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You’ll Be Shocked At How These Celebrities Have Changed Their Looks

Whether it’s plastic surgery that they won’t admit they got or a personal trainer who kicked their ass literally into shape, the rich and famous celebs of Hollywood often times step out into the spot light with some shocking and sometimes not so flattering changes to their physical appearance. From interesting dye jobs to lip injections and the ability to some how melt away absurd amounts of weight in an instant, celebs have taken the transformation game to a whole new level. Sometimes a health scare spurs the need to change their lives and sometimes it’s all for the sake of looking younger, better, and hotter. Here is a round-up of some of the most shocking weight loss, plastic surgery, and other types of crazy transformations that have made some of our favorite Hollywood stars almost unrecognizable.


The Goddess of Pop has never been quiet about admitting to getting work done, which makes her an enigma in a world of people trying to convince us that their breasts grew two cup sizes naturally and that their butt no longer fitting into their pants comfortable when just a few weeks ago it was flat as a pancake is nothing but an awesome gym workout. But it has made her look like almost a completely different person today than she did in her prime.

Kylie Jenner

Let’s be honest, you can’t have a list of crazy celebrity transformations without the queen herself, Kylie Jenner. It seems like over night she went from a girl to a plastic enhanced Barbie. Even though she continues to deny the lip injections, claiming her pout looks fuller cause of make up its pretty clear that not even puberty hitting someone like a freight train, could cause the swelling that gave her that signature plumpness.

Miranda Lambert

This fierce woman broke onto the country scene and has been a staple ever since. It has been refreshing in the world of quick weight loss miracles and plastic surgeries to see a transformation so real and healthy. The fiery blonde started working out and eating better a few years back and fans have slowly watched her become slimmer, stronger and healthier. That’s the way it should be! No instant fixes here, just long hard work that’s paying off big!

Kevin Smith

Remember Kevin Smith, the guy who played Silent Bob, from the movie Jay And Silent Bob? Well after a weight related incident on a commercial flight back in 2010 the comic book writer, podcaster, actor, and filmmaker decided it was time to get in shape. Sometimes it just takes the right kick in the pants to get you going and it certainly worked for Smith!

Chris Pratt

We know him for being funny, and for running our perception of love when he announced him and his wife Anna Farris were splitting. But before he was hunky, now single, comedian we know from Guardians Of The Galaxy, he was just the chubby funny guy from Parks And Rec. I’m sure women out there every where I thanking what ever it was the drove him to shed the pounds.

Heidi Montag

This girl is self-proclaimed, addicted to plastic surgery. She went through a 10 hour series of procedures in one day that included liposuction, brow lifts, and chin reduction. All of this after having a breast augmentation and a nose job a few years earlier. She says it’s to make her feel more confident but we will see what happens as she ages and has to have the fixed.

Kelly Osbourne

We all go through phases, changing our hair, makeup, and clothes. Kelly has done all of these as well as losing an impressive amount of weight. Since 2009 the public eye has watched as the pop star slowly started to shrink. Clearly, whatever lifestyle changes she made are really working because she has lost over 70lbs!

Miley Cyrus

The once adorable Disney star hasn’t lost a ton of weight or undergone extensive plastic surgery but no one can argue that her transformation over the past few years has been an incredible one! Once the star of Hannah Montana and a country singer, Cyrus made the move over to main stream music and had a few years of some slightly questionable decision making. She seems to be getting back on the right track these days, but we will have to see if it sticks or if we have more scandalous music videos and performances in the future.

Lindsey Lohan

She was once the lovable, devious twins in The Parent Trap along side Denis Quaid, and the good girl went plastic in Mean Girls, but now thanks to some rough times and more than her fair share of plastic surgeries the 31-year-old actress, looks far older than she should. In fact her Mean Girls Co-Star Jonothan Bennet, you know the guy who played Aaron Samuels, didn’t even recognize her in a recent photo!


No one can deny the talent of this song bird but what was truly shocking and inspiring was her massive transformation. Changing her hair, makeup, clothes and even losing an incredible amount of weight she went from young starlet breaking onto the scene, to the mother, songwriter, and sophisticated women we know and love today.

Zac Effron

He will always be a teen heart throb but now that he is older, sporting a new heart cut and hit the gym, the once boyish charm has been replaced by a more rugged adult physique. Though his goofy sense of humor and hilarious movies will always remind us of his boyish side no matter how handsome he gets!

Lady Gaga

We all know that Lady Gaga is quite the eccentric when it comes to her personal style, though she had toned it down a bit in recent years, she is still as powerful and eclectic as always. But before she was wearing plastic wrap and meat dresses the pop star, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, she was just a young girl wearing black eyeliner and jeans like the rest of us.


Bright orange and all about being as feisty as her 4 foot 10 frame would allow, the reality star is known for sporting the pouf in her hair and being a bit of a hot mess has definitely matured herself in the past few years. Letting her hair down, dropping some weight and laying off on the tans just a little bit. And who knows maybe she prefers to be called Nicole these days.

Demi Moore

Not only a talented actress but also the poster child for getting you a younger man, the stunning women who were married to Ashton Kutcher has slowly been losing the healthy glow she had when she broke into the Hollywood in the 80’s. Getting in shape and being healthy is a great thing but maybe she has taken it a little far as she is now stick thin. That being said, she still looks fabulous!

Renee Zellweger

When the star stepped out looking dramatically different at the Elle Women In Hollywood event, the rumor mill started to circulate that she had gone under the knife. Though she denies every going through cosmetic surgery, something definitely changed. You can decide for yourself whether she went under the knife or if it was as she claims just her growing older and living a better life.

Kathy Griffin

When Kathy published her memoir, My Life On The D-List, the host of The Fashion Police, admitted to having multiple plastic surgeries to keep herself looking young. She even claimed to have been addicted to it though in 2008 she said she hadn’t had anything done in 5 years.

Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

I mean there isn’t much more to say than the pictures can give you. A former Olympic athlete Bruce as admitted to having some cosmetic surgery done. But the biggest one was in 2017, when she underwent gender reassignment, claiming that she had always felt like a woman on the inside. It was quite the shock to the world who has always known Bruce as an athlete and father or stepfather to the famous Kardashian clan.

Khloe Kardashian

Another one of the Kardashian family that has undergone an incredible transformation is Khloe. Always being a little different in terms of looks from her siblings, the curvy women have been putting in the work over the last few years to slim down and get in shape. On top that she has had filler s done in her lips for that signature pout. and recently an Instagram picture caused a stir when her face looked noticeably plumper and enhanced.

Joan Rivers

Like so many chasing the appearance of never ending youth, Joan Rivers might have taken it just a touch too far. The talented and funny actress, who was the first women to host a late night talk show was transformed by plastic surgery that didn’t age well. In 2015 she went in for a routine procedure and unfortunately died of complications.

Megan Fox


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