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You Won’t Believe What The Actors Of Star Trek Look Like Now

Will ‘Star Trek’ ever not be cool?! This cult-classic is still popular among all ages and is the source of entertainment for Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike. Of course, the cast has changed over the years, but like a fine wine, they only get better with age! Take a look at 20 of your favorite actors and what they look like now.

20. Hana Hatae As Molly O’ Brien

How adorable was little Miss Molly?! So cute. Now, at age 28, Hana Hatae is turning heads in the Los Angeles area as she enjoys her hobbies of hiking and playing the violin.

19. Whoppi Goldberg As Guinan

The iconic Whoppi Goldberg played a bartender aboard the USS Enterprise-D and has gone on to star in many films and even produce her own shows. Currently, the 60-year-old Goldberg is executive producing ‘Strut,’ a series on Oxygen that follows models from a transgender modeling agency.

18. Michelle Forbes As Ensign Ro Laren

Michelle played Ensign Ro Laren during the fifth, sixth and seventh seasons of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and is now starring in shows such as ‘True Blood’ and ‘Prison Break.’ As you can see, this 51-year-old is only getting more gorgeous with each year!

17. Denise Crosby As Tasha Yar

Denise Crosby, 58, is currently residing in Los Angeles, where she is still very active as an actress. Security Chief Tasha Yar of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ has gone on to guest star in the hit series ‘Dexter,’ as well as a role in ‘Southland.’

16. Jonathan Frakes As William T. Riker

At age 64, Jonathan Frakes has never looked better! After his ‘Star Trek’ voyage, he went on to host ‘Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction,’ another television classic.

15. George Takei As Hikaru Sulu

One of the most popular ‘Star Trek’ actors, George Takei has been every active since his days as Hikaru Sulu. The 79-year-old (yes, he’s really 79!) is currently hosting speaking engagements and is a social justice activist.

14. Kim Cattrall As Vulcan Valeris

Best known for her role in ‘Sex and the City,’ Kim Cattrall is gorgeous and at 60-years-old, she’s still slaying! She played Vulcan Valeris, a hardly recognizable brunette, in the 1991 ‘Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country.’

13. Linda Park As Hoshi Sato

Now 38-years-old, Korean-American actress Linda Park went on to star in the 2008-2010 series ‘Crash’ and study dance. She played the role of Hoshi Sato in 2001’s ‘Star Trek: Enterprise.’

12. Roxann Dawson As B’Elanna Torres

Roxann Dawson has been a busy lady since starring in ‘Star Trek: Voyager.’ The 58-year-old has gone on to direct episodes of ‘Charmed’ and ‘The O.C.’ as well as write several plays. She was even a producer on the set of ‘Scandal!’ Her career defiantly didn’t end with B’Elanna Torres.

11. Wil Wheaton As Wesley Crusher

Now this is a difference! Look how young Will Wheaton was when he played Wesley Crusher on ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation!’ Currently, Wheaton is a blogger and voice actor, and is one handsome 44-year-old!

10. Scott Bakula As Jonathan Archer

Captain Jonathan Archer has barely aged a day! At 61, actor Scott Bakula is just as handsome as ever! He is highly respected for his role on ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ and as Sam Beckett on ‘Quantum Leap.’

9. Catherine Hicks As Gillian Taylor

If this doesn’t prove Catherine Hicks will be forever cute then I don’t know what will! Best known for her role as Annie Camden on ‘7th Heaven,’ Hicks also starred as Doctor Gillian Taylor in the 1986 makes of ‘Star Trek: The Voyage Home.’ It’s safe to say this blonde beauty is aging gracefully!

8. Sir Patrick Stewart As Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Another timeless ‘Star Trek’ actor, Patrick Stewart is well-known for his work with the franchise from 1994 to 2002. The 76-year-old doesn’t look a day over 40!

7. Leonard Nimoy As Vulcan Spock

You don’t even need to be a ‘Star Trek’ fan to know of Spock! Unfortunately, the world lost Spock in February 2015, a month before his 84th birthday.

6. Michael Dorn As Lieutenant Worf

This one is a bit more difficult to see how well he has aged given the costume, but Michael Dorn is looking great! His character, Lieutenant Worf, appeared in more episodes than any other character. From 1994 to 2002, Dorn starred in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation,’ ‘Star Trek: Nemesis,’ among many others.

5. Ashley Judd As Robin Lefler

The moment you’ve been waiting for— check out Ashley Judd! She always has such a youthful appearance about her that you can’t help but love. She looks just as radiant and beautiful now as she did during her Trekkie days.

4.William Shatner As Captain James Kirk

We all know William Shatner is practically a god. At 85, he still looks in his prime! He is highly respected (obviously) and dabbles in just about everything from acting and producing to writing and directing.

3. Brent Spiner As Lt. Commander Data

Brent Spiner is an actor and comedian, and is best known for his role as Lt. Commander Data. You can see his character made quite the impression with that makeup and those eyes! Now, at 67, Spiner has a whole slew of shows and films to his credit, including ‘Friends’ and ‘Independence Day.’

2. LeVar Burton As Geordi La Forge

Actor LeVar Burton is barely recognizable as Geordi La Forge in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation.’ Now, at 59-years-old, Burton is married with two kids. He’s known for his work as an actor, author and the host of ‘The Reading Rainbow.’

1. Nana Visitor As Kira Nerys


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