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WWE Superstars Who Played Professional Football

The one thing that nearly all WWE Superstars have in common is the fact that they are athletic people and this is why no one should be surprised to find out that a large number of the most famous wrestlers to ever step foot in the WWE ring first tried their hands at other sports. With that said, today we are going to present the top 20 most famous WWE Superstars who played in the NFL before deciding to give wrestling a try.

What better way to start off our list other than with LT? Before becoming a full-time wrestler who was known for his impressive skills in the ring and being a main event in Wrestlemania XI, LT used to play professional football.

Brian Pillman didn’t just play in the NFL, he was actually quite good at that. The wrestler played for the Cincinnati Bengals and for the Buffalo Bills where he made a name for himself because his massive size made him stand out.

Jim Duggan used to play for the Atlanta Falcons but unfortunately, his career as a professional footballer didn’t go that well because he suffered multiple knee injuries. This is why he joined the WWE where he became known as the “Hacksaw”.

One of the reasons why Goldberg became a WWE Superstar is because of his height and athleticism in the ring. Well, this is also why he was drafted to the Georgia Bulldogs back in 1990 where he suffered a serious injury that took him out of the NFL.

Most of you might know Roman Reigns for being the current most famous Superstar in the WWE but before all of that, he was a pro NFL athlete who played as a defensive tackle for the Jaguars and the Vikings.

As all WWE fans know already by now, Kevin Greene used to be one of the most famous wrestlers that the WWE had in its roaster. However, wrestling isn’t Kevin Greene’s first passion. The famous wrestler actually played pro football for the 49ers, Rams and Panthers.

Baron Corbin usually plays the role of “the heel” in the WWE which means that his role is to be hated by fans. However, he used to have a large fan base before joining the WWE because he played in the NFL under his real name, Thomas Pestock.

Does Lex Luger even need an introduction? Everyone knows who he is thanks to his athleticism and this is why no one should be shocked to find out that he actually played for the Miami Hurricanes before he started his career in the WWE.

As we can clearly see from the picture featured above, Mojo Rawley is not a stranger to American football. The reason behind this is that Mojo Rawley was a pro player for the Packers and Cardinals back in the day.

William Perry is a WWE Hall of Fame member, but this is not his only amazing achievement. He also played in the Super Bowl where he earned the nickname “The Refrigerator” for being so tall and muscular.

Old school WWE fans are going to remember that Verne Gagne is a WWE Hall of Famer and just like William “The Refrigerator” Perry, Verne Gagne used to play in the NFL and he was drafted by the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers.

With a nickname as “The Bruiser”, no one should be surprised to find out that Dick used to play for the Green Bay Packers. Dick played for a total of three years and he was really good but unfortunately, his career ended when he suffered an injury.

Merced Solis is a Mexican-American professional wrestler who made a name for himself in the WWE back in the 1970s. However, Merced Solis was not always a wrestler and he actually played for the Kansas City Chiefs and for the BC Lions in the Canadian Football League.

Even though Brock Lesnar never played an official NFL match, we do have to mention that he was accepted and invited to play for the Vikings in the NFL Europa. Not just that, but the heavyweight wrestler also helped the Vikings practice by going to a couple of training sessions.

Ron Simmons is one of the most beloved wrestlers to ever fight in the WWE and he is known for his size and powerful upper body strength that made it possible for him to lift up other wrestlers like it was nothing. This is why Ron Simmons played in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns back in the 1980s.

Since we are talking about wrestlers who are famed for their strength and ability to pick up their opponents like it’s nothing, then we have to mention that Marcus Cor Von played for the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots.

Many people might not know this but The Rock’s first dream was to be a professional NFL player. He actually got in the NFL and played for the Calgary Stampeders, but his NFL career never got so big as his wrestling one.

Just like The Rock, John Cena is a super-famous WWE wrestler is known all around the world. A cool fact about John Cena is that he used to play center on the D-III for the Springfield College team and he always wore the number 54.

While most WWE fans might know Monty Brown by his “The Alpha Male” nickname, what many people don’t know about him is that he used to play professional football as a linebacker for the Bills and Patriots.

We want to end our list with someone really special, Vader. This wrestler helped build the WWE brand but before all of that, he was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams and played in Super Bowl XIV.


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