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Your Dream House Is Up For Sale!

When you were a kid, you used to draw a house filled with a garden of flowers, with Olympic-sized swimming pool, a bedroom that can fit your entire family tree, and a rooftop built with a helicopter pad. Then you’d go around telling everybody that it was your dream mansion. But as you grew older, you realized it was impossible to have such an extravagant property. What if I tell you that houses looked like your old drawing exists? And what’s more surprising… these estates were just listed on sale! So it’s not too late to re-live your childhood dreams and take a look at these breathtaking mansions.

Everybody dreams of living in the Big Apple! That was why a billionaire named Vincent Viola bought the 20,000 square feet with 18 rooms mansion located at 12 East 69th Street of the Upper East Side, New York. But this property wasn’t originally a house because it was used for silk trading back in 1883. There was a long list of history embarked on this estate until a coal mining tycoon James Ellsworth, redesigned the house with William Bosworth, a well-known architect during the Golden Age. But here’s where the mansion gets interesting…

The five floored mansion had two 40-foot-long bedrooms with a 2,650-square-foot roof terrace, and under was a 3,400-square-foot basement.
It also had its own movie theater, a heated sidewalk, a saline swimming pool, a double-height library, 28-foot ceilings, and a formal dining room with 40 seats! Crazy right? The Viola’s property was now being sold for $88 Million.

Some people preferred living alone, but this person took it literally and bought an island away from civilization! Just kidding, the private 26-acre island located in the Key Largo, Florida – only a three-minute boat ride to the mainland. The island was called Pumpkin Key because of pumpkin-like shape. But let us not forget the one and only mansion that resided on the island.

The house had three bedrooms, a guest apartment, a tennis court, and a helicopter pad! There were also two cottages for the caretakers of the island and an airstrip for private jets. Now you can get your private paradise for $95 million! 

Nothing could beat a beach with fine white sands and crystal clear waters. For example, this 700-acre Blue Island located in the famous Exuma Cays, Bahamas. The main house nested at the hilltop of the island featuring seven bedrooms, a helicopter pad, and a pool. Yet this island had a bigger surprise… 

What highlights the island the most was the 5,700-foot asphalt runway, in which you could land with your private plane or have a road trip while enjoying a picturesque view of untouched beaches. So own the largest island in the Bahamas for the price of $95 million!

A French house in the heart of Manhattan? Well, why not! The 19,800-square-foot and five-floor apartment were on the 33rd floor of the 172 Madison condo tower in New York. But it wasn’t just any apartment. Because it was curated by none other than the Karl Fischer itself, and he knew very well what would make this apartment one of a kind. 

The unique ivory white chateau had 11 bedrooms, an own rooftop with infinity pool, and 14 bathrooms. And not to mention that each room had 18 to 23-foot high ceilings! Being sold for $98 Million, the future owner could enjoy the spectacular Manhattan skyline while sitting on its own faux-French sofa!

Do you think selling the property for $110 million is too damn expensive? Not until you learned that the ranch was astounding 3,500 acres! This included two homes with 10,000-square-feet facing on the opposite sides. And more importantly, its world-class location! Find out where if you click next!

Since the hacienda situated at the Gaviota Coast in Santa Barbara, California, you’ll get a background of Santa Ynez mountains and a splendid view of the Pacific Ocean. Of course, the property wouldn’t be called ranch without its 120 head of cattle, 20 buildings for the staff, and a vast farm of avocados, oranges, and persimmon trees!

Get a taste of your Hollywood dreams after you acquired this property for $115 million! Because the chairman of a major film studio, the 20th Century Fox-owned this 10-acre mansion at Los Angeles, California. Specifically located at South Carolwood Drive in ritzy Holmby Hills, where properties from notable people such as Walt Disney, Frank Sinatra, and even the Playboy Mansion would be your neighborhood! But what makes it different from others was its Italian Renaissance-style that features nine bedrooms, an Olympic-sized pool, tennis court, and four garages.

Here in the land where dreams come true, and giant technology companies started, lies a 74-acre of the estate listed in the market for $120 million! Right in Silicon Valley’s Woodside, California, it was hard not to notice the English-style manor. The whole property is composed of seven different houses with 32 bedrooms, a dreamy garden, and a Grecian pool!

How about owning a palace in front of a beach? Sounds great, right? For $125 million, you could now reside in a 75,0000-square-foot mansion across the beautiful Caribbean seas. Imagine how huge it was because there were mansions within THE mansion. How did that happen?

The property is divided into four mini-mansions with five bedrooms and six bathrooms each. Which also included an underground parking fit for 18 cars and a 30,000-gallon aquarium! It took four years to build and considered the most expensive estate in the whole St. Peter, Barbaros.

Positioned on a cliff in Monaco, where you could have a magnificent view of the historic Port Hercule harbor. Also known as the Villa l’Echauguette, which already existed way back in the 1860s. The property was originally owned by the legendary Francois Blanc, who was a casino developer, and also the person behind the Monte Carlo – the world-famous gambling casino. The 8,200 square feet villa designed in pink Belle Epoque with six floors, six bedrooms, a grand terrace, a 72-foot-long infinity pool, a guest apartment, and a wine cellar. Good thing, it had two elevators — the villa listed on sale for $125 million.

Media tycoon William Ziff owned this 15-acre ocean-to-lake estate. He started by purchasing a 15-acre of land in Palm Beach for $5 million, then built mansions around it. The properties initially listed for $195 million. However, it didn’t sell, so he had to cut down the price for $135 million. The 62,000 square feet Gemini was still on sale, and it would be a great steal considering the 12 massive bedrooms, a two separate seven-bedroom guest house, and two-four bedroom beachside cottages.

Perched in the Wild West, a rustic and partly pleated in the gold property was being sold for a staggering amount of $250 million. Offering 65,000 acres and over a 100 square miles, no wonder the owner was the business magnate, and oil tycoon Boone Pickens. He spent 50 years in building the ranch with four houses, 33,000-square-feet main lodge, golf course, tennis course, and a two-story stone kennel with 40 bird dogs. Bet you wouldn’t believe that the property had its own private airport measuring in a 6,000-foot runway and terminal building!

From the first look, you probably might have thought that this was an amusement park. But you’re wrong because this was the Bubble Palace in France, a vacation house of the fashion icon Pierre Cardin. It took 14 years for the Hungarian architect Antii Lovag to build the other-worldly structures. The property was now being sold for $390 million, but the place still had more to offer! With the scenic overview of Mediterranean seas, inside the palace was a 13,000 square feet of interior space. Also, featuring the 26 barnacle-like pods, ten bedrooms, swimming pools scattered everywhere, and a 500-seat amphitheater.

Introducing the world’s first giga-mansion that was currently in the market for a jaw-dropping $500,000,000! The property was the most expensive in the United States, giving you a 100,000-square-feet, and a surreal 360-degree view of the Bel Air, California. With luxurious amenities such as champagne cellars, 30-car auto galleries, jellyfish rooms, IMAX theaters, five swimming pools, 20-bedroom compound, 30 bathrooms, six-lane bowling alley, and a nightclub. This what exactly your childhood dream looked like – but much grander.


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