wouldn’t be hard to get fond of Portuguese Water Dogs because they are friendly and love to get petted! In fact, former President Barack Obama had two of these dogs that became instant celebrities and earned the best privilege to run freely around the White House. 

With long shaggy hair, the Bearded Collie had tons of nicknames from around the globe. But the most popular is Beardie as it came from its origin country, Scotland. Moreover, this breed impressed the Scottish from the very start because of its ability to herd, and it didn’t take long until it was widely known as an outstanding sheepdog. Now, if you are wondering, Beardies can be good house pets too.

Although it will take an effort to brush their hair regularly since it was prone to tangling, Beardies are undeniable great cuddle buddies! These dogs were also full of life, affectionate, and playful. Owners even had a term of “Beardie Bounce” because they always run as if they are leaping due to their bouncy straight hair. What’s more amazing about this breed, they can be receptive to their owner’s emotion!

This one took herding to the next level because of its trait that’s quite different than the other dogs. The Berger Des Pyrenees came from the Pyrenees mountains located between France and Spain. They are the smallest French and Spanish herding dogs, but surprisingly, their prey drive was higher than any average pup.

Their personality resembled a terrier because of its fearlessness and alertness. Berger Des Pyrenees tend to chase anything smaller to them, such as cats or squirrels. However, it doesn’t mean they are totally aggressive. 

This breed can adapt to any environment and can even be your apartment dog. Moreover, Berger Des Pyrenees are called “one-man” dogs because they are so attached to their owners that they will follow them around the house. And because of their attentiveness, Berger Des Pyrenees are highly trainable.

Despite of short legs, this type of breed is actually a hunter. Came from the border of Scotland and England, they trained to hunt badgers and otters back in 1700. Dandie Dinmont Terrier’s appearances are undeniably cute for its short legs and long body! However, their personalities begged to differ.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier is tough and vigilant. And don’t underestimate their legs because they can dig deep holes in an instant! This breed can make an excellent guard dog and companion at the same time. They are brave but sweet, plus very active. And if you have other animals in your home, you don’t need to worry because they can get along with them easily. Dandie Dinmont Terriers have low biting potential, therefore they are perfect for children!

Don’t be deceived by this dog because of its fluffy appearance and adorable name. Originating from ancient northern China, Chow Chow is often called “Songshi-Quan,” which meant for a puffy-lion dog. But despite their robust and sturdy built, owners tend to describe their Chow Chows as CATS…

Chow Chows tend to display hostility towards a stranger and can be overprotective to their owners. It’s either they are timid or too aggressive. Playing is not also their favorite activity. But on the brighter side, Chow Chows will always be loyal to you and can be left alone in the house for a long time. Plus, these dogs are well-behaved and less sensitive, unlike any other breeds.

With its heavy bones and thick fur, no wonder why Tibetan Mastiff survived the high lands throughout different generations. In Asian countries such as Tibet, Mongolia, China, Nepal, and India, this dog is a primitive breed. Tibetan Mastiff carries a dense coat around their neck that is similar to a lion’s appearance. And for one particular kind of animal, these dogs are deadly!

If you have a pet bird in your house, then it’s in grave danger… Because Tibetan Mastiffs have a natural ability to chase, catch, and kill any type of bird. But apart from that, this breed is a great house pet since they are full of love and affection for their owners. And it’s like taking home your guardian angel because they will serve you as your protector and will be very devoted to you!


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