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You Wont Believe where Kylie Jenner was caught sneaking into! Whats going on with Kylie Jenner?

 Uh-oh! It seems Kylie Jenner found herself in the middle of another controversy once again and this time, the rumors are getting a little too spicy! 

Folks all over social media are in a frenzy over Kylie’s new scandal! But what exactly is going on? 

Just recently, news about Kylie and her former partner, Travis Scott’s breakup surfaced on the internet. The reason for it was shocking… 

No, their breakup wasn’t caused by any of them cheating nor were there even any reports of them getting into a heated argument. Their main reason is more subtle than we anticipated but is still really sad…

TMZ’s sources said that after the couple’s long honeymoon phase was over, they started feeling different towards each other.

To put it simply, the couple just fell out of love! 

But just last Tuesday, Kylie was caught hanging out with a former flame and people were shook! 

“Kylie wanted to have a girls’ night out last night and Stassie thought it would be best to get her out of the house and her mind off the news,” Cosmopolitan’s source said. 

It seems Kylie just wanted an innocent night out with her friends but the media caught her meeting up with someone controversial…

Kylie was caught meeting with her ex-boyfriend, Tyga at 2am in the morning! Scandalous!

Aside from that, she was also seen showing off an important tattoo she had before on her Instagram page. ( It’s on her ankle ) What does the tattoo mean?

Well originally, it was a letter “t.” She filled it in with ink while she was still together with Tyga a few years ago… and then she changed it to “LA” to pay homage to her hometown — and now after showing it off on Instagram — it’s creating even more buzz!

The news got blown out of proportion and people were really curious. Is there something going on between the two? 

But Kylie’s friends claim that the rendezvous wasn’t as scandalous as people claim it to be. 

“It wasn’t an intentional jab at Travis, but she did hang out with Tyga for a bit. Nothing romantic is going on.”

And Kylie is not happy about how the media portrayed their little get-together!

Let’s see how people reacted…

Kylie cleared up some misunderstandings in order to prevent more rumors from spreading. But why were they together anyway? 

“The internet makes everything 100 times more dramatic than what it really is. There was no “2am date with Tyga”. You see me drop two of my friends off at a studio that he happened to be at,” Kylie tweeted. But why were they together anyway? 

It turns out, they didn’t really expect that they would be meeting at that time. Shocker. 

In case you’re wondering, here’s how Tyga handled the situation… 

Tyga posted a really suspicious looking story on his Instagram…

It’s a cap emoji with a black background. Now it could mean anything but most people speculate that he’s calling Kylie a liar through his story and the tweets about his story were just hilarious! ( for those of us out of the loop: Urban Dictionary translates the word “cap” as “lie” or “liar” — it’s an East Coast slang )

@adam22 wrote “This Tyga dude is a savage man” and it seems a lot of people agree with him. It got over 33,000 retweets and over 150,000 likes. This is indeed SPICY!

People were also quick to make memes about the whole Tyga story fiasco. 

But after a while, Tyga uploaded another story on his Instagram account…

This time he wrote the word “media” next to the cap emoji. 

Most people speculate that Tyga is agreeing with Kylie’s previous point and that he’s implying that the media really do tend to twist the truth. Kylie then wraps everything up in her last tweet about the whole fiasco. 

And the reactions to her tweet were just plain hilarious! 

So what exactly is Kylie up to now? 

It seems Kylie just wants to focus on being a good parent for her only daughter for now. 

“Travis and i are on great terms and our main focus right now is Stormi!! our friendship and our daughter is priority,” Kylie tweeted. 


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